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Wyndham resorts is a scam. Every time we take a Vacation you are hounded by the sales people offering you free BS to come and talk to them about trying to get you more points for your money. After buying three timeshares we found out we were lied to on several occasions. After calling customer service they could not help, so I'm going to corporate. I know I'm not only one being scammed by Wyndham. Never buy timeshare with Wyndham. EVER.

warm salad

Warm salad and cold coffee in the restaurant and over charged for one piece of cake we were charged for two nothing got resolved


Buyer beware. Can't give them the red dot I have to at least give them a star or they won't let me post

don't trust sales people

We had to leave my sister behind because the canceled one of our two rentals for the week. We were not notified and the issue was never resolved. The reservations were in both our names. As a VIP this should never have happened. Sales men told us the would make it right, but only had us sit through yet anothe sales pitch. Lies lies lies. No one has really worked out the horrible feelings left by this betrayal. Shame shame shame.

Run Don't walk AWAY from this Hotel

When I checked in to Wyndham I was informed that I would be charged a $12 per day parking fee this was not pointed out when I booked on line. I had booked three nights so after checking in and finding out that the internet did not work (it was repaired after two calls to the front desk) I found that the power outlet I had plugged my computer into did not work. Then all night there was people running up and down the hall slamming doors. The bathroom had mildew around the tub so the next morning I checked out. I found another room at the same rate across the street but then my second nightmare began. Because I booked through Priceline, I cannot get a credit for the two nights booked through Priceline.

what the matter with wyndham king, ja

place is the lowest of stars in my book there are better places in jamaica Take it from one who been there over 50 times plus I go every year and have family there about an hour ago via mobile · Like Wyndham Kingston @Barbara Brownlee. Sorry you may have had a bad experience. We strive to provide the best of service at all times. A lot of good things are happening at the Wyndham Kingston, hope to see you again soon.

People beware: We recently attended one of the presentations for the Wyndham. During the presentation they asked us for our social security numbers. We told them we would supply those if we decided to buy. They assure us they would not check our credit until we signed. They did check and sent us an approval letter a week later. I have tried numerous times to contact the office, the Ocean Walk of Daytona Beach about this and still no luck. I have left messages to be be called and still no one has called. This makes us wonder if you sign up for $11,000 if this is the treatment to expect. We are still very upset that they have checked out credit without permission. We are turning it over to our attorney. So People BEWARE....

July 15 we arrived at Ocean Walk and Wyndham. I had made reservations the week before on the phone and was told we would have ocean/front condo. I was told a lady name Chris would check us in and meet us when we arrived with our room keys, bands, and parking permit. She did. When we got to our room , we found our balcony overlooking the Hilton’s swimming pool. I called Chris and she referred me to Vickie the lady I made reservations with. First she told me to up grade to another room would be an extra $300. When I told her I would pay it, she said it would be an extra $800. I wanted to cancel the room but she told me I was already charged through my credit card. We went to welcome center to receive our bands. (Chris didn’t have those!) The lady there said she would give me $100 AmEX card and a free vacation to attend the presentation. I told her I would think about it. She offered the same deal to my sister who was staying with us in the Condo. When I realized I had no internet in the condo, I called the service desk and they informed me that I wasn’t even checked in the room. Chris was. Chris had checked in under her name. That was why they didn’t want me to check out on Thursday of that week. Chris would handle it. They said I must be using Chris’s points. Anyway I agreed to attend the presentation to let others know how I was being treated. The girl who set the appointment left notice at our door saying I would receive $50 AmEX and a vacation and my sister would receive $50 Am/Ex and a vacation. My sister said she wouldn’t sit through it for $50 since she was promised $100. That morning of presentation, July 16th, the lady called to remind us of the presentation. I asked about the Am/EX amount. She said she could only give $100 per condo. My sister decided to hit the beach and my husband and I went. They wanted to see a credit card with our driver’s license. I told them they could look but no one was getting the numbers. We were promised breakfast and ended up with only water and coffee. We were starving before the presentation was over. Our sales rep’s manager came to our table and wanted us to fill out some paper work to speed things up after the tour. I told her I didn’t want our credit checked until we decided If this was for us. I knew it wasn’t. She promised that nothing would be done until we signed up. A week later we received notice that we were approved for the timeshare. They had checked our credit without our permission. I have tried to contact the people at Ocean Walk about this. I have been getting a run around. I will continue to do my part to education people about these scams with Wyndham. It is so sad to read these other complaints. Please help me stop these people from preying on others.

