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Outdated and Greedy

Activision/Blizzard promises an experience on an MMO where thousands of people can join in a virtual environment. Unfortunatly, some servers(many) are terribly empty of the people needed for that experience. If people were willing to switch servers after x amount of years due to it becoming a ghost town, Blizzard forces you to pay for their incompetency. In my mind this is outright financial exploitation. Their customer service is terrible, and I mean almost non-existant. Its like they want you to shut the f&^$ up and empty your pockets NOW...bit$h. I've grown to hate this company. This is unfortunate since Blizzard was not like this before. I advise to avoid World of Warcraft for any people out there, it has become ...ghastly.

The bad thing about games you have to pay monthly for to play such as world of wracraft is can you mae the game interesting enough to where people are going to play the game long-term? If you can then it could be very successful. I know Modern Warfare has a rather large fan base, many people find the game entertaining but you definitely need to analyze and do research as to whether people would be interested in paying monthly.

Hey Blizzard you knowingly sold a defectve product,ie World of Warcraft . Your 5.0.4 patch totally screwed the game up. It crashes with regularity. And I know it is your patch because Skyrim, Torchlight , Diablo2 and all the other games on my computer play just fine. And I love how you won't answer your phones. I canceled my subscription and do not intend on renewing ever again. I URGE ALL PEOPLE READING THIS TO PROTEST BY CANCELING YOUR SUBSCRIPTION UNTIL THEY FIX THE PATCH / CRASH PROBLEM. YOU KNOW I AM RIGHT IN THIS YOU THIEVING PRICKS/BITCHES

This World of warcraft tech support sucks they open late then to busy to take your call i havnt been able to access my account because auth key is broke.As much money as you make blizzard you think you could add more people to your staff you cant take all that money with you when you die.

My WOW account was banned for "excessive farming". I looked and looked and no where does it say you have a limitation of farming. 7 years of my life wasted and now deleted. Hey thanks Blizz. Oh yeah, I don't think I will be buying D3 or Starcraft either. This company has THE worst customer servive. Ity is funny that I spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $3500 with the accounts I have over those 7 years. Blizzard sure has a nice way to say thank you

If any of you care to start a lawsuite i will be very happy to join in. Ive been stalked and harrashed for the last 15 months and blizzard will not do anything about it. seriously!!!!!!

i think activision is a piece of f***ing s**t i will never buy another one of your f***ing bulls**t a$$ games you low life sob.why dont you do something about these hacking a$$ pieces of s**t,hell no that would be too damn easy lets just let the garbage ruin the game for everyone else,and the servers are also f***ing garbage.WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO RESOLVE THIS MATTER.DOESN'T MATTER NOW I DONT GUESS YOU HAVE ALREADY TAKEN EVERY ONES MONEY.SO GLAD I DIDNT BUY ELITE I WOULD HAVE BEEN PISSED.I DONT SPEND MY HARD EARNED MONEY TO PUT UP WITH THIS SHIT

I find it funny that when trying to get some help with a problem from customer support the only people you can talk to are low level people who can't really help all they can do is send an e-mail to some one else then hang up on you. If you ask to be transferred to someone who could possibly help you are told to there is no one available at this time no mater what time of day it is and when you ask what would be a good time to call you are told that they can't give out that information. So then I try the online support chat to be given the same runaround that I got from the e-mail which was to hurry up and wait pretty much. Then to be dumped while you are trying to ask questions all of this effort just to get a simple 2 hours of double XP that I was told I would get for buying the elite status which cost 50.00 . They took my money on Nov. And now Dec.is almost over I still am getting nothin' but a runaround still. I have given them my phone number and told they I would gladly be available for them to call me of they didn't want to give me a number to call and still no response. How many businesses get to take your money then not provide the services they promised for over a month.

Thanks guys, I just about lost it looikng for this.

TYVM you've solved all my prbolmes

I had so much to say, so many logical, well reasoned and plausible objections to almost every aspect of Starcraft 2 that doesn't pertain to gameplay. I got sick of trying to find a way to complain directly to the people responsible, and honestly it would have amounted to "You are a bunch of fucks," in a more polite wording. Dear Blizzard, thank you for making it more difficult for me to play starcraft 2 than it is to complain about the ungodly amount of difficulty I have had trying to play starcraft 2. Fuck you. I hope your families get smashed by falling pianos...in a lake of fire for eternity...while you watch...Dicks.

Same here. I would also like to see a suit filed for the cod bo since the source code was sold to internet hackers who are currently charging for hacks/cheats within the game in the understanding that activision will not pursue them and in fact will support them .

Activision has engaged in the act of false advertisement and fraud in the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. They advertised the game as being played on a dedicated network know as IWnet. This is not a dedicated network for the game, as Activision led the public to believe, but rather the game was built on WAN technology without regard to location, ping rates, lag, playablility, or anything resembling these things that make or break a person's gaming experience with MW2. When the public tries to contact Activision they tell you to contact Infinity Ward. But, Infinity Ward doesn't respond to inquiries. They delete posts from their forums that seek to address this global problem. Activision states that it is too costly to recode the game for dedicated servers, yet they are still selling the game at $60 USD and the downloadable content at $15 USD per download. I bet that it would be much cheaper for Activision to recode the game so it is actually playable than it would be to settle a class action lawsuit. Anyone interested in pursuing a class action suit against Activision should post so here. If this thread gets deleted I will create a custom website for this specific purpose.

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