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iapllyed to winn dixie distribution center in orlando florida, for order selector the put on my application possession of cocaine 2005 felony i got the job i thought took the drug test they sended me form to fill out w2 etc.. it took 28 days for the background to come back the same charge i tolded them about came back an they didnt hire me ,,,,,well i turned down several jobs in the process thinking i haded the job

Yes, Would like to know what you have to do to get a job at winn- Dixie. Have applied to Winn Dixie store to know aval. Wrote several E-Mails to inquire about this. No answer transfer to from department with no answer. I work for Bell south for 36 years to my retirement. Also work for City of Plantation Police Dept as a school crossing guard. Have been fingerprinted background test and everything else. And I cant get hired by you people. I bet half of your applicant could not even pass a backgound check. Totally disgusted with you people . Darrall A. Lucas. 1(954)476-0998.

I have been A Customer for five years & you have A worker in the Deli Department there for A few months that don't now how to Prepare A Sandwich and I spoke on it to her & the manager ignored me, never had any problems before, i went there the next day she went to the office lying saying I Sexually harrased her, that's cruel when people out here doing it for real, i don't no what kind of people is being hired at your store but, I don't want to have to Picket 9866 Winn Dixie Baymeadows or go to the radio, newspapers and my Other Resources, but Utterly Disrespectul Accusations like that and constantly watching me as of late it's Ridiculous and I'm Pissed Off and Shall Stand up for my RIGHTS.

Help !!! I cannot participate in the survey/ contest, because every time I submit my numbers it says I have to turn cookies on. Cookies is on and I am wasting my survey numbers by your timeline. Coukd you please help Thank you, Judy

i purchased the winn dixie brand ice cream containers for 42.99 the 1/2 gallon strawberry and the chocolate of the same price and size. i ate a bowl of the strawberry and then after eating the bowl...my wife cheryl had fixed hers in a glass...well then she stated there was shards of glass in the ice cream!! i needed her to show me and sure enough she handed me the two pieces of glass and determined them to be glass !!! the reason for this is unclear and the ice cream was good as usual but the glass i cannot explain .so , i will take the un-eaten product back to the retailer here in crowley,la. and tell them !!!i dont know if this was intentional or maybe a production flaw or an attempt to kill someone by introduction of glass into the product!! thank you, mike Edwards- 337-785-0171 or e-mail hunterbone@cox.net

i purchased the winn dixie brand ice cream containers for $2.99 the 1/2 gallon strawberry and the chocolate of the same price and size. i ate a bowl of the strawberry and then after eating the bowl...my wife cheryl had fixed hers in a glass...well then she stated there was shards of glass in the ice cream!! i needed her to show me and sure enough she handed me the two pieces of glass and determined them to be glass !!! the reason for this is unclear and the ice cream was good as usual but the glass i cannot explain .so , i will take the un-eaten product back to the retailer here in crowley,la. and tell them !!!i dont know if this was intentional or maybe a production flaw or an attempt to kill someone by introduction of glass into the product!! thank you, mike Edwards- 337-785-0171 or e-mail hunterbone@cox.net

Although i have been gone from wd since 04 it still saddens me to see the decline of a once fantastic company. All the stores in my region, (north alabama) were shut down due to corporate screw-ups. Retirements were cut in half and people that had been loyal employees to a "loyal" company were suddenly found in search of jobs. I had planned on retiring with wd. There was a "family' atmosphere in all of the stores I ever worked. I spent twelve years with wd and I was paid well for my work. But i have since moved to an area in alabama that still has several wd stores. I went to my local store to talk to the director just to see if things were improving. Tey arent. What happened to wd? Greed plain and simple. Those at the top said to heck with those that got them there, took the money and ran. WD has been going out of business for the past 7 years. they are just to greedy to tell anybody!


i work for winn dixie... since bi low took over and we got new management the store is going downhill.. not only hours got cut but one cashier and no bagger in the mornings..ive been there almost seven years and ive never saw a store run so disorganized ..i believe winn dixie is trying to get rid of us and hire kids for minimum wage... if winn dixie wants to save money.. start with management all they do is sit in the office and come out when there called to help the cashiers.. wake up corporate... ...

This is the second time I have gone to winn dixie and ordwer fried chicken from the deli. The store located in tallahassee florida on west tharpe street never change their cooking oil. The chicken tasted oily and old. I called to the deli and she sated that the chicken was fried less than 30 minutes ago. No Way, I have fried many chikens in my day and I can tell when the grease is old cause the chicken tasted rancid. I have complained the first time it happened to store manager and he asked the deli to fry so new chicken. I have to say it is not about the free chicken the first time it is about selling something to customers without care or consideration for our feelings. I happenned to have order enough chicken for family and friens. I was so embarest that i wouldservesomething so nasty. It had been several months since the first incident so I thought change had come. No change .. and please all"No Chicken" . If you are selling your own products it is appalling that that food was a representation of who Winn Dixie is!!!!

I walked into the winn dixie on university drive in tamarac,fl and it was so dirty, roaches running around,and then i pick up a bag of lemons and a whole lemon was green. Not green like it was not ripe but as in mold. I was so sick.What really got me was when i mentioned it to the produce guy he looked at it and just replied wow that's nasty. However he did not remove it.Also the potatoes in the bags were rotten and had flied all around them. I left my whole cart and drove to publix.

