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Old and Dated

The Alamo Drafthouse on Mason in Katy TX is in desperate need of a make over. The bathrooms are falling apart, locks on the stalls don't work, as well as the soap and towel dispensers. The theaters are frequently too cold or hot. We love the Alamo concept and go frequently but we are starting to think about going to a newer theatre. Please DON'T let this happen. Your staff is great and very friendly.

Horrible Service

I attempted to purchase tickets via the app. It took my credit card information and money, and gave me zero tickets. I called the New Braunfels location, and it redirected me to the San Antonio Park North number. They were zero help. I spoke the manager, no help. He wanted to get rid me, so he gave me an Ops manager's number. No answer. So I'm out $18.50, no tickets, no help. Alamo Drafthouse has gone down the tubes.

This is a great concept but you must have good service. I have been to Alamo Drafthouse in Yonkers New York and the service has been inconsistent. Last experience was good. Others not so good and one actually annoying it was so poor. If you get the kinks out and can get the service to a high standard, would not go anywhere else to see a movie.

wow really...

I love Alamo Drafthouse, but Northpark Alamo Drafthouse in San Antonio could use some help! My server was so rude before the movie even started when we ordered only two drinks. She came back and quickly SLAMMED our cups down in anger? then walked off really fast without even blinking an eye after we said "thank you". She made the whole movie experience so awkward and very unwelcoming which I could say is extremely bad for business. I felt like I couldn't order as much as I wanted to because of her attitude. Unfortunately this type of experience has grown to be more common at this location. Another time it took the staff like 10 minutes to give me attention at the bar (seems even longer when your trying to be on time for your movie)...even when there were plenty of staff members behind the bar talking to each other and no one else ordering drinks around me... Not cool after just spending $10 on a movie ticket... All in all, I do have faith in Alamo Drafthouse so please hire more HAPPY, HELPING, WELCOMING people :) Thanks.

Alamo refused to give me prize

Alamo Drafthouse told me I won a Hangover prize pack that I could pick up in Austin. Since I live in Houston, I asked if they could mail it. They said no that the prize was for the Austin market. Nowhere in the posting for the contest did it say that being an Austin resident was a requirement. Even so, they still said no. It's not like it costs a lot of money to ship it. I guess public relations isn't top priority for them.

Disappointed in Katy

I recently went to Mason Rd Alamo Drafthouse in Katy Tx and was mostly disappointed by the new menu.... My favorite dinner item (Asian Chicken Salad) was taken off the menu and frankly I saw nothing on there that I would eat... I love the popcorn, but dinner wise I was very disappointed... is there anyway to get that meal back? I love going to Alamo for 3 things: the movie, the popcorn, and the Asian Chicken Salad.. it just isn't the same anymore.

Time for a Clean-up at Mason Location

It is time for a clean-up on aisle 13! ...well, really the whole cinema on South Mason Road needs a remodel...carpet replaced and a good scrubbing everywhere. The wait staff is doing their best, but management needs some back-up from corporate to raise the bar in overall experience. Enjoyed the pre-feature presentations which makes Alamo great, but it is time to give this theater your attention.

best in class

We love your theaters so much that we'd rather see a mediocre movie at the Alamo Drafthouse than a good movie elsewhere. Keep doing what you're doing - best cinematic experience money can buy. Great food, great beer list - great movie events. Even our kids refuse to go anywhere else. Your no talking policy has had such a great influence on our kids that they quote it when we download a movie from Netflix. Love you guys!

Movie and Food

Love this place, saw Jack Reacher last week. The movie was good but the food was awesome, Keep up the great work, If you can add some BBQ items, Thanks Max

I visited your Katy location to watch a movie with 4 of my girlfriends. One of your guest, who probably had too much to drink was outrageously rude to me and my friends. When I told her to buzz off and not touch me, she went and complained to your manager, who was rude himself.So before your manager found out what events had transpired he proceeded to tell me that my friends and I that we would have to leave if the other 2 customers would not choose to move to another area of the thearte. I was totally disgusted and embarassed that guests could be treated in this way. We were ask to leave and you better believe that we will no longer attend any movies at Alamo ever again and we will be writing a letter to your CEO Tim League about this mortifying experience. Furthermore, we will be sure to let all ourfriends know not to see any movies at your location in Katy, TX. A very unsatified customer

Went to Alamo draft last night for the first time and it will very much be my last!!! Popcorn sucks! Cookies and cream shakes suck! And my sprite was delivered literally an hour after the movie started! Wow horrible service and terrible food!! On a good note: Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter was super corny but still a good movie. Northpark drafthouse please help make this a better place love the concept

What? The Alamo Draft house is the best! I go there for every movie I see and have never had a problem with noise, staff or food. Keep in mind it is bar food, not Jeffries.

