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The worst customer service!!!

Filthy Amateur-Rama

What kind of filthy animals run a company like this, treating their employees in such disregard. You are operating a complete cultural amateur-rama, and I can prove it. Anyone shopping at your stores should be aware of the total discusting treatment of retail staff.

Very Rude

Called and asked a question girl was rude and kept repeating herself like a broken record, over and over. Suggested that I contact customer service, I had already done that and they were no help either. This company sucks in customer service. No rating

Stop Shopping

The worst customer service team I have ever encountered. There is no accountability or responsibilty allowed. The right hand does not speak to the left. Similar experiences as listed by other consumers.

I called online to order some blouses that were not in the store. In the past, they waived the shipping charges since the blouses were not in the store. Not this time, in fact, the woman gave me a very hard time and told me that would be impossible. I called late on Sunday, so I thought maybe I just got a pt person. She was very very rude. I called back today (Monday morning) and the representative had no problem waiving the fee but, the blouse was sold out! When I asked to talk to a manager I was told I could talk to a supervisor but, they were not available. I've shopped a lot at Anthropologie, not anymore.

Shipping costs absurd!

To Anthropologie Management, I have been shopping at Anthropologie in store and online since 2009. I am spending thousands of dollars a month at your stores and online. I am frustrated that when I purchase an order online and have to pay $20.00 for shipping. And then it takes 2-3 weeks for my order to get here. If other companies can offer free shipping to Canada and have the item arrive within 1-5 days!! For example, Shopbop, Revolve, Amazon, JCrew. I think you can too offer better shipping services!! If I am paying that much for shipping, the least you should do is use the fastest shipping method available. Even better offer free shipping and get my order to me as fast as possible! You really need to rethink and offer better service to your customers!! Or I will be taking my business elsewhere!

Terrific people and service

I Want to say that women at store 413 Birmingham Mi are pretty cool people. Callie, Elise, Paige, Stephanie and Robin. My daughter Finley has been ill with cancer and when we bought a quilt 2 years ago for her at the Cherry creek store in Denver as a present she just loved it. Unfortunatly from all the love it really fell apart. I contacted the Birmingham store told them our story and the girls were quick and caring. They gave finley a new quilt and had the old one repaired for no cost. This is customer service and headquarters should be proud of these employees. Bonus time!!

Why not support local artisans

I feel that businesses that do not support local artisans in this current economy do not deserve our hard earned dollars. Most of Anthropolgies products are brought in from other countries whereas local artisans are trying hard to reach local markets. They actually boast this fact in there magazine which they send out. I prefer to support local artists and designers who are just as good. We need to support each other more in every way.

Could you share the locale of the current 2012 August Anthropology Catalogue? I'm trying to identify the wallpaper pattern and history of the fowl and branch vertical vintage covering featured in one of the rooms. Thank you for an inspiring photo shoot. cm

anthro hires rude employee's at there eastview victor n.y. store. maybe they should pay more so they can attract better people that act like adults and not like little babys.

To all of you at Anthropologie, Thank you to the Portland, Oregon Store (Katherine and Adrianne). You both were amaziingly kind and helpful in finding my item. I'd also like to thank Store #419 who also spent a lot of time trying to help me. And last but not least, Jordan (in Houston), thank you so much for sending the "Kylie Johnson Musings Tray." My sister-in-law will be so pleased. I helped my brother-in-law pick out the tray for their anniversary the first time. After my daughter accidentally broke it, I found out my sister-in-law was sadly trying to replace it. She is in declining health and I felt terrible about it. She and her husband will be thrilled when I surprise them with a new one! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Most Sincerely, Lori

Wow, that is a trbirele story. Even though there is a recession supposedly going on, I'm still encountering poor service by the bushel full. As a business owner myself, I feel that customers need to complain when this kind of thing happens and to go as high as they need to in order to get an apology and/or satisfactory resolution. Unfortunately with independent retailers, the buck stops with the owner and if he/she doesn't care then your only recourse is to vote with your feet. Never go back and tell as many people as you can.

What a nightmare! Will never do business with this company again. I bought an ecard to send to a friend on December 26, 2011. Today is January 3rd and still no ecard. This is a simple email that they need to send to the recipient but can't manage to do it!

well, thought i would share my first and very last transaction with anthropologie. ordered some shoes. after 2 weeks ,got an email asking how i liked them. hadnt got the shoes yet. i had sort of gotten used to good companies who get their product to you in less than a week and tell you that they are on the way, but not this company. shoes finally arrived. too big .sent them back and had to pay return postage, which is generally paid for by, like i said, a good company. another 3 weeks go by. no email telling me that they got the shoes back, or that the other ones had been sent out. all emails to "customer service" were virtual form letters. got the shoes. like walking on nails. heres the best part. called customer service to complain of their shoddy customer relations, and they explained there was n o w a y to contact their corporate offices, they werent even allowed to tell me the address. the best i could do was send an email back to customer service and state that i wanted to talk to a supervisor or manager. still waiting .....what a fraud this place is. neiman marcus prices and kmart customer service. i assume this will never be read or responded to, i gather the corporates are a little too well insulated from any negative reviews. did i mention i ordered a pair of shoes from macys on sunday and got them on thursday? and 2 emails telling me the status of my order? pack sand, anthropologie...i dont mind paying for the best but you sure arent that....

Global Warming, Peter? Broken record. Why don't you state some scientific facts and not just spew up Al Gore's last fundraising bit.

Jan, How willing you are to ignore the negative community impact of Anthropologie's wasteful behavior in order that you might enjoy those wonderful smells from the sidewalk. Sad on so many levels.

People . . . Most retailers prop their doors open. It is inviting. It welcomes people. It smells wonderful on the sidewalk as you pass by and it draws you in. Anthropologie is a fabulous store and I am ecstatic that we finally have one in our city.

Anthropology Store in Carlsbad California reaks of Racism!

Peter & Anthropologie Powers that be, I love the products but I will not shop at Anthroplogie because of there "open door" policy. This is a gross waste of energy and a direct contradiction to the corporate image they try to project...perhaps the high prices could be lowered considerably with the energy savings if they would CLOSE THE DOORS. Shame on you Anthropologie! Wishing you a brightly colored & energy efficient day, Mary Nolte Mary Nolte Designs Kaleidoscope Color Consulting

4 score and 7 years ago, I came to long island and there wasn’t any real great place to shop for gifts on the north shore. Today there is Antrropoloige and I just stopped in your Greenvale store this evening with a friend. Upon entering we couldn't help but notice that the oversized entry doors of the store were left wide open while it was approximately 40 degrees outside. We were quite disturbed about this and my friend questioned the store manager Julie Stark, why this was so. She said it was store policy for the doors to be open between 32 & 85 degrees out doors, for which we were a little dumb founded. While I could write at least 10 pages as to why this is disturbing, I will only say that we were so troubled at this policy, we turned around and walked out, without browsing or making any purchase. In this day and age of global warming, finite resources, and so many people who can’t even afford to heat their homes in the winter, I would think that this policy need a review. If your profits are so high that you can afford to waste so much money on energy, maybe you should spread the wealth to those less fortunate. There are many good organizations like the salvation army who accept contributions for their energy fund that helps those less fortunate. And if you were to close the doors you could donate even more and help save the planet at the same time. It’s just a thought from a concerned citizen of the planet. Thanks for lessening, Peter G. Shutesbury, MA 01072

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