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Caller ID Issue, President of Co

I've been trying to resolve an issue where my name doesn't appear on caller ID when calling someone but rather lists another name which is not recognized by my customers. Been trying to resolve this issue for two weeks with no results. Techies read off a script and tell me there's nothing they can do. This AT&T service is the worst and I've been a customer for over a decade.

caller id failure

About 2 weeks ago, my AT&T caller ID began giving my name as the caller and listed someone else's name. I've been trying to resolve this issue with AT&T for nearly two weeks with no success. I keep getting AT&T representatives reading off a script telling me there's nothing they can do and that it could take up to 60 days to resolve this issue. This is unconscionable. The minute I can switch my service, I intend to do so.

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