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Worst Company Ever!

All this company cares about is getting your money by charging you late fees even when it is not your fault. When I had a problem with my account the representatives were very rud and accused me of lying about making my payment. So I spoke to the manager who was ever worst. Very bad customer services that deserves a zero rating.

Former Account Holder

Terrible customer service. Was told the wrong thing by a customer service rep which cost me $20. They won't stand by their mistake and all they wanted was their money.

I never applied for WebBank

I don't understand how a person can be denied such service when I did not apply for WebBank. This is very upsetting to find in the mail and not a contact phone number to dispute. How is this not fraud from this company?

approved then disapproved

This company approved my sale and it went through (as far as I know right now) since about two weeks ago, and I have the merchandise they approved me for a line of credit on this item and sent welcome emails to me and now today I get a letter in the mail that they have declined my credit application! Crazy! Because I have an excellent credit score of about 750. I will call them today. Do not like the way they do business!

coming to see you

I just read the other complaints from people and have decided I am going up to see these people in person since I don't live too far from Timonium office in Maryland.

I wil never use this company again! They used a payment I made towards a program rather than to pay my bill, then used the opportunity to charge me because my grace period ran out. I paid $40 this month and will incur another $40 unless I pay the entire bill this month. Do I feel scammed? I should have known better.


Applied for Bill me Later when purchasing a pair of shoes. Did not know that it would be a credit application. Maybe should have known but the shoes were $60 and didn't think it was a factor to check my credit. Very disappointed that the website for Shoebuy did not do a better job in explaining how the product worked. Will not buy from them again, and will be aware of this product on other websites.

They suck

These people suck so bad there are no real words to describe them they tell you one thing and then lie about it.They charge you intrest when they shouldnt and customer service dont know thier butt from a hole in the ground.They suck very bad do not use.Wish we could give a negative rating like negative 1 million.

UGG !!

You cannot deal with these people. They do not know what their right hand is doing from their left hand. They will grant you credit at one place and then turn right around and deny you credit at another place !! Now that's just plain CRAZY !! Company is really screwed-up.

Bill me later has been ripping me off for months now. They say that I am behind on payments and have charged me late fees for the past 3 or 4 months. I go to my account and try to find out about my payments and I cannot find any history dealing with these fees. I pay my payment on the 3rd of every month like clock work and they accuse me of being late. I closed my account and have been trying to pay them off but my balance has gone up each and every month due to these charges. HELP, tell me what I need to do!

OK, Just for the record I never buy anything on ebay, i do not have a paypal account period. I never head of billmelater until recently. So i kept getting calls constantly many many times a day. I finaly answered it and .... get this... they asked to speak to my ex husband of 8 years and has not had this phone number for 8 years. I told them that and she asked or MY name. I would not give it to her. She told me unless i told them my name they would not change anything in their files. I said are you kidding me. I am telling you that you are calling the wrong number and you dont want to change that. I asked them how they got my information and she told me that is privilaged information. So please can someone tell me how to get them to stop calling me. It is my ex they want. I am pretty sure he got sucked in by ebay or pay pal. I have no contact with me ex so dont tell me to have him call them. any ideas?

Poster Child for bad customer service. I called the parent company, PayPal to register a complaint after being run around by Bill Me Later for months. Just how bad are they? I spoke to a supervisor, who called me and promised they would take action, and he did not even document our conversation! Wow!!!

This Bill Me Later is a BIG JOKE!!!!!!!! After Three Days with approval credit line of $1,201.00USD coul not buy one thing on eBay coin Site. Bill Me Later is all BS.Do not ope a account with them!!!!!!!! Now the have all of my personal information whic stinks. Who knows what is going to happen next.

Worst customer service , worst managerial service . They have 0. Be ware of dogs ...

Very poor customer service from level 1 to level 3 . They don't listen to customer concerns . Beware of crazy dogs .


I NEVER applied for PayPal & now they are trying to get me to pay something I NEVER purchased!!!!

It has come to my attention that several unknown people to me are using their own name but utilizing my home address in Wisconsin to gain credit with WebBank /o Bill Me Later, Inc.. I have the names and addresses of these people, all of whom are not USA citizens but are Russian citzens, living in Russia. I need to clear this up and am willing to "blow the whistle" on illegal activity involving a company in Texas avoiding paying taxes, tariffs, etc. in sending stolen merchandise to people in Russia. My information is complete and I need some help. If you can direct me to the authorities for illegal activities I can give all of the necessary information they need. Thank you. (blossom29@att.net) June 15, 2012

This company is a joke!!! I have been dealing with them for several years and I have never missed a payment. They sent me a letter tell me that my credit score has dropped because I have some serious delinquency accounts. And they would decrease my credit limit. I contacted all 3 credit bureaus and I have nothing delinquent on my account I have excellent credit and my credit score has not dropped it is still in the 800. I am so disappoint. Everyone be aware of this company they make too many mistakes

My husaband recieved a letter 04/25/12 stating he was denied credit for a purchase of over $1000.00 with a company "NewEgg" that he applied for. Well never applied, never went to this website, never gave out personal information. What can be done? The only number to contact is the credit agency Equifax, and the top of the letter says WebBank c/o Bill me Later, Inc. PO Box 5015, Timonium, MD 21094. This is scary.

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