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My family I went to the American Eagle in the Wisconsin Dells. We where there for the weekend and thought we would do some shopping and use my son's discount since he works at American Eagle. We found the items we needed and went up to the register and asked the girl if we could use my son's discount, she said he needed to show his ID. My son did not have it on him at the time so we asked if she could hold the items and we would come back later and get them. When we returned later no one could find our items and all the salesclerks where not very helpful. I told them she put the items by the register and no one even looked there. I tried to find a T-shirt in a large and asked one of the girls if she could look in the back and she finally told us after 5 minutes that she couldn't find any. I asked a diffrent clerk to look for a large in Boxer's for my son and she never got back to us. The manager never even tried to help us out and just stood there and watched the whole thing. I feel your employee's need to learn some customer service techniques and use it. This store seriously does not know why they are there. FOR THE CUSTOMER!! Store #02154 On a seperate note my son works for American Eagle in Madison, WI store #893. He has tried several times to give his managers a copy of when he is able to work around going to school and they have constantly scheduled him when he has classes and they don't even apologize or help find someone to cover the shift. They expect him to. I feel if the managers screwed up the schedule they should fix the mistake and not the employee. He has asked off for Easter which is this weekend and when he got the schedule he was scheduled to work. He wentand talked to one of the girls at the store and she said she remembers him giving her a note in fact his the first one to ask off and yet he still got scheduled. I would like to know what American Eagle thinks they are. They don't take care of the customers and they don't take care of there employees. so what are they in business for? That is the question.(jfboese@centurytel.net)

We were shopping at our local mall in Washington, PA. We purchased some items at the store and tried to use our discount coupon and was told it was invalid because you could not use it when they have a sale. The coupon only said that it could not be used in conjunction with a gift card or other coupon. Did not have either. We made a purchase for around 58.00. My daughter decided to come back to the store at the end of our shopping trip for an item she decided to buy after all. We were informed by a very pleasant clerk that we were eligible for an aerewards card and we could also use the 20% coupon on one full priced item. We explained that we were there earlier in the day, we not offered the aerewards point card and not able to utilize the coupon. She was the manager this after noon, we dealt with the manager in the am. Poor information provided in am, poor service and by no means was interested in more business for his store if he did not offer us the discount or rewards card. He was at store 02090 and cashier en25.

The American Eagle store was very busy in Fair Oaks Mall, Fairfax, VA on Saturday March 14, 2012. I thought I had brought a coupon with us but remembered leaving it on the counter by accident. The cashier was really nice and checked for me. She said that there weren't any coupons out at the present time. I said it was given to my daughter at AE check out last week and the cashier confirmed that it was for your new store Areo? The AE store was packed, but one of the floor workers got us a great, large fitting room that just opened up around the corner! It was great. We bought over $220 of clothes and I took out a credit card so I saved 15% bringing my total down to $173.06. Overall, I was very happy with AE. My daughter is 5'9" and it is hard finding long enough jeans, AE has long jeans in every color!!!! Thank you!!!! Jody Ganzermiller jganzermiller@atsc.com

I went into the beverly center and I was helped by a young lady by the name of Valencia Allen. I only went in to grab a couple of shirts for my New York trip. This girl amazed me because not only did I leave with a couple of shirts, but also 2 of the same jeans (i loved them that much) 2 button downs, a pair of cargo shorts, swimming shorts, and she even talked me into getting the 2 for 20 boxers. This was my first time in this store and I left more than satisfied. I really wish I could have done more than just a survey to show how much I appreciated her help because she was AWESOME, she really does deserve some recognition of some sort! ... if customer service was good like this every where I'd definitely shop more often. I will for sure be coming back into AE if not to this one in the beverly center, I hope the associates are as helpful as she was at different stores.

I went in my local AE (Oxford, Al) store to buy my husband some jeans. I was looking for a particular size and cut. I ask the manager if she had the size I needed in the back, and was told no, if there not out then I don't have them and just walked off. When I was ready to make my purchase I had a coupon for 30% off and ask could I use it the manager said yes so I laid it on the counter for her to scan & had to remind her to use it. While waiting for my daughter to pay for her items, another customer ask the same person (manager) for help and the manager totally ignored her. That particular customer confronted her (the manager) about her attitude. The manager was calm, but not very nice to the customer. I have never had a problem with this store before and was totally shocked by the treatment I received along with how the manager was acting.

I recently returned an item that I had purchased for my daughter on line. I was able to easily exchange the item with help from the sales associate. I inquired as to why the sizing in the jeggings and mini shirts were clearly not the same. The associate also experienced the same sizing problem and suggested by a size smaller when purchasing a mini shirt. I was very happy with the service I received.

I previously worked at American Eagle and absolutely hated it. They promote fake behavior and force their employees to nag their customers. I'm fine with answering questions and being available to help bust asking "are you finding everything ok?" or "what are you shopping for today?" every 3 seconds gets really irritating. I personally hate it when sales associates try to push me into buying a product or do things like bring me items that I didn't pick out to the dressing room. How invasive is that? The things I was asked to do on a daily basis made me very uncomfortable, and my managers were all very pushy. One of them once said to me, "I will hit you if you leave the dressing rooms one more time." and he wasn't playing around, he was legitimately angry with me for putting away my go backs instead of bugging everyone in the dressing room. So ridiculous If you're looking for a friendly and comfortable work environment this is not the place for it. The workers are spiteful, and fake. Terrible work experience for me.

