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used car salesman reputation

When I went for my son to pick out a truck for a job as a subcontractor he was looking to obtain. I asked the questions i knew would/might be an issue , such as adjusting the payment dates to match the payroll days, My son is 22yrs old trying to do the right thing by helping me with bills and a disabled dad. we get the truck , had it for 8 hrs and it was dead, called told it might be the spark plugs, spend 45 dollars same night to replace burnt spark plugs, truck still would not turn on. after about 4 days they finally pick it up gave my son a small car to get around with a temp tag i paid for which we couldn't get for the truck he no longer had, almost a month goes by and my son goes with dad to pick out another different truck. He got commercial ins and got the subcontracting jog but they didn't adjust the payment dates and i could not help any more financially so it looked as if he was always trying to catch up. finally finish training makes a nice reg check and when he went to make his payment the lady said ok for him to pay 550.00 on Friday to be caught up , then deal with the tags that the temp plate expire now. and on wed they took his truck , saying the "lean holders" are the ones that took it. so what was the point , on in house financing and no communication with the dealer? now my son will be with out a job so how is he going to pay? REALLY all seems like a good legal scam to me. the used car salesman reputation as a Handler is true and i guess us low working class people that cant afford it really pay more.

rip off

I bought a car a week ago from Greer SC auto ax. I have to replace tires and breaks already. I had to put gas in the car just to make it home from the dealer. They refuse to put gas in. And when I mentioned the tires a few days after I bought the car they blew me off.

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