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people that work at any of ur branches

i was treated poorly, rude and harrested by corporate headquarters talked too with no remorse or compassion, lied to and after many times trying to speak to their personal their behavior got worse


On ,11/09/2012 I called amscot branch on, 5285 red bug lake rd #133 in Winter Springs Mr. Ramon answer the phone I work about 7 to 10 miles from this location I asked i want to know if my advance is up today 11/09/2012 so I can stop in the bank before going to amscot I travel the whole 10 miles on hold; i walked to the branch with my phone on hold and I noticed two employees off the windows I asked the same question it took Mr. Ramon less than 30 seconds to tell me the advance was due that day, it is unfair and rude have you on hold for over 15minutes for just a simple answer all because I left the receipt in my other vehicle,please change your policy it took this guy 30secons to answer the question on branch.

Along that same line is forgetting the ceinlt's front and back office staff. As sales folks we contact a lot of the front office [buyer, officers, etc] but the grease and glue that make things flow are often implemented by others. For example, try having your Customer Service staff call the customer's Customer Service WOW this never happens. Or better yet your A/P clerk call the customers [somebody who will actually see you get paid] to share war stores with. When the going gets rough there is nothing like someone on the inside of your customers organization who your staff has a personal relationship with. Anybody tried this?

Ya'll need to take care of concerning matters professionally because the job is not being taking care of at all in consideration of customers!!!!!.....it is un call for and if it's not taking care of i will have you guys in demand of a law sue!!!!..asap!...when you play with someone's hard working money is a unacceptable matter!!!!...get the facts straight and take more knowledge of who is stealing money. and cashing someone's money order. because it was said to us that we would be given all the detail info of the money order cashing by an individual and instead we got a letter stating we will not be given our money back. like really we shall see about this matter!...and come back to ya'll with documentation of our rights!...with the media!....THIS IS SO CALLED TAKEN MATTERS INTO OUR OWN HANDS!!!!...incase you didn't understand that phrase!...now you do!....so make sure you address this matter quickley i would suggest!!!!!!.......

I cashed my check at amscot and they gave me a $50 bill that had the security strip missing ,when I went to use the money it was brought to my attention. When I called Amscot they told me there was nothing they could do. What they need to do is have their employees do their job checking the money, like their supposed to! They are giving out money that has been tampered with. Very unprofessional for the "money store"

I file my taxes as a first time in your company...i have very bad experience with the representative who was in charge for income-taxes in 3717 W. Vine St Kissimmee , FL 34741 in the begining she say my fees was going to be more than $400.=if i was receive going to receive the loan the next day but after the bank denied the $1500 loan she said the fees will be less....i make a phone call the next afternoon concern about the fees and the lady who answer tell me "DON'T WORRY SR. WILL BE NO CHARGE" You have to wait 7-14 weeks that's a normal wait for IRS process any refund.. I call IRS and my money is approved so i when to the store today to find out about my check and spanish lady tell me my refund is going to be $2100.= so your company still taking $400.= in fees (in what??....just put in the computer??..) I'm work so hard for my money to give away like that....if i have to go to tv's stations, newspaper or radio's i will...! Appreciate someone review the status of my application Thanks in advance JOSEPH SAUSA -SS#150-80-72... PHONE # 551-206-1812

Staff is very rude when you have questions as well disrepectful.I would never step foot inside one of those places again.

One of your stores today took $331.00 out of my paycheck for an alleged not paid item from 2006... I was unaware of this item. Florida statute of Limitation is 5 years. I was a bill collector for 30 years. I am checking this out with my legal counsel. I can tell you in my family, no one is named sue... it is a verb in my family not a noun. I am preparing to take legal action . I suggest you review your records on this. You may be able to decieve a lot of uneducated people. I will get this reviewed in the proper forum. Thank you for your time Frank Laurenzana

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