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I read an interview. He said his mohetr would chide him for not eating, but all their fridge contained was Carr's Water crackers and canape spreads. His mohetr was GLoria Vanderbilt the designer, and she didn't cook.He didn't grow up like the rest of us being told to eat his veggies. He'd never eaten spinach or waffles until he started this show.

the exercise you are doing with the pole !! your lnniaeg way too far foward of your center of gravity ( a sure way to damage your back). those big swiss balls are a they are not a good way to build core strength (they do more harm than good)if your wantin too buld core strenght try free weights i.e dead lifts ,suats and swing snatches.they other stuff your doing with the medicine balls and strechy rope is very very limited,if you keep doing those your never going too advance in strength

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