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water heaters

My water heater is about 3 yrs old. It has been red tagged by the gas company, and State will still not replace the unit. I have been without a water heater since June and it is August. I have jumped through every hoop they asked, but they keep adding more.

Hello I purchased one of your 75 gallon natural gas forced air hot water tanks in 2004 when we built our house. After 6 years and 6 months the tank is leaking all over the floor. Attempted to air my grievance with the TN office to only be told sorry about our bad luck. Contacted the corporate office and told someone would call me back. Yet to hear from anyone. I paid approximately $ 1200.00 to $ 1300.00 for a hot water tank to only work 6 years ? Really !What ever happened to customer service or pride in your product? I know I am a nobody in the grand scheme of things but, I am a police officer in the state of KY and belong to the Fraternal Order of Police Organization and I will be making a motion in my lodge to boycott all A O Smith products and to request all the other lodges in the state of KY to assist in the boycott of your products. That means that they will tell all their friends, family and anyone who will listen about your service and inferior product throughout the state! We are a nationally recognized organization of which I am a member of. I may be only one person but part of a bigger group that can make my voice and concerns heard. Maybe then someone will take notice after the bad publicity gets out! Thank you, James M. Welsh

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