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I recently purchased a mirror @ Baers. I was not there when it was delivered. it is damaged, and i don't mind waiting for technician to send someone to repair it. However, there are no hooks etc on back, thus my handyman cannot hang it. It is large and has been sitting in the middle of the floor for a few weeks. II have called mult times to see if a technician can come so I can hang it. They said no i would have to wait as they are busy. This is poor customer service, and not acceptable. i don't think i would buy anything there again.

I bought a 3 piece leather livingroom set from Baer's in December. It was delivered on time. after recieving it The manager Robert called and said he couldn't warranty the furniture because it was a floor model..but he would sent a new set under warranty..he said I would recieve it by the middle of January..in February I called him to ask where was my furniture? They said it was cancled but did call back in an hour and said they located the order..it arrived on the 10th of February..after the movers took out my furniture and brought in the new warranty furniture the couch didn't match...I call Robert and George the salesman said he was out for the day and he would have him call me in the morning..so I waited ..I called him at 4:00, Robert said he couldn't resolve the matter now, so I should call him on Monday the 13th. Robert told me he could not locate my couch in stock and I would have to come in and find a new set, I asked him what if I couldn't find a new set was he going to refund my money..he laughed and said No, hopefully you will find something,,,unbeliveable....I went in today the 14th, sat on all types of furniture and didn't like anything..he took me to his office and went on the computer and said he found a couch to match my set..it will be delivered on the 16th..but also said if this is not the right couch it could take up to 6 months to recieve the right one???? This is what he told me...I am not going to repeat word for word what was said between us...If this couch isn't the right one then I want a total refund...I feel that the customer service has gone down the tubes...How about the 2 days of work I have to miss out on.. or the time I have wasted on the phone or going back and forth to Baer's...I also think Baer's owes me a dinner out or a new rug or something to show I am appricated for my patience and business.. Thank You Rose

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