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Today we had some issues getting my fiancé to his flight. He has a business meeting tomorrow morning in Jamaica and had to get there. Customer service agents worked with his colleague to find another option and when we pulled up to the terminal 5 minutes before take off we fully intended to just find out his options, but the staff worked miracles and got him on the flight! I can't thank them enough. Airtran at the Akron Canton Airport is top notch

I would like to first state that I usually do not fly let along travel. You see I have a lung disease that has left me on 8 liters of oxygen. I have purchase some tickets for my kids and myself to take a flight to Atl, GA to met my new transplant team and get settle for our big move. Well I have to cancel our flight because I was not well enough to travel, so I call and was told that a refund could not be issued, but a credit would be and WHATEVER I was ready I could use it. Well the day came and now I am ready to use, but was told that the money is no longer available and that after a year I cannot use the tickets. Well my question is WHERE IS MY MONEY!!! So no service was used and they just can keep my money. I do not think that is fair! THAT IS 4 TICKETS DOWN THE DRAIN THAT THEY JUST KEPT OF MINE!!!4 TICKETS!!! I WILL BE CALLING CORPORATE!!!SOMETHING HA TO BE DONE!!!The csr and the manager linsey #498 does not deserve an rating if I could give a negative star I would give them a double negative

Smack-dab what I was looikng for-ty!

Hi, Meg sorry, im on my FB page but I cant get on my thingy for Colleens blog? I m going to write my day 7&8 on yours ! Ok day 7, at mass , they did some canlde ceremony& the lady next to me didnt get one& she was lookn all left out& ver-klempt so I gave her mine to hold for a bit..she was delighted. day 8..We r up here in Andover ,I suprised Molly by coming up with Kevin. We all went over to her mtg with her to show our love and support. We all felt good!! Have a gr8 day all. PEACE! Godbless! ps Thanx Meg, luvu pss keep it up Colleen! Luvu

I frequently fly Air Tran from Milwaukee to San Francisco to visit my son. I am a heart patient. I flew from San Francisco to Milwaukee by flight #863 on 16 September 2012. About 20 minutes prior to landing, I passed out and fell in the aisle of the plane. The flight attendants helped me get up on my feet, provided me with water and oxygen and contacted the ground staff for medical help. On our arrival at Milwaukee, medical staffs attended me and took me to the hospital. I was released from the hospital the following day and is now feeling much better. I just want to take this opportunity to thank the flight attendants and the crew members of flight #863 for their help and understanding. They were very professional and responded beyond the call of duty. Thanks to your staff for their help. Wishing your airline a bright future and looking forward to future flights with Air Tran. Abdur Chowdhury Milwaukee, WI

Please read my blog entry for www.theheartofdake.blogspot.com Home Ever Loving Sweet Home Home is so nice and glad to be here. I have to step back just for a moment to share this story. We have been traveling back and forth to Baltimore for over a year now. We travel with the same airlines because they fly out of Huntsville and they are the least expensive. The saying you get what you pay for is so true even in airfare. The crews of the past flights were always impatient and let us know they were ready to go when the aircraft landed. We are always the last ones to depart the plane because it is easier to get Dake off the plane when all the others are gone. (Plus we take more time to him get off, so no one has to wait.) The crew, (pilots, stewards and stewardess), has to remain with the plane until everyone is off the plane including us. In our experience, most of the time it takes a while for the airport crew on the ground to bring an aisle chair for Dake to exit the plan. Then, usually we have another wait for the ground crew to get his wheelchair to the door of the airplane so we can transfer him from the aisle chair to his wheelchair. The crew in the past has added to our frustration because they are ready to get to their destination and we are “holding” them up. One time a captain was so ugly about having to wait and made a comment loud enough for us to hear. David let him know he did not appreciate his comment. A few words were exchanged and the captain threatened to have David put in jail. (This was not a pleasant time.) But on our last trip home we are not sure if we were all hallucinating from exhaustion or maybe just delirious from the calamity of events from Baltimore. As we landed we stayed in our seat and waited as we normally do but the next few minutes were not the usual. As we sat comfortably chatting as the last passenger exited the plane. The smiling friendly steward came down the aisle and pulled our luggage from above in storage. He stated that we would need to just take care of ourselves and they would get our luggage and carry it off the plane to where we would meet the wheelchair. I was speechless at first and replied,” Oh it is ok we can get it.” He insisted to go through with his plan. “Whoa” that was nice and never ever happened before. Then the ground crew brought the aisle chair and rolled it carefully down to our assigned seats. We are about midway back. It will take two and sometimes three people to get Dake situated and secured in this tiny thin chair. (Dake has no core strength or the strength to pull his arms in while rolling down the close tight aisle so someone has to hold him so his arms do not flop and get caught on the seats as we exited.) It was late at night and only one ground crew came to help with Dake. (Usually two crew members come). David does all the lifting and gets him to the aisle seat and the ground crew guy was behind the chair getting the straps straighten so we could get him secured. The Captain of the plane come to us and gets down on the floor on his knees and gingerly straps Dake in his chair and then he backs out and holds Dake’s arms as they exit the plane. I almost cry of everyone’s kindness. This just never ever has happened to us before. I am in shock. Then the whole crew waits with us as we wait for his chair to be retrieved from beneath. I am not sure what I looked like but when there was some trouble with the chair one of the stewardesses came over and hugged me. Nothing was said just a kind hug. Finally the chair arrived and we all left together and as we separated I profusely thanked them but I could not adequately get my words out. They waved and acted like it was no big deal. Wow. The kindness of those strangers touched us and we will never forget them. THANK YOU TO THE AWESOME FLIGHT CREW OF FLIGHT 1873, ON AIRTRAN, ON JULY 24, 2012, FROM BWI BALTIMORE, MARYLAND TO HSV HUNTSVILLE. A little kindness goes a long way but an abundance of kindness goes to the HEART! Lynn Weatherford 256-503-3494 www.theheartofdake.blogspot.com www.lynnweatherford.com

I have just joined your rewards program wished I had done it long ago!! I find that everytime I call your representatives they are always happy to help. I am currently traveling to Aruba on May 23rd and was concerned that my boyfreind and I were not going to be seated next to each other as I can get a little nervous when flying, your representative Starr (574) was very helpful and would like to let you know that she has made my travel plans run as easy and pleasant as possible!! Thanks again Starr!!

i am an plus member i havnt used it in sometime the reason i have to drive across to new york since you and southwest come together and also when will everthing be final you dont fly to pensacola fla from newark this is one of the most cities i fly to so when is it and will they acept my plus member card also thank you your truly concern

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