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I was at a winn-dixie in Kingsland Ga tonight and didn't have my rewards card with me. No it seems to get a new card you must let them scan your state ID. I feel like that is an invasion of my privacy! I have been shopping here for many years. After tonight you will never see me in another winn-dixie store. Lucky for me there is a publix and harveys very close by.

Are you {Corporate of course} litterly becoming crazy? can you afford to loose more and more customers? considering your insane price increases, your profit index shows growth, only problem, shoppers are to stupid to get it, but they will, then your false index of profits will dwindle,as people get wise to your inflating prices.Walmart 2 miles away Bryers Ice crean half gallon under $4.00 The disgraceful Winn Dixie $7.49 . 9-12-11 mon 5:35 pm.Barefoot Bay Residents will get wise to you and you will eventually have a store in a great location and no business.I have been shopping W.D for over 30 yrs.ever since you remodeled the produce section, I saw prices slowly going up Inflation is one thing, remember, in a faulting economy people watch what they spend, even the massive Barefoot Bay Community of retirees.You all are walking on thin ice and should capitalize on volume and lower prices to your customers. one more thing Don't use the old slogan the Beef People until you again start selling BEEF that we can chew!!!!!!!

Hi, I shop at the Winn Dixie store at Spring Hill Fla. 2240 Commercial Way. I have been getting all my medications from the pharmacy there. I would like you to know that the staff in the pharmacy is the nicest group of professionals in Spring Hill. Each and every one of them are so nice, patient, and understanding. I have known them for the last seven years and never had a complaint. It is quite difficult at times dealing with the public, but you would never know it when you watch this staff serve thier customers. Please know that this lovely group of your pharmacy employes are the greatest and an asset to the Winn Dixie organization. Very Sincerely, Carolyn Bishop

i am a avid shopper at wynn dixie and have been for years, on state road 54 new port richey, i am a little dismayed that every time i go into this stor i have to fight my way around the aisles as they always have stock blocking the aisle, dont they know that someone can get hurt!! however i use and make my own spaggheti sauce and bought the canned tomatoes x 6 then i went to the deli at the end of my shopping to but a cake for a friends birthday, to my shock (and i work in the medical field) the old lady behind the counter asked what i needed ( not polite ) as she was decorating a cake, i said i need a birthday cake and she licked the icing off her fingers (she was not wearing gloves) and came to me, she again asked me what i wanted and i replied i hope your going to wash your hands and the reply i got was yes in a minute, i then told her to forget it and walked away, i approached who i thought was a manager but was not sure as he looked a bit scruffy and untidy and reported the issue i had, he looked at me like i had three heads and said ok thanks! and that was that. so i cashed out went home and started to prepere my meat for my sauce 4lbs beef. i opened the cans of tomato's and emptied them into my pan let it simmere and got an odd smell about ten mins later. i went into my kitchen and tasted the sauce and it was so off and tainted from the tomato's i almost thru -up. i had to throw it all out. 4lbs ground beef 6x cans tomatoe's 4x cans large tomatoe sauce 1large pack of mushrooms 3 large onions garlisc-seasoning time to cook, all wasted wasted wasted, i was furious i live six miles from the winn dixie, i called the store and was put on hold for fifteen mins so i hung up. the next day i went back to the store and complained and was told that i shpould have brought the tomatoes back, i explained that he was not understanding me, i had already made the sauce and that i was not going to bring a whole pan of sauce back to the store, the manager told me there was nothing he could do. bad bad bad attitude and no customer service, i stopped going to that store and now go to the one on US 19 holiday which i was told about-what a difference-clean-aisles are free of cluttere and the managers are proffesional staff are polite and the meat and dili is clean clean.

i used to work for wd. i was a cashier. we were asked to check for everyone's id and write them on checks, to make sure its you who is still writing those checks! has ever occurred to some of you people that it's a good thing to get your driver's license number? if someone stole a check from you or found one that fell out of your wallet in the parking lot or wherever and it already had your id number printed on the check, anybody can say, all my information is correct, and walk away stealing your money!!

