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Worst customer service ever

Got a birthday certificate in the mail. Have been trying to contact restaurant for days. No answer on phone. Someone finally answered and put me on hold indefinitely. Tried to call corporate number on this website - its disconnected. Horrid customer service begins way before you get in the door. Are you out of business?


Ordered gift cards and one month later and four phone calls and still no luck. I've been given several different excuses and have been charged. I called the corporate office - explained my concern with no luck from their gift card cust service - and was transferred TO their gift card cust service again..... total run around and horrible customer service.

No Customer Ser/ False Adv

I planned to come to BH for my sons birthday. I called the restaurant, the customer srv number man times regarding receipt of the $30 coupon. No response and the corp ofc no. is disconnected. I will never come to BH and let the social media and the BBB know that BH falsely advertises and does not care about the customer. All I got was, I'm sorry. Yes, Beni"haha"... you truly are.

birthday coupon

I contacted the chefs table regarding my birthday coupon because this is the second year in a row that I have not received it. They finally sent it the day it was expired. I called the chef's table customer service and said that there is nothing he could do about changing the expiration date. He was very rude too. I think they do it on purpose so you never really receive your birthday coupon at an adequate time to use it. I am never going back.

No Heat

My and I went to your 50 Tri County Park Way location to eat after going to a funeral. We were sat and ordered our food and drinks. I took off my coat and became cold. I asked the other diners if they were cold, they said yes. After five minutes of cold I asked and employee what was going on. he said "we have no heat" How can you operate your restaurant with without heat? I talked to the manager with utter disappointment. I sat in my coat until my food was made, paid for my meal, and left! What kind of business are you running? I was a F&B director for several years and frankly your manager needs training. Horrible!!!!

Customer service

Has the WORST customer service their waiters cooks and managers talk to you like you are not human. Good food bad service was my favorite restaurant but I won't be going back


Beninahana bummer! It is going on three years that NO ONE in our family (7 people) gets the supposed coupon! In looking at other reviews, I am doubting if they really exist. We have registered and reregistered everyone and no coupon as of now. Today part of my family came home from eating (w/o a birthday coupon? and I asked for an order to be brought home to me. When it got here 1/2 of MY chicken was in a small box, the rest mixed in with my son's shrimp left overs, and the asst mgr tried to convince me that they did not owe me anything because I got my whole order just the boxes were mixed up. Then I tried the supposed customer service number to get a recording to leave my name etc. and then it tells me voicemail is FULL. WAY TO GO BENIHANA you ROCK at customer service, NOT!

Birthday coupon

This is the second year in a row that I haven't received my Birthday coupon from you guys. I go to your Ontario Ca. restaurant like 2 or 3 times a month and not just for special occasions. It would be nice to feel like I am valued customer at least on my Birthday.


do not visit the dearborn, MI location only if you want unequal portions or are willing to tip the cook for more and wear a low cut shirt for extras


I use to love coming here for lunch and would so often. the other day me and 2 others dinned in for lunch. our experience was horrible! our whole table 8 complained that the rice was hard and they told us it was over cooked or no good! worried I had to go to the doctors to make sure the meat and veggies i ate were not bad as well. we were told not once but twice that a manager was too busy to come talk to us. we had to get up and literally chase down our server to get a re fill on our hot teas. I would not recommend this place to anyone.

No Certificate

Very unhappy, and others should know this. I filled out an application for my birthday 365 days ago in the store in Concord, CA. I inquired yesterday why my birthday certificate had not arrived. I then went online myself to register to see if that would make a difference, only to be emailed an told I just registered for the first time today and it would be up to 10 business days to process. Well, maybe this is how you save and get people into the restaurant, but it is unacceptable customer service and treatment. I called corporate office, the Chef's Table, emailed, and did all I can. The next thing is to go elsewhere with business.

just because my husband is employee the manager (oma) told him to had to wait beacause she had to sit customers first excuse me but what was he. did not even bother to apoligize:/

***Piss Poor Service***Went to Benihana's (Northville, MI) on yesterday. It took 30 minutes for the cook to start preparing the food after the order had been taken. The mushrooms were cooked to damn near death with a ton of pepper in them and the cook gave out noticeably different portions of leftovers to the table. Manager promised to take %30 off each bill at our table, however once my best friend and I received our bills, there was no discount taken. After going back and forth with the manager, the bill was discounted %30 excluding alcoholic beverages...At the conclusion of this less than desirable experience, the waiter tried to stiff my best friend out of her change. In the words of Florence, Benihana can "Kiss my grits". Never had problems at the Dearborn location.

My daughter made a reservation for her 18th birthday dinner. I followed up the day before explaining that it was her birthday and we were bring seven girls. I picked several items off the menu so there would be no confusion. I also made the girls menus so that they would be prepare. We arrived, the front desk was informed and even took a picture of the girls. After I left the girls, they were taken upstairs. The girls reported that the chef seemed new, had no knowledge of the menu and what was included, lack any interest, was not fun. My daughter was embarressed by the lack of any entertainment. The girls had to ask for their appetizer because the chef went right to preparing the meal. They were not given their green tea. I sent a email explaining that we were disatified with the service of this chef, and basically my daughter's birthday dinner was a bust! I have not received any email back, no call, nothing. I guess the restaurant does not care. My daughter's friend went to the same location for her birthday. The party was given hats, the chef performed several tricks and it was fun. She even got to cook with the chef. This is why we chose this location. VERY DISAPPOINTED, especially that Benihana's doesnt care enough to respond. Susan Wynne 305-345-5939


I jsut a review. I don't mind if you post the review, but please don't put my personal information on here. Thank you.

I have been a customer of you'll for many years. I go on a weekly basis. Last year I had to complain about my birthday coupon. I was told that Idid not have to apply every yar. As of today, I still have not received my birthday coupon. What do I do as a regular customer to be treated fairly? E-mail me at brendahemphill@clear.net.

On my last birthday in Nov 2011 I did not receive ny certificate via email. I did check and I am still a member of the chef's table birthday club. Is there a reason why I did not receive the coupon? Thank you

never got my b!day coupon either this year buts thats ok, there is a new japanese restuarant in my area where you just show your drivers licence and the meal is free, tastes much better and the cooks are japanese not mexican like in benihanas. you can take me off your list , i wouldnt step in a benihanas again if the meal was free. i will also write ever restuarant review site i can find and tell them about the lousy way you treat long time customers and your food actually sucks compared to other places

I went to the benihanna in troy mi. I purchased 2 chicken rice bowls and 5.00 of garlic butter to go. The waitress packed up my food but failed to pack the garlic butter. I called the resturant back once i realized it wasnt in my to go bag. I called back and the eastablishment was gone. I call the very next day at ten anfd i was given the run around they accused me of lying about not getting the butter i specifically told them i ordered it to cook with my xmas dinner. I am very insulted and hurt. I always eat at beni hannas and I will definitely will not be back.

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