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horrible dentures

Well horrible dentures sums it up. My top & bottom beyond crooked uneven unporputioned bulky horse teeth. They look worse then my bad teeth ever did. The worst franchise in the world that needs to be discontinued. Waste of space & money.


DO NOT< DO NOT, DO NOT, use this outfit. They are an assembly line only interested in making money. Ethics, morals and good patient care are not in their vocabulary. They pulled my teeth and 3 months later I still cannot wear dentures because my mouth is too sore from the pulling. They butchered my mouth and left large chunks of teeth remaining that eventually had to be pulled by a qualified dentist. There are still shards of bone and teeth that are popping through my gums daily. When I went back to them in terrible pain they did not look into why I was having such terrible pain and did not even give me pain medicine. They are cheap for a reason. Do not shop for value when it comes to your health.

So far no good

I am not impressed so far, we will see how they follow up but the procedure was very crude, very little feedback and they didn't explain things wells. I had got in contact to ask questions since and they have not got back to me, seems like once they get your money it might be a thanks for you money...next... type of situation. I will comment back once I see how things go. I give them a 2 of 5 stars so far because the cost is low.

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