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cust. serv.

I am trying to reach someone in your rebate office and all I get is recording after recording. You people suck. I will not be buying your products anymore.


super great move to give water . i love for that.

Supporting women

Thank you for supporting women. I have new respect for your company. Your stand against violence toward women at your own potential financial loss regarding ads for the NFL means a lot to me. My husband drinks Bud Light and that package will now make me smile.

Old times

I have been drinking Budweiser for 30 years i really miss the old style label on the cans.

Puppy Love Ad.

As a added Dog Lover this ad was heart braking. This time bud really went over the top. How this ad will ever be beat I dont know. All I can say is THANK YOU Bud......... p.s. brung a tear to my eye.

Superbowl Commercial

After watching your Superbowl Commercial for this year I had to try and get a message to you just to say, brilliant,,what a wonderful commercial, I have watched it over and over,,crying,smiling through tears,the first few times, nearly sobbing! Someone working in your advertising department has it right! Amazing,,Thank-You!!

Your posting rlealy straightened me out. Thanks!

We accidentally sent an unfinished idea to you, we think. Did you receive it? the end of our idea was don't be an animal drink responsibily

We have an idea and this is what my sister and I thought of- "King of Bears" vice "King of Beers". Our idea was inspired from a story we saw on yahoo news about 4 bears in New Mexico. Four bears went into an empty cabin and destroyed the place. They also were blamed for drinking 100 beers. My sister and I thought it would be funny to make a spin off of this story. We thought there just has to be a way to incorporate this story into a commercial. The underlying part that would be funny is that the commercial is based on a true story. Usually, movies are "based on a true story", but the commercial would be based on a true story. We think that the commercial should start with this caption, "based on a true story". Here is the idea. We realize it's just a framework of an Idea, but we think that it has great potential. Here the mini based on a true story goes... The family decides to go to the cabin for the weekend. The parents decide to go out to dinner and leave the teenagers home. Parents leave, out to dinner. Teens decide to go out as well. Where? I don't know. Four bears happen upon an empty cabin. They go in and start tearing up the place. They jump on beds and one bear, with his mighty paw, slams the bed up against the wall and says...too soft! The bed shatters against the wall. Then another bear, with his mighty paws, tears up the pillows, feathers going everywhere, and says....too fluffy. Another is in the kitchen and opens the fridge...pops open a budwieser...and says, "ahhh just right. The other bears do the same thing. next scene you see the bears singing 98 bottles of beer on the wall, 98 bottles of beer...and then they literally slam the empties against the wall and laugh. next scene, the bears see headlights coming up the drive. They get the deer in the headlights look and run. The bears are watching from the window. next scene, the teenagers walk in and are mortified. They know their parents are goinng to be home any minute. They pick up a budwieser bottle and look at it completely puzzled and in shock. They turn to the front door and see their parents as they are holding empty budwieser bottles. The bears are still watching through the window holding budwiesers and laughing saying we are off the hook. You could end the commercial with

Just saw the video that was shown once 5 months after 9/11/01 at the Super Bowl. It was very touching where the Clydesdales are going over the bridge and to the edge of New York where the towers should have been seen and the horses bowing. I feels this should be a commercial that should be shown on 9/11/11 for sure.

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