Was hired by Winn Dixie in mid-July. Was offered and excepted position day of interview. Was unable to start immediately and that was ok'd by management. Well it is mid-August and still to this day have not heard from Winn Dixie. Have called 4 times to inquire about position. Three of the times was told that I would get a call back and still nothing. Really , who would want to work for a company that treat people with absolutley not respect. If Management works like this no wonder your customers complain about Customer Service.You lead by example!!!!!!!!!!

the receptionst women at that front desk are really rude...uptight....and abnormal.....when I went to ask a question they seemed unwilling to help....it was 2 causian and 1 african american....1 of them was brushing her hair like the ladi from the nanny....asking for someone to speak with is like asking for a cup of water at walgreens...plz coporate bring new and enthusiaed workers....

Every Winn-Dixie store I've ever been in has management problems. Are they afraid to tell their employees to "get up and work" as the majority of them speak Creole - which I was told by the store manager that they're not supposed to do that. Yep, right. Not supposed to. Then why, Mr. Manager/Corporate manager.... does this continue year after year. And the checkers down to the bakery workers have no indication whatsoever how rude they are being. Time to really and truly stop shopping there - and give my business (and my money!!) to a better store where checkers are trained well to do their job... and polite, too. The other stores by far are so much cleaner, the employees all seem to be cheerful. What is so great about this store, I'll never know...... don't expect baked goods be fresh, and the vegetables.... well, I've said enough!!!

i need a question answered.how do or who do i need to contact about putting product in your store.my uncle has bbq suace called (back woods bbq,which is dipping suace hot and mild a rub for meat chicken and sea food)it is made in kentucky and is kroger stores.they had a meeting with publix last week.my wife and use it a jacksonville beach golf .thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you soon.email mlndcook@aol.com

I am very angry and will no longer shop at Winn Dixie stores. I have been a faithful customer for years and would still be had they made a proper policy toward there Western Union Money orders. I purchased one to pay a light bill and wound up not needing it. I never addressed the money order and had all my reciepts from purchase. I took it back to the store and they said" Sorry but we can not refund your money or cash it. Call western union to see what they can do." What the heck? I have purchased money orders from many other places and never had a problem returning any that I did not need. In fact the people at the desk claimed it was a federal offence to refund my money. I was in shock after hearing this. I talked to the people at two other stores. A publix and a sweet bay and both said had I of purchased it from them there would not have been any issue returning it. I have done over $50,000 worth of shopping with my customer card which they can verify. And After this I will NEVER set foot in another Winn Dixie again. Seems as if once they have your money they won't give it back no matter what!!!Even if they are supposed to. The only federal offence I see is the fact they get away with ripping the customers off!!!!. I could take it to the bank yes, But should not have to do this. I should be able to return it to where I purchased it from as long as I have receipts. Which I do. I will now become a publix or sweetbay shopper till I die.

I have shopped, Publix, Winn Dixe, Sweetbays and Wal-mart and by far the worst attitudes came from Winn Dixie. The cashiers at almost every Winn Dixie I have ever shopped have been rude, slow, and ignorant. I had to argue with a cashier over a 50 cent coupon. Even when the assistant manager told her she was wrong she still continued to argue. My coupon was for 50cents off of 2, I bought 4 and wanted to use 2 of the same coupons, somehow she couldn't understand the concept. After she was proven wrong she became extremely rude and at the end of my transaction asked me if I was paying with my FOOD STAMP card. I was paying with cash, she saw it in my hand but her intent was to embarrass me because she felt like an idiot. After that I went right over to the manager and explained what she did. He told me he was "sorry" and then asked me if I was single!! Their sales seem like a good thing until you check out and have to go over every single transaction to ensure they gave you the sale price, especially with the BOGO and their "Make a Meal" deals. The aggravation is not worth the little bit of savings. I will pay Publix any amount just to never have to shop at Winn Dixie again

I love shopping at Winn Dixie and always trying to save and make my shopping easeier,to whom would i have to speak with on an new concept in the produce dept.My idea would be easier on diabled people and would increase sales.I hope all that is reading this hopefully agree with me if this idea happens,Thank you

This letter is to ask you why such a big chain store such as yourself must go after the little guys like Dollar General because they sell a few food items in their store. The problem is you charge so much for some of your items so we go to the store that gives us the better deal. With the Economy the way it is we have to save where ever we can. Now that the local Dolar General is being forced to close because of your stupid law suit I must now drive 10 miles round trip to try to save a few pennies on other items that they sell. The trip will cost more in gas then what I save. So I hope You suit and ties will take a good look at what you have done to help put more people out of work. In that case I think you should hire all the people who are now going to be out of a job so that they can still support they families.