I phoned the Travelodge Hotel in downtown Chicago on the morning of 11/16/11 to inquire about room availability. A woman (I wish I could remember her name) answered the telephone. I was speaking to her but I suppose she could not hear me. She slammed the receiver down and I assume missed the telephone. At that point she began to speak to someone else about how the place was a mess and there was a whole bunch of s---t and how it wasn't hers, etc..... It didn't sound like this woman was very happy with her job. I didn't call back to inquire. I just won't be staying there.

to the chairman wyndham hotels head office Dear Sir We would like to inform you that we are group of 5 stars hotels in Tunisia. we are seeking for an international hotels compagny to rent or to manage our hotels in Tunisia. if you are interested will you please send me your e.mail and Mob. nr. so I can send you more details regarding this proposal. sincerely your´s Khebou Hussein - Mob. 00216-22707200

I recently stayed at the Ramada Inn Midtown, Denver, Colorado with a group of women attending a Women of Faith conference. When the reservations were made, well in advance, we requested that each room have two queen beds as some of the rooms would have four people staying in them and the rooms were to be non-smoking rooms. When we arrived at the Ramada and went to our rooms,not only did they reek with cigarette smoke there were double beds in all the rooms. After spending time back at the front desk, and much conversation, we were given additional rooms at no charge. The rooms all had been smoked in so we were given air freshner to cover up the smell. The rooms were old and run down - filthy carpet and walls, worn furniture, no phone books, some rooms had no t.v. remotes and some that did have them, they didn't work. The lobby and main building were dirty everywhere and also run down. The exterior was in need of repair and renovation. The street lights in the parking lot were not working so the lot was dark. The lights along the sidewalk in front of the rooms were scattered and we counted nine of them that were burned out. There were lots of stairs on the sidewalks because of the steep grade of the parking lot. We had several older ladies traveling with us and it wasn't safe for them or the rest of us. This was reported to the management and nothing was done. There were people outside partying and making noise until the wee hours of the morning on both nights of our stay. Management was called the second evening and said that if they were making noise in their rooms there was nothing they could do. The noise was outside but still nothing was done. It was not a good experience at all and we certainly felt like we got ripped off by the rates we were charged. My husband and I stay at Hampton Inns and Holiday Inn Express for less than we paid to stay at the Ramada. I think it is a shame that the corporate offices permit a motel to stay in business that has become so rundown and dirty. Hadn't stayed in a Ramada in a very long time and will never stay there again.

The Manager of Knights Inn Galveston (Texas)should be fired for purposeley misrepresenting room rates. arrogance, dishonesty, and rudeness. He sent me an email (received 7/12/2011) 24 days after that event in which he apologized and offered a 10% discount on our next stay there. What a joke! After this experience, we are never staying there again nor at any other Wyndham owned and operated facility.

me and my friend started housekeeping at super 8 motel in lake havasu city arizona on june 25th,2011 and i quit my job on july 3rd,2011 due to sexual harrasement from the manager's father and so me and my friend quit our good paying job due to that, we felt uncompferable and plus he would also go into the checkout rooms and take the maids Tips...

The Wyndham Jacksonville Riverwalk, 1515 Prudential Drive, Jacksonville Florida. We booked online three days prior to our arrival date (May 28, 2011). When we arrived we notice that the hotel was not the same hotel shown on the WYNDHAM website. Other guest in line to check-in also talked about the fact the this hotel was not the same one they looked at online. So we check-in anyway, after traveling for hours, we just want to relax and start celebrating my wife's birthday. When we got to the room, it had a foul smell and damp floor, so we requested another room. Our request was grant for anothr room, however as we were walking to another room we notice the smell in hall ways and the next had the same smell. We were son tired, so we rested for about, my wife became ill because of foul ordor, I took a close aroung the edges of the wall, and discovered MOLD, THE HOTEL HAD MOLD the disinfectant used by the hotel was so strong it made my wife sick. I requested from the staff that they put us in another hotel and they did and guest what both hotels charged my american express room and other charges. I have tried to get both hotels to correct this without success. I never expected such poor service from Wyndham, and no one has call me to make amends. Perhaps Wyndham just don't care, we only a couple of quests out of millions.