I have also been waiting for a refund from this company. I returned some items from an order I placed back in November. They dont pay for shipping back so I had to pay eighteen dollars to return the merchandise which is ridiculous. I received email confirmation they received it and would credit the money back. It has now been two months and still no credit. I have called customer service numerous times and told someone would be in contact with me. The only contact I received told me they had already processed the refund which of course never hit my credit card. Today the customer service rep told me her supervisor would not be able to help me either I had to wait for corporate to contact me. I am disgusted with them now and they have lost a good customer. I placed orders with them on a regular basis throughout the year and now there is no way I will give them another dime.

poor, poor, poor service. No smile when they help customers. No response for the questions I had about the sale. I had to ask very specifically to get "yes" or "no" response. I get better service from the mom and pop stores who speak little or no Engish. Where's www.ae.com/tellus????

I recieved a coupon in the mail for $10 off any purchase of $10 or more. It expired on 12/24. I went in on 12/23 and tried to use it but was told that I couldn't because they had a 40% off sale going on. The coupon did not say could not be combined with any other offer. Basically they mailed out a coupon that could not be used because the 40% off sale was on everything in the store. I wrote customer service and got an email back apologizing for my being "confused". I went back a week later because my daughter needed a belt. The belts were marked at $19.99. They rang up at $29.99. I asked the sales clerk and she said that it was "selected" styles. I said that it wasn't marked that way. She said it was in the fine print. I checked it out and it was there in very small print but part of it was covered by the lip of the price holder. I asked her how we were to know which belts were the selected ones. She said that you had to have them rung up. These are very poor, dishonest sales practices.

I made a purchase on the website at the beginning of November 2011. My order was canceled a week later and replaced without notifying me that half of it was backordered. The backordered items were later canceled due to popularity. It's now 1/6/2011 and I haven't been refunded. I have spoken to customer service several times and have exchanged many emails which I still have. 20 days ago they said I would be refunded in 3 to 7 days. Where the hell is my money?

On your receipt it says go to www.ae.com/tellus. Why put this on your receipt if it doesn't even exist. I was already mad after receiving very poor customer service at your store and then I try to go to this web site and couldn't find one. Your employees need to learn to be friendly. The one I encountered acted like I was bothering her because I wanted to make a purchase. I have been a manager of a retail store in the past and I know this girl will do this to many more customers. When I asked for a gift receipt she gave me a dirty look and never thanked me or smiled. Wont be going back to that store.

I was a hard working employee for A&E who worked his way up to become a well known asm. Let me tell you something. For a company that stands behind a well known product so well I was surprised they wouldn't stand besides there employees just as much. Once tricked by another Sam to refund him for a purchase. They were quick to throw me out when I worked my asday in and day out to support everyone and everything that haA gift bpufht by a third to do with ae. Yeats down the road I still regeret my trust for this unknamed employee but still stand waiting to hear about why you would treattreat someone so poorly over ten dollars. A gift purchased by a third party in the wrong size and a returning it improperly due to poor training really screws you over. I am still in process of writing ceo. Really shiftyby ae not to offer any sort of email . Promised the world and shaded to nothing. Thanks ae.

My daughter loves ae, that is her favorite store she goes in there every time we go to the mall.

American Eagle is one of the best stores I know! There always having sales which make the item even more reasonable. American Eagle also has all the latest styles that I would wear.

I have been more than excited with my experience ay American eagle in store and online purchases. The staff are very experienced and knowledgeable of you products and helpful during the djoppinh experience. My we rewards are benificial and text alerts aren to know when I'm going shopping. Love the experience !

We shop the mall store in Bartlesville, Ok. The employees there are GREAT!!! We have a favorite, Bryttne Allen-SHE ROCKS!!! Her customer service skills are far above and beyond any we have ever encountered. We absolutely appreciated everything she did for us. JOB WELL DONE!!!

I have a big problem with AEO I placed two orders on 11/26/11, received confirmation That my order was shipped 12/1/11 On 12/6/11 my order was returned to AEO Here it is 12/20/11 and am expecting a refund Back into my visa debit card for instead found Our from my bank that my card has been debited Again yesterday 12/19/11 for one of the same Order amounts that I have been so patiently Waiting for a return of payment I need my bank account credited back not Once but twice for the amount of the purchase Of items that I haven't even received once I will no longer order anything from AEO any Longer They are just not worthy in my eyes

went into the AE in the layton hills mall (Utah) to buy a simple gift card this afternoon the store was busy but not packed there was a line of about 3 people on one side of the checkout counter with one girl ringing up stuff 4 other girls were standing on the other side talking In asked one of them if I could buy a gift card she replied the girl ringing up stuff would help me when she was able, so we stood in line to buy a gift card for 10 minutes , cannot understand why at the busiest time of year you only have 1 person helping people and the rest of them are to involved to help the paying public( Great service a real winner in my book) be sure to bring my bed next time for the long wait so we dont have to disturb the employees at this store

Where is the feedback survey? also, just wanted corporate to know that a salesman in ae took a sale ticket off an item and then rang up the item full price. He argued with my daughter and I in front of all customers. Poor customer service. My daughter couldn't get the item because it was now full price. You won't get too many points for this kind of behavior.

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