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(Electronics) I don't understand why peploe purchase enterprise level devices like this access point for their homes or apartments and complain when it doesn't work out of the box. This 1131AG is meant to be used in a networked environment, specifically in combination with a WLAN controller. When the WLAN controller is configured properly, this 1131AG will auto-configure itself as soon as it is given ethernet and broadcast all SSID's on the controller. (Note that the automatic behavior is unique to this Lightweight model, AIR-LAP1131AG be careful when ordering.) The range on this unit is superb, and like most Cisco products, it is extremely reliable and durable. It comes with a variety of mounting plates, a bag of machine screws, power adapter (though PoE is preferred due to the size of the brick) and a user guide. I would have liked if they included wood or drywall screws because 99% of the time I am installing these on walls, but that is a small complaint. Overall this is one of the better WAP's out there for the small to medium sized business. Together with a WLAN controller like the Cisco 2106 you will enjoy a very robust and reliable WiFi network.

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