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profiling,rude and offensive,not a working mans bank

Rude teller, maybe you have to be wearing a suit and tie to get any respect in this bank, then when you ask for upper management no one is to be found, Oh..and forget a call back.

-negative rating

Without a doubt this is the most unprofessional banking Corporation I have ever had to deal with. Online assistance is shocking. Phone assistance...well depends on the day! I live in Australia and often am on hold for 40 mins...You do the math... just what that would cost me in phone calls. I cannot wait to close these accounts. Problem is that I cannot close an account without doing it in person or so I am told..but then that may change according to the customer service rep I speak with on the day

i over the years and present took out3 LOANS here but bancorpsouth want report this 2any credit bureaus i brought 2there atten before and today i guess ill end up consulting JAG MAV USAF active duty wonder if i missed a payment?_,.5469~!":']{%€«©,

My account at BancorpSouth has been hacked. But BancorpSouth won't shut off the debit card so no more charges post to my account. And when we talk to the supervisors they can't seem to figure out how to shut the account off so the criminals keep stealing the money and the bank keeps crediting my account. Do not bank with them.

Chris great post. This is a wonderful lesosn for old media versus new media. A veritable laundry list of what not to do.Rua that's pretty amazing. I knew about the advertising agency switch, but not the technology juggling.Marshall I'm pretty sure that these were read by at least some of those that could change things.The head of Marketing at Ferrit even commented back in the day. I'm also sure that a half-decent news clipping service would have brought the articles to the attention of Telecom senior folk. But they were pretty bull-headed about the whole thing, and compounded that by having a not invested here attitude to the lesosns of Trade Me.

Regarding the mono-nono.com article, and it's rneerefce to Microsoft's codecs, " and they will only be licensed for use with Moonlight on a web browser "Which makes it pretty useless for video editing and such. But an odd thought crossed my mind. What if your OS is the browser? I know, it doesn't sound like it makes much sense. But when I watched the demo of Chrome OS, that's what the OS is your browser. (Yes, I know Linux is the basis, but what the user sees is a machine that is a browser.) I suspect the world is about to change in a way Microsoft won't be pleased with.Another minor detail. Chrome will run Flash, and I believe the ARM processor. But so far, the only Linux Microsoft is working on porting Silverlight to is Intel's Moblin. Microsoft is working very hard to exclude themselves from a significant market share.What really gripes me is content that is only available in Silverlight.Regarding Flash, I know that is proprietary. I don't know that they've made any noise about protecting their valuable patents. Am I overlooking something? Personally I'd prefer Flash remain dominant. I don't have to install an infrastructure, ie Mono and Moonlight, to make it work, completely leaving out the patent issues.

Just got the rudest, most offensive treatment at your 2800 Cantrell location in Little Rock AR. The tellers treated me and my wife like we were criminals trying to rip off your bank. Aaron Hayes CSR was beyond rude. Both tellers were looking at us like we were trash. The only person there who treated us well was the manager. And even she tried to defend the blatant profiling practices of their tellers.

My son(Quinton Moore) has a checking account with your bank.Someone took money out of his account and they do not know who it was and charged him 35,00 over draft fee I want to talk to you

This is not your hometown bank anymore. I have been flat out lied to, had my money stolen by this bank, & dealt with the rudest customer service I have ever had from this bank. I have been a customer for over 20 years. I was with them when they were still bank of mississippi. I had always been able to talk to my bank about any problem I encountered. This is no longer the case. They take money out of your account when they want, not because you actually approved it. When you call them, you have to deal with very rude employees who can't get off their cell phones long enough to deal with any problem, nor do they even know how to handle a simple transaction. I am sorry to say that after 20 years I will be cancelling my account. And BTW, don't bother with the live chat. If anyone even bothers to answer you, (and good luck with that), they are busy texting whoever so they do not have the time to even direct you to the right place or phone number. I have been waiting for 4 days now to even get 1 phone call back from my bank. I have left numerous messages online, over the phone & in person. Someone is always out of the office or with another customer. Do yourself a favor & get your money out of this bank before it isn't there to get.

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