I recently visited Winn Dixie 1572 in New Roads, La and I have never been so disquisted in a grocery store especially a Winn Dixie. When I complained to the manager Drew about bugs that were all over the cereal that I was trying to purchase he stated well I am not surprised we found open steaks behind the rice yesterday. My thought is what happen to cleaning and strainghtning shelves before closing. This store has the poorest maintence of a Winn Dixie I have ever visited. They need someone to step in and help because the manager seems to not care! New management please!

I have been using the Salarno Road Winn Dixie in Stuart Florida for as long as they have been open, I used the seafood department to find out that Eric had left and he was a good worker always late but he always worked hard, I just found out he left with no notice and this makes me sadden to hear that he did not have the gull to give a notice. I was informed from one of the managers that he was not doing his job and was to be fired on Today June 9th 2011? I thought Eric was my friend and had taken him to lunch and this is how he treats his friends and customers. I guess I am not a good judge of people and do not understand all the rumors that are flying around about this young man. Good luck Eric you will need it as it is a fact that the State of Florida will Black list you and you will never be able to use this as a Management reference.

poor management at the store 384 on miami, florida 33186. they base the hours and treatment of their employees for favoritism. as well as the employees do not know how to treat customers, strong lack of customer service.

I am writing to request an item at the Winn Dixie #1428 located at 3623 Jefferson Highway, New Orleans. The Winn Dixie brand potato chips, No Salt flavored has been taken out of my store. I thought your compamy stopped making the product until I was at another Winn Dixie store and found a couple bags on the shelves. When I inquired from the manager about the outcome of my familys' favorite chips, I was told that they weren't discontinued, and the order tag must be misplaced from off of the shelf. After speaking to management at my Winn Dixie and giving them over a month to rectify this situation, I was told that they are trying and have sent emails to get them back, but to no avail. I want my WINN DIXIE NO SALT CHIPS back in the store where I spend most of my money buying groceries. Last week I drove to Walmart for the first time in over a year. I don't want to make them my new store, but it is closer than driving to another Winn Dixie in my area. This is my last attempt to get the item back on the shelves at my Winn Dixie. Sincerely, Charles Kovesdi Chk444@hotmail.com

I shop at the Clair Mel location on 78th street in Tampa. I've been going there since 1991. I appreciate the job being done by the store manager Calybe Dix and assistant, Brad. Clybe is a conscious manager who has the store looking really good. The manager of the meat department, John I believe, does an outstanding job in presentation and visual quality of the product. His entire meat team does a tremendous job every day. I want to commend Stephanie in the deli department, Brenda and another man who is very outgoing and friendly promoting the department and WD brand. Up front we have Katherine, Michelle, Shauna, Celyn (sp), and Loretta who do a wonderful job with a positive cutomer experience! If I missed someone up front I apologize. One other employee who does a bang up job is the young lady who does the flower arranging. She is a tremendous talent to that department. I've also noticed the quality of hire for the front end has improved dramatically with service being raised several notches. All stores are not perfect but when you have a committed team like Calybe, it makes my shopping experience that much better!

I'm a teacher from Deland Florida. Your store #2341 is walking distance from my home, as is a competitor store. I ussually shop at your store, because some of my daughter's friends and a couple of my students have worked for this store, and I know they appreciate that I go by and say hi, and buy at "their store". Today, just about 1/2 hr ago, I was in a hurry, so I went to get what I needed. I was the only one in line. When I took my 20.00 bill out of my pocket, it ripped. The casheir would not take the bill, even though it is US tender, and she had seen how it broke as it was coming out of my pocket. But that is not the point. she did not even acknowledged me. I felt like I was treated like an ignorant. You have the duty to accept US currency, even if it is not in perfect condition. I am not a piece of furniture you can ignore when I am trying to talk. Just take my phone # get me my groceries and take the cash. Don't just start calling people to see if it is alright to take my money or not, without even telling me please wait a moment. Actually, the way I was treated today in your store is ANTI-AMERICAN. Please educate your employees better. In the mean time, I will go accross the street.

today I went to return a bottle of wine @ 7:20 but could not because "customer service ' was not open until 8 am. I went again @ 8:22, but because I failed to bring my discover card they said they had to give me a gift card. I explained my frustration to the head cashier and she called rochelle which i had to wait for again. I again explained my situation to him. he told me the policy was to return in the form of payment. I told him I had returned many items that I had purchased with a credit card and I was given cash. He refused to give me the cash so I had to get the gift card to avoid coming back a 3rd time for the same return.

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