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The worst florist ever!

How can you all keep cheating customers like you do and stay in business? I called and complained about a dish garden I had sent to a friend's Mom's funeral out of state and it was nothing like I had ordered. Because I hadn't filed a complaint within 24 hours and because you can substitute obviously without notifying the customer, I don't have a leg to stand on with this company. What florist doesn't carry fresh flowers for heaven's sakes, so you have to substitute plants? Give me a break. And then you don't let me know so I can possibly change my order? I wouldn't have even known if I hadn't run into my friend when she got back into town from the funeral several days later. I used florists out of state before, but you all take the cake. Will never use you or recommend you to anyone!!!!


Bait and Switch! I ordered a beautiful bright yellow Mum Plant in a ceramic container (item #WYMP). When I placed the order, (Kerona) said this was a beautiful plant and would come in the same container as shown. My loved one in hospice received a $5.00 orange/brown thin and very unattractive bedding plant in a green plastic disposable container. Spoke to Sophie who claims to be the Supervisor and claims "sorry we did not have the item you ordered and we had to substitute". She says the product came from "Farm Fresh" Farms? She refused to give me the name of someone else who could help me resolve this matter. VERY UPSET, WIL NEVER USE AGAIN.

It's worse than worse

This company makes loads of promises and has no service follow up. Needless to say I ordered a white bouquet for $60, the only demand I had that they said could be met was not to leave the arrangement outside, please call them prior. Bingo it was left outside in a spot they did not see more many hours. I called the company, they did not call back, were rude and lastly has this clause that they have a restocking fee of 50% of what you spend. Really bad, and load of rude people. Not my my Xmas list!

Flower delivery and flower arrangement

I will never use your comany ever again !!!! Not only did they over charge me for what I ordered , the flower arrangement was horrible !!! It wasn't even close to what I ordered !!!! When I complained,, they sent out another arrangement the next day and still not what I ordered !!!!! My arrangement I had picked out were daisies and roses. The first one delivered were only daisies !!!!!! $65.00 !!!!!!! I could have went to a grocery store and bought that for $ 10.00 and it would have looked better !!!!! The second one delivered had only 2 roses in it !!!!!!! I have never seen such horrible floristry in the 35 years of buying flowers !!!! Will never use this company again and neither will anyone I know !!!!!!

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