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Shower fixtures

I had purchased the shower fixtures after installing and putting up the shower walls and finishing up I found that the valve im assuming lets water come out of the shower head no matter what...So now if your trying to fill up the tub water runs out of the shower head....If you buy this brand beware and make sure everything is working good before finishing.

i recently purchased a toilet AT1203-00 i bought this toilet because it said it follows FDC guidelines for handicapp..i also purchased THIS toilet because it was the tallest one..HOWEVER upon installing this toilet i found it was warped on the bottom causing it to rock back and forth...after reinstalling it twice now and checking the floor as well i have come to the conclusion this is shoddy workmanship..theses toilets should NOT meed FDC guidelines at all...i am upset with all this aggrevation plus the fact that i have to returmn this item which will cost me 50$ in gas..please get it together make a DECENT product or just stop

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