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piece of shit

arrons on olive drive in bakersfield refuses to come pick up a sofa after it broke. worst place ever...

On Central Florida Parkway I just called and spoke to a young girl which was very route

customer service

The store in Seguin Texas is the worst one I have ever been in they are rude and try to rip you off. They will try to add extra payments on to you if you are not paying attention to your account so be careful.

Managers getting away with everything

This manager at the Edison NJ office is rude nasty disrespectful and theses corporate offices are not doing anything or reprimanding this disrespectful people and until we as the people who are paying for Aarons to stay open do something they will continue to treat people like this.

wife pushed

My wife was almost pushed over in my home for 1 that's right 1payment and then threatened in front of two children this is suppose to be the general manager at the Middletown ny.store we feel unsafe in our own home hope no one else gets this treatment unprofessional and can get someone hurt or worst and if not handled I will take this to social media all this for a washing machine

washing machine

I have bought a lot of items from Aarons and right up until I bought the washing machine everything was great.When the motor went in the washing machine Aarons sent some one to replace the motor and asked me to pay the 350.00 and then they would send me the money back.So I paid and now when I call about the money they give me the run around saying Corporate has to send the money well where is my money ?

Washing Machine

Atlantic City, I called and keeping getting LG will contact you, you are still under warranty. I purchase the small washing machine and it stop drying my clothes, Aarons came and got the machine after I called the store about seven times, the machine came back in the same manner not fixed.

Very poor service

I have called Aarons over 3 dozen times for them to come and get their stuff and they haven't called me back and i told them i didn't have the money to pay for it . Till this day i am waiting for a phone call and no answer . They want to have me arrested for something i want to return to them and they don't ever call me back for me to drop it off at a corporate store

Nasty, Bug Infested

Funny how it took this long to upload my comment. We got a couch from a Georgia store and it was infested with roaches. They refuse to come pick it up. I will not recommend them to anyone. The workers only care about the money not the people.

Broken merchandise

I bought a computer-lap top, from Aarons Rental in Ridgeland MS. I have had the computer 1yr. Now it is at the GEek Squad for repair. I spent just over $800.00 with Aarons and now I have to spend $378.00 to get the lap top back. After bringing this matter to the store's attention the second time I was told to send it to TOSHIBA. The fact is I should have been directed to the manufacture to begin with instead of I'm sorry.

We have been with aarons for a while, my son as in the hospital and we was 2 days late on our payment they went to our house charged us 168 when our payment was only 78 looked in our windows and stayed at our house for 45 mins. Our neighbor witnessed it all, then when we called them they said it would be an xtra 54.00 for the home visit. I AM DONE W THEM!!

poor service

aarons located in arverne new york give poor customer service . the "manager" refused to give us her name && corporate number for a complaint. and denied our tax exempt form for our church . she said the owner has to put on file . but upon registration denied to put it on. she charged my debit card for a payment . and i am not the account owner. she was rude and nasty and no staff member had a name tag. and when i asked for her name i cant give you that i only deal with my customers . but she is supposed to be a manager


a store shameful. A customized trying to speak s or get in touch with one of the CEO from errands and I tell you that you cannot speak or talk to them or they can I take care of you wearing employees destroy the customers furniture and then you have to keep it like that all damage

Rude staff

i have been with Aarons for two years, and the staff for the Statesboro ofc is very rude, the actually harasses you all day if you just a day late with payment. was told not to call my job once and called two more times after that and now im in big trouble with my job. i do not recommed Aarons to no one because it is a jacked up company that dont care about nothing but funds. once i pay them off i am done with them completely.

Promises Never Kept

I decided to rent to own a futon sleeper because I had family coming from out of town and they needed somewhere to sleep. I was assured that it would be delivered that day, here I sit the end of the next day and it still hasn't been delivered. I called and was told the General Manager would promptly call me back no call back and Now they are CLOSED and my company will have to sleep on the floor again !!!!!!! I'm so beside myself. Beaverton Oregon


Each time i pay my bill it is a different cost. I found out that they around your bill off to the nearest $ without telling you. When the sales girl told me my bill was $117.40 she was scolded and told she should have said $118.00. This is not the way to do business. If the contract says 117.40 then that is what it should be. PERIOD>

Mangers and Customer Rep Rude

I have been a long time customer with aarons and to be treated not a nobody. What kind of business are the hiring personnel. Everyone has bad daays, but this does not justify to be treated bad. Just for a couple of days aarons hogs people with calls as 8am any day of the day until they close and sometimes after as well to call. Aarons should have a better perceptive way to treat custoemrs. With out the customers aarons would not have business. I rrank aarons store in walzem rd store a very poor score for customer service and management.


I went to Aarons in Jacksonville Florida on Lem Turner road. I was promised my laptop before seen the day I purchased it. I told them I had to be out of town the next day. I called 2 times before 7 pm and was promised a return call before they closed 2 times. Never got the call. Called the nest day and they haven't even processed the paperwork, they sure did get my money I went down there 2 1/2 days later and got hassled by the district manager. When they got it figure out I purchased a recliner to show my loyalty. Called this morning and was told between 11 and 4. Called at 3:15 Well sir we have until five yet I was promised by 4 pm. I know this will fall on deaf ears but I shared it


When I came to the Aaron's in Hamden on Dixwell Ave. I was impressed w/ the effort that was put into finding what I wanted for my children but, when it came to my husband and I we were given broken furniture that we were expected to pay on that I'm sure no one at the company would put in there homes. The wrokers that came out where lazy...it was a mess. My husband and I are returning our furniture but keeping the beds because that's the only thing(s) we are satisfied w/. I wouldn't recommend that anyone rent furniture from this Aaron's because you may wind up w/ wasted money and a whole lot of frustration...

nasty dirty and bed bugs

I purchase a love seat and a sofa with them they 1 delivered it in the rain no plastic so my sofa got wet 2.Never steam cleaned it as promised brought it nasty dirty and smelly 3.It was bed bug infested eat my little sister up and called company to let them know tried to accuse me of lieing that's un professional nasty and dirty who does that

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