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My elderly mother, who has four older cats and one little dog, called this company to see about flea control for her two story home. The conversation was great , even though the lady she spoke with had a phone ringing off the hook, until my mother asked if they could do the upstairs one day and the downstairs the same day, so that she could put all of her pets into one floor while the other was being sprayed. She is very tender about her pets and couldn't imagine having them cooped up in a carrier, of which she only has two carriers, for three hours, which is why she really wanted to do it in one day if possible. Prior to asking about the same-day service, the lady on the phone said they could come out two days in a row but it would cost extra. Well, my mom was totally ready to pay what they asked. Well, when my mom asked about the same day, the woman said my mom would have to call another place and hung up on her. Talk about rude! Putting my mom on hold would have been fine! So very rude!!! My mother was so upset afterwards that I thought she would cry!

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