I am utterly disappointed in Alamo Drafthouse. We have been seeing movies here as a family for years, but will no longer give Alamo our business. We arrived as a family of 6 to see The Lorax--undoubtedly a FAMILY film. However, we were turned away because the youngest member of our party of 6 was 4.5 years old and we were told that someone at the corporate level of Alamo had deemed The Lorax as NOT an all ages movie. WHAT??? Some corporate suit is telling me, as a mother, that I cannot bring my kids to see a PG rated, Dr. Seuss, family film?? The movie rating is PG...and my children would have had appropriate Parental Guidance during the film. We are very disappointed in this ridicuous policy and will see all of our future movies at Studio Movie Grill which is both cleaner and more family friendly. Thank you for your time and consideration to this policy matter.

I had been going to Alamo Drafthouse with my daughter all the time a new movie is release. I am a movie watcher. My daughter and I go to the Alamo Drafthouse to have lunch or dinner while we watch a movie. I had a few issue on people talking and laughing around us and had complained about it before. They didn't tell the couple who were drunk or had too much to drink to quiet down but instead they just asked them if they neede anything else with their order. That was very disappointing. I was not able to enjoy my movie with my daughter because a couple decides to make their own movie instead with their own script. I didn't take that hard enough to stop going to Alamo Drafthouse because I know that day was just a bad day for us. I came back again and my favorite dessert that I always have served with my meal was your New York Cheesecake. When my phone goes off I take my calls outside so I would disrupt the movie. I had my basket of fries, my daughter had hers with a rootbeer. With my order I usually order a cold coffee with my cheesecake but I didn't noticed until I left your movie theater that I never had my cheesecake. I total up the estimated amount without the cheesecake and noticed that I had paid for one without having it at all. I went back to the Alamo Drafthouse located Westoak Mall and spoken to Mike Gee (manager at that time) and explained to him that if he had billed me for the same order without the cheesecake what was the total with tax. I was able to tell him what I had paid for right off top of my head. He said he cannot help me without a receipt. Which I had left that with the server. I paid this in cash. I told him how would I would have known the amount that I was charged for but never received my cheesecake. He was so rude and ignoring my concern that once he rang it up the total was under $22 dollars. I told him I didn't know how much in cent but it was 22 dollars. He said base on the order you had mentioned to me it only came up to 17 dollars instead. Again for the 3rd time he said he was not able to do anything for me. I can understand that if I ate something and didn't pay for it but a cheesecake was not really worth it for someone to be rude about like as if I was trying to rip someone of their business or asking for money back. I was just bringing it up to his attention. Because of this incident I had decided not to return to the Alamo Drafthouse and would rather go to the one that serves food located off Town and Country instead. Thank you for hearing me out. I hope in the future the staff in management would make better decision and remain more professional. Never assume what I am there for.

Over the last year I have bought tickets on your site to see movies at the Winchester location several times, too many to note. But on Thursday 4/28/2011 I had a problem. I had ordered tickets on line to pick up at your Alamo Drafthouse Cinema - at 181 Kernstown Commons Blvd, Winchester, VA -for today, 4/29/2011 but noticed I had the wrong date after I had bought them on line. I noticed that the show I was intending to watch (a new movie starting at 2345 that late evening -1135pm). Fast Five ? I immediately called and asked the manager about policy and that I would not be in the evening (4/28/2011 but wanted to come the next day on 4/29/2011) to watch the afternoon showing instead of watching the first evening showing. After explaining the situation he assured me that it wouldn't be a problem. We arrived at the theater, and I went to the manager on duty. After some heartburn he accepted my explanation and gave me two tickets to watch the afternoon show. But the show we watched was marred by lout childrens voices. Alamo has a policy of no tolerance when it comes to talking or disturbing others at the show? But several people had brought their underage children 4-11 years and all of them were loud. (this was not a childrens movie but an adult movie with an PG-13 -rating?). The movie is an aggressive movie with people being shot, and race scene, and the children all were loud. I made two complaints and my complaints were ignored. What happened? Am I being simply ignored because these are children? What do children under the age of 10 have to do at an PG-13 -rated film? And why can't they be told to either be quite or be forced to leave? I have had enough of your so call one place for all to watch films. The food is not the best, high prices are typical for poor food and now it seems, children can disrupt a showing and the rest of us (normal adults) must put up with it? Apparently your manager needs a class on people skills? I expect you to tell me what I can to do enjoy a simple showing next time or must I simply go elsewhere??? Respectfully, William Sutherland sgtbilly@hotmail.com

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