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Beyond angry

Wish there was an option less than 1-star. Totally disrespectful customer service. They talk down to you and make it out to seem like you're stupid and ignorant. They have taken more than $300 from me and all I signed up for was a 1-month trial...I wrote in a letter to cancel my membership and they continue to charge me. I'm completely pissed off and would never recommend this health club to anyone.

not good

sorry to say it, but i have to agree with majority of the commenters... mediocre at best... the worst thing is they make you send in a letter to their corporate office to cancel your membership. In the age of being able to open and close bank accounts and insurance policies online, being forced to write a letter to cancel is crazy. of course its to try and reduce the number of people that cancel their membership from their extremely mediocre offerings, but still... i mailed out my letter of cancellation last week and am hoping it gets taken care of... will never join xsport again.

Horrible Experience

Worst customer service experience at lakeview. Dont try their free 7 day pass. U will be walking into a 30 minute session with a salesperson. I was accused of lying because there was another person with the name in chicago. I was not allowed access unless I paid! Shame on you XPORT

child care

i go to massapequa i love the gym!! i just want you to know i love the girls that work in child care. i take my child in the morning the girl Christon is the best she take care of my child like its her own. i had to say that since my child has been goin to the gym i feel like she is in good has with her.

Please Cancel Membership

Hi, Happy New Year!! It's been a busy 2012 year for me. But, a few months ago I brought an friend with me to checkout the gym and to work out with me. I believe the manager was manager a guy with a ruff looking beard that was working that afternoon said they will have to charge a $20 fee for my friend to workout/use the basketball gym with me to play some basketball. This was my friend first time their at xsport fitness the manager did'nt even offer an 7 day pass or refer us to an computer to print out an guest pass. I can tell the manager was not having a good day. Atmosphere is so different and feels kind of stressful. But we are only human and no one is perfect. This manager had no hospitality skills. I miss the old staff and manager from 2 years ago. If the manager was really trying to imp[rove their sales, he would have allowed my friend a 7 day pass to workout that day. But I guess the manager had his mind somewhere else rather than making a good impression or a sale to a potential client. I bragged to my friend so much about xsport fitness on my way to the Xsport gym that day. But when I took my friend to xsport fitness for the first time. I felt embarrassed. Im requesting to cancel my membership with xsport fitness because I moved to Evanston and I was not happy with Xsport Fitness service at the Logan Square location in which is located across the street from Target store. I have submitted my letter to Capital Fitness Inc as of 1/2/2012. Have a great day and Happy New Year to you and your family.:)

logan square, my wife and I were were greeted and introduced to the manager Hank Trinidad, He took the time to show us around, introduced us to the friendly staff, and the whole facility, he asked what we were looking for as in the workout, i, liked that . i,m in my 50,s and so is my wife, i, have all kinds of past athletic injuries to my body, screws and bolts everywhere. my wife had some sport related injuries also. we must of went over possible workouts for over an hour. mr. Trinidad made our first time visit a most splendid and comfortable one. we utilize the facility at least 5 out of 7 days a week, as soon as we walk in the door were always greeted with a smile by friendly good looking staff member. and mr. Trinidad always takes time out to see how things are going, i show up at different times . Hank always seems to be there. thats dedication. I highly recommend the logan square facility. corp. should commend your manager Hank Trinidad and his friendly beautiful staff.

Hi My Name Is Leo Flores Almanza I have Been A Member Since August 2010 for the Xsport Fitness Location On Logan Square Boulevard!!!! I Honestly Have to Say That The Customer service their Sucks!!!!!!!!! really Bad!!! Where do You Guys Hire Your Employee's???? Seriously Starting Wit hank Trinidad the Manager???????????????? ajajajajajajjaaj It's Pathetic!!! The Only Good Worker The Best Employee is Brittany she's So Nice To People She Greets Everyone... But Everyone There Just Nasty Attitude I was Expecting a Call back Never Got One Back?????????????

Xsport Gym ELSTON & LAWRENCE iN Chicago. I had a problem in June 22 in the child's play area my son is 2 years and 9 months and he had an accident, he fell and hit on a table's corner. when I saw him, was bleeding from his eyelid. Any employee told me nothing or helped me. I asked them why my son fell and why they don't call the ambulance. They said that it was not their responsability. I took my son and went to the hospital. my son could not open his eye for 3 days because it was very swollen. When I called to coustemer services they didn't nothing.

i joined the mass new york gym 11758 oct 2011. it was suppose 2 be open april 9 . now its not going to open untill june 11. so they say. i just did a walk through of the gym today.. i was so disappointed. the threadmills look like they were taking out of the box and all pushed in together. i asked are they staying like that and they said yes. they also told me the room they give the classes in will be locked in the night. im not asking for a class at 200 in the morning . but how am i suppose to do my own streching. theres no other place. the exercise room is so small are they kidding.i was told they would have the same set up as garden city. its ntoihing like it. when i said that the girl said of course not they have 5000 members we only have 2000. i hope they dont get any more.i real they wasted 6 months of my time . if i would of known this i would of joined the garden city one from the start. shame on them

Anyone can help me with contact Info/ email address for any corporate people in Xsport like Principal: Mr. Steven M Rayman (President) Customer Contact: Mr. Dennis J. Pierro (Vice President) Freaking people in this organization are liars.