Got a wake up call from a time share seller after being suckered into a filling out some form at Pro Bass. Woman said I had "won" a "free" Wyndham vacation and was jumping all over me and could have cared less that she was waking me up. I told her that she was waking me up and she just pushed on getting into some fees for my "free" vacation. When I again tried to explain that I was not awake she said she needed to check to see if I really qualified. Obviously his was a sucker punch experience by Wyndham and Pro Bass. If this is the beginning of the experience with Wyndham I would hate to know what would follow. BEWARE

To Whom It May Concern, My boyfriend and I recently stayed at the Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach All-Inclusive Resort 5/25/11-5/29/11. While we were staying in room C-1201, we unfortunately had an encounter with bed bugs. We were bitten repeatedly every night, but we thought mosquitos were our problem. It wasn't until the third night that we saw the bed bugs physically crawling throughout our sheets and mattress. We spoke with the resort management, who were very nice and apologetic about the ordeal. They offered us a room upgrade, a complimentary meal at one of the resort restaurants and compensation (which we did not receive). However, when we finally left the Viva Wyndham the next morning, I had a total of 30+ bites over my entire body, and needless to say, our entire vacation was completely ruined. In addition, upon my drive home from the airport, I likely infested my car with my belongings saturated with the bed bugs from your resort, thus proving that our stay and the resultant annoyances are not ephemeral consequences, but will have to be dealt with even in our homes. As I'm sure you know, bed bug infestations are not easy to extinguish. Because of the obvious physical and psychological inconveniences experienced at your resort and beyond, we are requesting a full refund of the cost of our trip. I have filed a case report. We would like this matter resolved expeditiously or we will post a very honest review of your establishment, along with images, on cheapcaribbean.com, tripadvisor.com, travelpost.com, facebook, twitter, and other outlets. I personally cannot and will not recommend Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach (or any other Wyndham resort, for that matter) with the firsthand knowledge of such a horrible infestation. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Stacey M. Fulton, MD staceymfulton@gmail.com

The Wyndham rate guarantee is a joke. I was about to book at your downtown Chicago property, which is a terrific place, but your rate was significantly higher than other sites. The rate guarantee clearly states you have the lowest rates, either booking at your website or phone. It even states a match plus 10% additional discount if I find a lower rate. I prefer to book directly with you, use my frequent travel number, ect. Yet, when I called and gave the specifics, including the lower rates and websites, I was told they could not match it. Instead, I was supposed to book through them at the significantly higher rate, search through the website for a claim form, fill it out and wait a day until they would call me and decide if they would match it. This was after being transfered around to multiple people and wasted about an hour. I think the property itself is fine, but with this type of service, I would just as well stay elsewhere.

I recently stayed at your South Beach hotel. The worst experience ever with a hotel. My Bikes were stolen from the property while locked up in the courtyard. And when I went to report it to the front desk I was told there was nothing they can do, REALLY..Finally the desk manager called supposedly the insurance company. It has now been 3 weeks and the insurance company doesn't have a claim number. SO when I call to speak with the manager who supposodely called she is always out. So either there is a manager that is never there for her employees or she is avoiding her mistake. I need these bikes as they are my transportation and would like this taken care of ASAP Kevin Rhinesmith

your company put up several used trucks and I bid on two after about 3 months I was told that you had accepted my bids and I was told to forward my address so as they could process the bill of sale and give me possession of trucks,i was told this in the first week of December and now over 8 weeks nothing Ms Desiree Truil of your lake lure office has Emailed at least 8 times to corporate legal nothing as of Jan 25,2011 I have since passed on other trucks because I made a commitment to you, you sold me them, it takes about three minutes to make a bill of sale and fax it to lake lure office ,maybe I should be compensated for all the inconvenience as I ordered a new dash and seat covers,and can't get possession.thess trucks have been sitting for over a year and need to be started and all fluids checked sincerely Thomas Coyne

I would just like to say as a owner since 1997..Wyndham has gotten better and better with the years. New renovations,decor,and friendly and courteous staff. I'm writing to let you know about Wyndham Ocean Blvd in Mrytle Beach,SC. This resort is definelty my favorite! From the time you check in the staff are so nice and make you feel so welcomed to the area. The staff like Mike,Lou,Sherry,Jim,etc...they are just great at every thing they do at this resort to make you enjoy your vacation! Mike Gladuossi, has a top notch resort going and I orginally met him in Daytona Beach Florida years ago when I stayed there for two weeks. Great Guy!!! Thanks Wyndham for finally making me feel confident in being able to get my family now to start buying with confidence like I know have being a Gold VIP Member with Wyndham. Keep up the good work and excellent staff like at Ocean Blvd!! Thanks, Donna K Hardison

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