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Aaron's in Sikeston is the worse especially the manager plus they keep going up on payment, so they were told to pick furniture up. The manager has a real nasty attitude and keep harassing my family and myself when I have told her to come and get furniture. I will never buy anything from Sikeston Aaron's again and would never recommend that store to anyone, bad service and very unprofessional.

Aarons in Ft Worth

the mgr at my store took $415 of my children's money debit card without my approval. they want their stuff back or won't give me the money back. also the mgr is a peeping tom and knocks violently overand over.

Horrible Company

If you need an emergency fix do not deal with Aarons. RUN the other way do not walk. The store, Regional Mgrs have absolutely no customer service or tactic in the least.

Don't take your family to Aarons in SHERMAN TX

I took my children in to get them a big screen tv for their room because they had stayed on the honor roll all year. I was very shocked to see the person I later found to be the manager with white residue on his nose, He also could not stop sniffling and snorting. I have been around the block a few times and he really seemed like he was on cocaine. I have no evidence but I will never be back to that or ANY Aarons again, You would be advised to do the same.

aarons rude

there always rude they never work with and they lie and promise you every thing and never help you at all

lazy store manager

I work in Michigan. I have been in sales most of my life, owned my own business and know customer service. I have been a store manager for another rent to own company. I made a mistake working at the store I am at now. My store manager is so lazy, he could never get a job anywhere but here. He puts off his duties to the other workers, honestly I don't know what he does. There is no way our store can grow with this idiot.


i have resently stoped paying my lease and asked you all to come get the product. im in terre haute. your employers here are rude hateful and just plain disgusting. i refuse to rent from arrons again over this. they we very rude to my family. got very verbal with myself and my eldarly mouther. this is not the type of buessness i wish to deal with.


The actually in up hurting a woman in wheelchair. That woman had to go to hospital. The Aaron on west side of buffalo new york unprofessional!

Don't rent from them

Was never offered insurance when I rented a laptop. Was stolen within a week of getting it and they are trying to make me pay for the whole thing.

Very unprofessional, I will NEVER rent again! No, I will not refer friend and family!

bad customer sevice

I have a TV from there and they call me because some one I work with owes them money and I did not put my name on this persons app at all they should not Have call me on my personal phone because they no where I work and might posable know this person asking me where they are

WOW!! 10pm pick up !!!!

Was expecting a swap instead ten pm pick up during a movie with my wife and three kids couches we wanted were unable to get from warehouse finished movie night on the floor :(


Rented a riding mower. Expecting it to be in good condition. It was not. The frame where the seat is attached is cracked. This in my opion is a hazard. The frame could break completely and cause the rider to fall off and get seriously hurt. The mower also does not run properly. The rpm runs too high when it is set to idle.

sexual harassment!!

These sick pigs actually started looking through my windows at me and were saying they can see me. I am a 24 yr old pregnant female! How disgusting can a company get!!! never ever use them!

Franklin, Kentucky Store

The store in Franklin has all professional folks in it. Very nice and helpful to me. I am a Aarons customer for life! They go out of their way to help you and keep your payments where you can keep your purchase and not be burdened down.



NY, They took our blue ray for repair they lost it, then said it was no longer in stock and we would have to choose someting else. Then what they offer us was cheep looking and just sad. I would never ever purchase anything with them ever....

I maid 5 different complaints with Aaron's Corporate Office without responds... Not impressed


I am so dissappointed!! I ordered new couches two weeks ago. I was told that they would be in today. I called to check on them and was told that they did not arrive because they are on back order. I was also told that they were aware of this last week!!! Noone ever called me to let me know this. Meanwhile, I sold my old couches, so now I have no couches!!!!! What poor and unprofessional customer service!

The Lagrange ga store manager is a disgrace to the company!!! Her customer service skills are ridiculous!!! She is very rude and should have never been promoted to manager! Her employees defiantly need a better role model! The men who picked up my furniture when I returned it, when never even missed a payment, just was give. Some couches for free, scratched my walls with the furniture and knocked down my decor on my porch and never bothered to pick it up nor appologize!

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