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This company is engaging in discriminatory practices. Once my daughter disclosed a medical condition to them, they took her off the schedule, then told her they were letting her go because she was seasonal - after already telling her she was staying on permanently. When confronted about it, the store manager laughed, saying we could say what we want, they would simply say she is seasonal.


After having previously worked for such a horrid, disrespectful, and unprofessional company, I will never shop ANY of their stores in the future. Management for this company is a joke.


if you are looking for a DESIGN position here, take my advice and DON'T GO!!! this place is NOT creative and the leadership is horrible (especially the men's design leadership is notorious) they promote very few people (if any) who are great in talking themselves up. never worked at a company that no designers actually respected their leader to this extent. politics all day and very little design work. they abuse designers and overwork them. always understaffed. the ones in love with design end up leaving this place bc of no growth support and lack of creativity.

Online Shopping

Spent time picking items online placed order emailed need to conference call with them and bank to verify address told will take up to 30 minutes to do so their security or something Such poor customer service. Treating customers like criminals Going into the store is no problem not asked to verify address with a bank. Reading reviews I am glad they mad me mad enough to spend my money elsewhere since reviews say your double charged items never shipped lost items they hold it up long enough to lose out on any free shipping or coupon your hoping to use Very rude to customers spending good money when they need us we do not need them.

mens jeans to baggy

can you make the men jeans fit more like the womens jeans. Mens jeans are so loose everywhere. Try to make mens super stretch jeans. Womens jeans fit perfect compared to mens jeans maybe some men do like there jeans falling off there body.

What happened to this brand?

Hello, I am a male in my mid 30's and for many years I have shopped at American eagle. I have always been impressed by the latest styles offered, the quality of clothing and the mid range of prices. However in the past 1-2 years I cannot find anything in your stores or online for 6ft 220lb man. Like most Americans I am not tall and super skinny. The decision to move away for "classic fit" items and move to the "slim fit" was a poor one. I would sometimes spend $1,500.00 a moth or more on my AE card. I have now paid off and closed my account. I have taken my business elsewhere.


My daughter bought 2 shirts from the store and the clerk told her she would have to take store credit. i Immediatley called the store manager because my daughter had proof of purchase and everything was correct. the manager told me to come down and she would refirnd my daughter upon her speaking to the clerk he told her the SKU didnt match. so i had my daughter pick both of the shirts out when i came to the store and low and behold everything was correct. He LIED...He made my daughter take store credit. so i returned the items the next day and called corporate office and spoke to a Representative who states that he would take care of it. Also on the Gift reciept my daughter provided he states no reciept was given. I called the BBB and also a lawyer to report the activity of the store and how it treats the Black patrons...because the same individual did the samething to my niece the same day!!!!! THIS IS SO SAD~~~~

bad management and no good costumer service

Really bad management so i went to this aeo in deer park ny and this manager named jeremy was so rude and nasty to me. I was trying to return this pair of jeans becaise it didnt fit me and it still had the tag and he said when did you buy these jeans and he said we can return them but this is not the right tag for thes jeans and i daid what are you talking about and i showed him my recit on how much i payed for them and he said no i can only give you half of the money. I told him are you kidding me i was so angry that day and told him i was going to call corpate on him to talk about his rude behavior i nevered been so angry in a store just to return a pair of jeans and with the proof of the recipt

Store opening.....

I thought the American Eagle in Michigan City Indiana was suppose to open June of 2013.... Still not open. What's up with that?

Store display

I am disappointed in the new store displays. American eagle caters to teens and young adults. I was appalled when I walked in and saw a thong on a mannequin. The manager was addressed and she told me it was a corporate decision. Shame on you!

AE is a great company to work for. The people are amazing. And they are just that, people. We are imperfect. We make mistakes. Sometimes we are just as cranky and rude as the ones who have written these horrible reviews. Stop being "victims" I'm sure that each of you have been rude and down right mean to people you work with, or people you encounter at work. Stop pointing the finger of blame. Evaluate yourselves for a change.


What this company cares about is rank. Even one an unprofessional DM is In the wrong, they are supported no matter what the cost to others lives. I have seen managers lives ruined based on assumptions and pressured under interrogation. Root, "terror", promised it would not follow them, but if you comply you can go home and we stop the questioning. Lies. This, when it had been fact, others in the company know for thousands in loss, but due to relationships between DM and GM no consiquenses paid.