To whom it may concern, First of all, I just want to make it clear.... Xport Fitness is a VERY AWFUL PLACE. Their customer service team isn't helpful at all, they worry about to sell, sell and sell... their machines are broken and dirty. When I wasn't happy anymore I wanted to cancel my membership.. so I went to the location I used to go, the person told me to call the headquaters never provided me the phone number..I had to searched myself when I called the person she was very rude and didn't provide any customer service at all. She told me to make sure I follow the instructions in the contract otherwise they will still charge me .. what kind of help is that?? so, I had to send the letter hoping they would let me know that they received the letter, ofcourse they never contacted me via mail or email, so I had to call days before to make sure they don't charge my card, it really was a VERY BAD EXPERIENCE I hope customers read this so they don't have to go through the same delay ... never ever going to that place again >:-[

I have been a member of Xsport in Merrifield, Washington DC area for about two years. Around 6 pm on April 23, 2012 , after I returned from the swimming pool, I found my locker was opened although I locked with my lock(combination lock) before I went to the swimming area one hour ago. About 100 dollars were stolen from my wallet. I called the police for me to report. This gym is a very dangerous place. I tried to make a complaint to the company (HQ in Chicago) via assistant general manager, however, he rejected it. I would like to ask the members of Merrifiel to be extermely careful in locker rooms. The Xsport in Merifield is not a safe place. The service of the staff was very poor. The company should take care of its member whose money was stolen in a locker room.

I've been working out at differnt gyms for over 30 years but I can't believe the scumbag,gangbanger,riff raff they let through the door late night/early morning.I didn't know Downers Grove XSport could be such a dangerous place.Sat. 2/18/12 four low life punks tried to scare me into leaving the pool.They were clearly breaking membership rules and the staff doesn't know how to respond/take action!I filed a police report because I was told by the leader he possibly had a gun in his car and he might just use it!He said this right in front of the XSport supervisor.When I went back on 2/19/12 I was told three of the four were let back in the next day.Understand I've had incidents like this happen several times over the past year while trying to swim.Stay away unless you're able to stand up to these punks.

This place is awful it is dirty the staff dont care all they want is to sell sell sell the place is overcrowed the machines are almost always broken and the the weights are always MIA! the place stinks to high hell i swear it has not been cleaned in years! my son always get severly ill after being in your child play area! im done with xport! and their BS! 1 star too bad it dont let me rate you a ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and stop trying to sell me your WORTHLESS offers

I think its ridiculous that Xsport (Naperville location) does Members appreciation days and the workers think its meant for the employees. Food comes in and they grab all the food. I seen a Mgr. literally take a shopping bag of food leaving the table empty. REALLY why bother calling it Members appreciation day. Absolutley no staff should be able to touch that food. In the 3 years ive been a member I have not once had a cracker off the table because first Im not there to eat and secondly the tables are usually empty anyways.

If you want to get read, this is how you shloud write.

Always the best content from these prodigious wrirets.

I want to share my story so hopefully this does not happen to some one else. A couple years ago, before my daughter's wedding I wanted to shed some pounds and get in shape. I joined Xsport and hired a personal trainer, so I wouldn't get hurt. What a joke. He did not take into account my age,59, and had me doing exercises that hurt my knees. I told him several times that this worried me, but he rudely said " no pain, no gain". I ended up with a torn cartilage and had to have surgery. I developed a blood clot, had an embolism and almost died! My knee will never be 100% and my leg still hurts from the clot. When I contacted Xsport they were very dismissive. The trainer is still there. More people will get hurt. Age is a factor in training, but this company does not agree. Please, whoever reads this, specially if you are over 50, be careful! Personal trainers are not all created equal!

boolingbroock il it has berry bad customer service especially the leady that baby seats my daughter she does not get up to baby seats the kids.

to whom it may concern xsport fitness at the brick yard. you have to most ignorant managers that i have ever meet.i am a customer there and i seen how these managers treat there employees like shit. they have no respect talking to them in a bad manner. i just dont understand how they treat there employees like animals. i am also a parent who takes my child to the child care those two poor ladies who work there. they have so many kids for two woman these ladies work so hard to make the kids happy but there too many for two workers. i see over 50 kids one night state laws says ten per employee god forbid if some thing happens. xsport needs four woman to work child care at night. i seen once or twice another girl helping them for three hours are you nuts they need help more then three hours. these parents stay two hours there they think its a child care facility i think you should rethink how many hours should they stay. i seen customer take advantage of these woman were are the boss to protect them.for a doller a hour these customer want to much for child care.as a parent i pay more a child care facility to watch my child. these customer bring there nieces there neighbor kids and there kids that's crazy for a dollar.i been a customer for over seven years and i have got very friendly with these ladies they are very loving and very careful but some times i see parents that want more for them.i think corporate should be happy they have two woman who watch over 60 to 70 kids a day and had never had a accident that i am aware of. think you should thank your two employ's for bing good child care workers for the night shift. thats why i am still a xsport customer because i know my child is in good hands. but you really need to send all your managers to some kind off class to respect there employ's and to teach them to talk to them and there customers because i think they are full of shit.

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