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Avast is untruthful in all contacts

Used free Avast for years, OK. Got suckered into buying the paid internet anti-virus. Had troubles immediately, called their tech support and was furnished with an endless string of lies from them. Tech support is obviously driven by a commission motive. They said immediately that my computer had a rootkit 32 virus and the only way to get rid of it was to pay Avast $180 for further tech support. Had a local tech come by, soon found that Avast itself was the problem and uninstalled Avast. No problems since. There is no way to request a refund other than a service ticket. All the techs I spoke to have been openly untruthful, transparently so. Example: the last one told me that Avast did not have an office in the US (I needed an address and phone to file a complaint with the Florida Division of Consumer Services). An online search determined that they do indeed have a US office.

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