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Truck broken in

I had my truck broken in at the Academy in Mesquite across from the mall. The officer told me it happens every other day. Academy does nothing to protect their customers. They do not care.

custmer service

Went to the Pasadena store to purchase two shotguns,employee in guns just walked to the other end of the counter an wouldn't help us.We went to the manager an that was waste of time an air explaining to her.I have never in my life seen anything like this.


Store 225 needs a serious overhaul. Favoritism, employees clocking in for other employees to avoid points, lack of leadership, inconsistant communication - if any - the list goes on. What happened?? This store's only been open since October 2014.

festival mall ,mobile alabama; while trying on jeans in dressing room.a female employee was talking on her cell phone loudly using the f word and more . I walked the office and asked to speak with the manager. a lady called a manager on the phone. but refused to let me speak to the person the phone. I"m very disappointed.

Customer service

This place sucks. Employees are very rude and very uneducated about their products and where things are located in their store. I tried to use my phone to take a picture of an item to Send to my husband, the store manager came over to me an said I could not take a picture of the item. Can you give this place a negative STAR

Jeffersonville ga distribution center

If you get hired here make sure you kiss your ops manager, manager and LP butt. If you do you will always have a job. If you don't it doesn't matter how hard you work or the fact you never call in or go home cause they will fire you first chance they get. Trust me I know. I had no points, never called in, never left early even when we had no work, always hit 100+% in production and mess up one time and I'm out the door.

Favors some associates Mesquite Academy

I work for Academy at the Mesquite location. We have associates who get away with not showing up at all and not calling at all. Some do not do anything but group in the fitting room and talk. This is the reason there is no customer service. They do not care when it is reported. The customers suffer because nothing is done so we continue to have no show associates and associates hiding in fitting rooms. As a cashier, we get all of the complaints. The clothing piles up at the return area and they never put it away when called to do so. The morning associate takes brakes every 30 minutes and leaves all the clothes to put up for the night people. She has been there a long time and never works nights. She is very angry and ignores most customers. Ang is very lazy.

New store request

Please consider building a new Academy store in Seguin, Texas at the intersection of IH-10 and Texas State Highway 46. There is a new area being developed there and I believe we have enough population draw to make the store a success. I really enjoy shopping at Academy and I know it would be an asset for Seguin. Thank you for your consideration!

Long lines in Mesquite Texas

I was at your store in Mesquite on Tuesday April 8th and the one line was about 14 customers in line and no other registers open. Thete never seems to be enough cashiers. I did have to leave my merchandise and walk out only to find a pole that fell on somebodys car. What is wrong with this place?

No help in Mesquite

I do not know how you schedule your pople b it is a poo r schedule that needs some professional help. There is no one help in baseball or anyone to help with the locked bats. You managers are never on the floor to check out this problem. It is a bunch of kids. If you hire kids then you must supervise them. The customer service is not there.

no stock except expensive guns

They do not have the Tauras PT735 ever and they have any in their system. They can not get it for me to the local store. Basically they are advertising items they have no intention of selling. I have emailed the State Attorney Generals office in Austin. and I have emailed channel 4 news. They replied that is an interest to them. Academy is low to do that to customers. I will not buy anything from them.

do you have any sales people in sportsing good at care about the people in Sherwood s ar or little rock ar I was looking too spend around 500.00 dollar

worst customer service ever

I was in the plano location off of central store # 77 Thursday oct.17 Trying to return a pair of brazos working shoes(slip resistant) And the person at the customer service (Courtney and Pam) Were so rude to me with the whole issue and would not take them Back I then ask to talk to the store manager whom did not have the decency to come out and talk to me just authorized the return as long as I had a matching recipt.I can assure you wont be back to your stores and will recomend friends and family to be aware of thwcrappy crappiest customer service you provide.

your phone system is horrible

i have never found a more obtuse, less helpful, retarded corporate phone system. I will never shop at Academy because I refuse to help perpetuate such a horrible system.

Poor service

Do you have any sales associates who care about the service they provide which is none. It would be nice to have someone around in your Mesquite store to help. I wanted to purchase a GPS system and waited at the counter and no one spoke to me. The salesman just ignored me. I left. I do not know how you do business with this poor help. I will never go back. Disgusted

Video Producer

I made a special trip to Academy in San Antonio on Perren Bietel and 410 looking for A&M gear. I found a shelf with quite a few caps, but immediately found that it was obvious the hats, nor the shelves have not been seen by a sales associate who cares at all about their store! It was so dusty!!!!!!!!! It really shows me that NO one cares about the look of the store...... bad reflection on ANYone who works there!

very bad

I have been on the phone for 20 min and if I ran my bsn like this is ran I would be out. I have been tying to get to corp to talk to one of the buyers about antq. fishing lures. I spoke to a lady befroe and lost my data. Your phone people are the worst I have ever dealt with. I am really angry.

Poor service

Very poor service in Killeen store. They rang up Wrong price and it took 15 minutes for a manager to assist in fixing it. Will not be back.

Signs that fall and hit customers

My wife was recently in the Texarkana store when a 10 foot Nike sign fell from 12 or 13 ft high and hit her in the head and arm . Her arm and head are swollen . Her arm is bruised and bleeding . Don't get me wrong we are not sue happy people or trying to cause trouble but when she tells a manager and he says "well sorry " and walks off it ticks me off . We just want it addressed properly before someone dose sue your store. As we are telling a friend about the incident , they proceeded to tell us that the week before that their 8 year old was walking and a end cap with sharp edges all the away around cut her head open ! How about some safety in your store and stop walking away!!!!!!!

Poor service I love paintball and CO2 its a little hard to find for my 20oz tank. For the past year every other time I go in there which is about 1-3 weeks they say they have problems with their tank. So I always check back in with every two weeks or so, they still don't have any co2 that there waiting on a part. They have been waiting for this same part for 3 months. Same issue and the person at the front told me not to back till next year that it will probably be fixed by then. Do you really talk to ur people like that. Never had a worst experience dealing with a sports store.

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