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Good service

A few weeks ago I had a problem with a tire on my truck called A to Z tire in livingston tx the man told me he would be there as soon as possible he was very professional at doing his job very polite and all around very helpful. I can't remember the young mans name but I am very thankful for him and A to Z tire. We need more businesses like this

I went to A-Z tire to have an alignment and because of a little shimming in the front end and before I left The Manager said his mechanic said "I NEEDED FOUR NEW TIRES" When right before that he said the "back end was fine" they rotated and balanced the tires and then all of a sudden I needed 4 new tires and he could get me a good deal for $400.00. (excuse me but I just got 4 new tires) so this sent RED FLAGS so I took my car to another TIRE COMPANY that also sells tires and without telling them I had the car aligned. That I needed my tires rotated and balanced they did so without telling me oh you need 4 new tires. After that rotating and balance I asked the guy oh how are the tires he said Ma'am they are in excellent shape > a Company that sells tires that looked at all 4 tires!!!!! I am so tired of MEN in COMPANIES and this being a Manager named Scott on Third Street AT A-Z TIRE in Amarillo trying to pull a fast one on me for $400.00 telling me I need 4 new tires when I did not. He just didn't know or think I knew how to call Corporate Headquarters and turn him in. He called and offered to not charge me for the alignment and the tire / rotation I turned him down, with his offer just so he couldn't go back and tell his manager~ That I just wanted a free alignment. I told him I want stuff like this to stop Corporations taking advantage of Woman who go to them for help and then they take advantage and try to make more $$$$. Sirs this is nonsense, you think you can nice talk me and I had to tell him YOU HAVEN'T EVEN SAID YOU WERE SORRY YET! To which then he said he was sorry he's just sorry that he got caught by someone who does Own her own business and knows when a fast one is being pulled and yet calls him on the carpet. All of you Managers and CEO's in Corporate come on. This kind of behavior in business needs to STOP you cannot stay in Business doing these kind of things this Manager Scott?? Was lucky it wasn't an undercover guy from the state inspecting unscrupulous business practice because that is what this is. Am I angry Absolutely and I do work for a Local Radio Station and I'm going to talk to my listeners and callers about this because there are other Tire Companies as the one I went to that gave me THE TRUTH, AND NOT TRYING TO PULL SOMETHING OVER ON ME A WOMAN JUST TO MAKE A FEW DOLLARS. Times are tough enough as it is keeping vehicles on the road for everyone if he would have just been an honest Business Owner I would have come back to him when I needed new tires but now you can bet every woman who owns a car in the Amarillo Area that I know I will tell them to take their business elsewhere. Vehicles are one thing Woman in this day and age don't need to have to worry about that is Why you are in business! To discount us <as oh here comes someone I can take advantage of > when we work hard to make a living as it is to live paycheck to paycheck and make us worry about something that isn't there. That is absolutely not right maybe alot of woman can't stand up and have a voice about these things but there are some of us out there and this time Mr. Scott ~ You did mess with someone who knew better and trying to pat me on the head was absolutely the wrong thing to do! I knew the front end needed to be aligned but just so you would get outta hot water you thought oh we will just take the Loss and give her the alignment! Sirs I needed the Alignment I paid for it but I SERIOUSLY WANT THIS CORPORATION TO STOP AND LISTEN NOT TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE IN THE DAY AND AGE WE LIVE IN IT'S HARD ENOUGH. THE PERCENTAGE OF WOMAN DRIVING CARS WHETHER ALONE OR MARRIED IS STAGGERING AND IF YOU WANT TO STAY IN BUSINESS DON'T TRY TO PULL SOMETHING OVER ON US BECAUSE THERE ARE THOSE OUT THERE LIKE ME THAT HAVE HAD ENOUGH~ WHO HAS A BUSINESS OF HER OWN WORKS FOR LAWYERS/DOCTORS OILMEN/ THE AVERAGE JOE AND DOES A RADIO PROGRAM LOCALLY ON TUESDAY NIGHTS. I MAY ONLY BE ONE PERSON BUT I DO KNOW THAT ONE PERSON COUNTS AS MANY ON RADIO IT ALSO DOES BY WORD OF MOUTH. OBVIOUSLY MR. SCOTT IS UNAWARE OF THIS AND ONLY WANTS TO MAKE A BUCK OR TWO TO LINE HIS POCKETS RATHER THAN HAVING GOOD CHARACTER OR A GOOD BUSINESS REPUTATION! And is supposed to be Representing A-Z Tire Company what does that say for A~Z when this goes on it doesn't look good out in the community I can assure you of that. When I see a product that is good I spread the word and it spreads quickly also when I see Unscupulous Business Practices in Business I do the same and it spreads just as fast so I just want Mr. Scott to know he cannot do this to me or anyone else and think that it is okay to do so. Thank you for listening and "HOPEFULLY TAKING THIS SERIOUS" BECAUSE IT IS TO ME AS WELL AS TO THE OTHER VEHICLE OWNERS IN AMARILLO TX. A. RYAN ( A VERY DISGRUNTLED CUSTOMER) THAT DIDN'T GET THE SHAFT BECAUSE SHE KNEW BETTER AND GOT A SECOND OPINION!

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