Former Manager To tell the truth

I was reading through the reviews and I feel like when so many people say the samething it must be true. American Eagle does not care about you, please do not fall for the fake smile. They put on the face when youre shopping, but rest assured your are only a number to them in their hourly and daily conversion. My experience with th e store was not very good. I came from Whole Foods as a manager, so i have a sense of great customer service is, AE does not have it. In fact you are deemed a better manager if your are aggressive and nasty. I personally think that the company purposefully promotes these rude people. Anyway heres the bottom line, I was on a team of 5 managers of them I was considered the nice manager (because i actually cared about my employees and customers. I worked and pretty much taught myself the operational piece of the store, before I joined the front house team we missed our fiscal goal by almost a million dollars. The following fiscal year 2012, we were up in every category of performance. We even surpassed the previous year by over a million dollars. when review time came, they hastefully wrote everyone up they could, as not to give these people cost of living increase... To top it off instead of receiving a raise I was written up, and told it is because the store runs me, i dont run thr store. My final point is this, if I was so terrible, why was I able to print out my personal results and consistantly had the highest numbers, and best relationship with cusomers... The only things i ever did wrong were things I was self taught, and never formally trained. So I apologize onbehalf of the company for the rude behavior, and poor customer service skills.. It is a behavior that is passed down from the corporate offices, and will continue. So if you are aggressive, and have a cut throat attitude this may be the work environment for you. People like me, whoe actually show up to work on time receive write ups. So the higher ups can fuel there German sports cars, and pay their associates minimum wage. (truth).

Former employee

It's a shame that you put certain people in charge at your stores! You removed a manger who had the best numbers that the store had seen, and put someone lazy, rude, and condescending in her place! In aviation mall in queensbury, your employees are disgusting! I was bullied out of that store for 6 months! I will never spend my money there again. And I'm repeatedly bullied by these same employees now, and I haven't worked there since November! It's April! When will you people learn and fix this problem

Former Employee

Horrible experience. Management is harsh and crued. Manager made me feel like I was worthless. So much so that when she yelled at me for and "imperfect" pile of folded cloths and made me cry, she told me to grow up. She blameed everyone else for bad numbers and when we had good days shed take it upon her self to take all the credit. Terrible work experience and so fake.

good customer service, but bad management

I live in arkansas, and use the same american eagle most of the time, but will go to little rock and other place. I alway have great customer service from store managers and the other employees, but I was in a store and, after asking an employee who the lady was, I was told it was the district manager. she was completely rude to me, and treated all the other employees horrible. I've never seen anyone be treated like that in front of customers. I think it's super unprofessional. I won't be shopping in arkansas american eagles until I find out that the arkansas area has a new district manager. I feel for the employees or anyone else that has been treated the way I ws

Customer Service is a waste of time. Placed a $325 order and 5 min later called and tried to change the size of 4 shirts and they said they can't! I now will refuse the entire shipment and take my business somewhere else!

Ultimate Disrespect

My wife is an assisitant manager for one of the AE stores. We just had a death in the family. The same morning that the death ocurred my wife was to work that evening. My wife tried to look up the bereavement policy because she has'nt been working for AE very long and did not know it. She text her store manager who basically told her to just look it up in their handbooks which my wife all ready did and the info was not in them. Later my wife went to work and had to spend another 20 minutes to track the information down with no help from the store manager. The store manager then took my wife for a 1 on 1 conversation and proceeded to tell her that if she had spent as much time learning how to brickfold jeans as she did trying to find out about the bereavement policy that she would have had the jeans done. The store manager then told my wife she would have to figure out something because the store manager was off the next 2 days and wasn't going to deal with it. Professional store manager? More like a very poor excuse for a human being!

Worst experience

I went into you're queensbury location a couple of weeks ago looking for a specific something, and not only was there not a single associate to be found, I had to wait a good ten minutes before the store manager would stop what she was doing at the jewelry stand to help me. She was rude and very unwelcoming... She was rude and very unwelcoming like I was interrupting her. I'm appalled that you have such unprofessional staff at some of your locations... Makes me never want to shop at your corporation again. You need to reevaluate your employees if you want to keep your customers

Terrible service

After calling and asking about a specific style of jeans, we drove one sunny day to Aventura mall ,Florida. we spoke with a manager of the store,and she was the one who told us about having jeans that we are looking for on the location. When we got theere after 40 minutes drive, the same manager hwo was on a phone with us, started looking for jeans and then after she couldnt find them, instead of appologizing she became very deffencive trying to convince us that its us who made a mistake. When i called corporate office the next day, i encountered complete indifference from a reperesentative, she actuaaly said, o, this was just a misunderstanding. No!! It was not just just misunderstanding. Itthat was the case i would never call. I m calling because of the rude service we received. Overall, bad impression, American Eagle!!Do something about it. You have more than a 100 bad reviews here

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