I am writing this post in response to a escalating decline in my store. I try to shop in my hometown store (They are the biggest store in town) and each time I go -- some product is taken away (It is usually a national product) It has gotten to the point that I have to do my shopping at a Winn-Dixie that is 6 miles (in the next town)away because that WD has the name-brand products that I want. I am not alone in this quest. When I go to the managers (below the store manager) I hear other customers asking for other name brand products that they have been requesting for weeks. I have also noticed that there are less and less shoppers (probably because they have to find their products elsewhere) I want to shop in my own hometown but this particular WD is making it harder and harder for me to do that. I am really feel powerless and I feel like they are trying to close down our store.

I was just recently terminated without any managers telling me, I found out from co-workers, So now I will be suing Winn Dixie, Because I did not do anything for them to terminate me and on top of that they did not tell me.

I was shopping at the Winndixie in Pine Hills in Orlando, FL and It's was very dirty and the workers there are rude especially the Manager, Her name is Robin I believe, she was no help and rolled her eyes at me just for asking a question smh, this store really needs to be shut down now.

I was on vacation in Madeira Beach Florida. I went to the local Winn Dixie store there store #0658 around 8:30 pm on 06/06/2012. We wanted some crab legs and shrimp for dinner but of coarse they were frozen and we had no way to heat them up not even a microwave were we were staying. We asked the deli person if there was anybody in the meat/seafood dept, the person called a manager. Grocery Manager Gary came we explained we needed our seafood steamed would there be anyway possible that could be done, Gary said yes but the machine has been taken apart for cleaning but if we had 20 minutes he would put it back together and steam our food for us. I was amazed. I live in Lakeland Florida and the store on Socrum Loop, the people there are not quite so friendly, my experience with that store and the one on Combee Rd I would have been told the machine was down and cleaned for the night and their was nothing they could do. At the Madeira Beach store Gary the Grocery manager took care of us and it wasnt even his dept. Now a days people are rude and lazy and I would like to see Gary the Grocery Manager get something for going above and beyond to help a customer out. THAT IS REAL CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! It is so rare and that is why I am taking the time to send this email. Thank you so much!!! Brandon M Shepherd

I think what alot of this site lacks is inside detail from a Winn Dixie (Wd) outside of Florida. I am a stocker from Wd In Louisiana. I have been stocking for Winn Dixie the past 4 years. Along the way in my career at Winn Dixie I have seen firsthand their stereotypical ways. I am a college student just trying to get through college on a Winn Dixie paycheck. From what I can tell Winn Dixie has no interest in staying open. Everything they put on is a front. All the way from the fake smiles you rarely get to the fuel perk scams. Now Winn Dixie is bought out from bi lo. Almost all of the high up positions are gone. This was probably seen before hand by the people holding the position since they all quit. Whether no lo knows this or not Winn Dixie obviously does not want to stay open because of what I have seen from a store director who is my boss. When integer to him I will call him d.c. For short. For four years I have ran with my stock crew. Trying to take pride in my work. But all I have ever heard from him and his inner circle have been negativity and conspiracies to fire me and my friends. Unlike alot of the people dc does hire me as my fiends stayed drug free and are trying to set up a future for ourselves. To confirm that there are people who at enewly hired making more then current ones is absolutely true. I am also paid 7.85 am hour. I have taken pride with my work and so have my friends who work together as a team. Almost all of my friends are gone from stock crew (the three they are) becaus they have had enough of the constant be associated with our store. Is it so much to ask for a simple thank you? We have driven our bodies with a small amount of hours that grocery receives while other departments flourish. We cannot control the sizes of our trucks because dc interferes and orders huge over 20 pallet trucks and still expects all of his backstock to be worked while the store is fully blocked. There is no way only three sometimes 2 people can do that in just five little hours. But every time inventory comes he's ready to roll with everybody. Our hours are small but or bonuses are big for dc. All of my friends are gone and I remain trying to survive my last few months with winndixie. I don't know why dc saw me and my friends as lack of interest just because we are pursuing higher goals. He seems to like the scum type to workfor him. We just got rid of a center store manager that took out his personal life from home on us. Now he's somewhere in Florida. Our home base. Kinda ironic. I used to take pride in all my work and I had a great amount of positivity and charisma but now dc has polluted it with negativity and never satisfy able. I know he's trying to get me to quit but I'm trying to hold out for a couple of months. I go through criticism and lecture sessions that last all day and at the end of the day they wanna know why nothing got done? Becaus I had to listen to them all day. Wal mart in no way can be as bad as this. Now I'm reading stuff about Florida Winn Dixie's attitudes. Bi lo needs to get these Winn Dixie's under control and pray to god they start with the right people. Don't look at the employees to blame. Look at the highest up management. Because that is the root of the problem. This is only a small fraction of what I experienced. I should have got out sooner. I hope this informs alot of people including bi lo it's time for new store directors in the Winn Dixie franchise. I will keep posts coming as I try to survive.

hi it's brenda what ever happened to my grocery store guy? he's dusty. he was looking at the gum, chewing gum, you know where i ve been i ve been in the zone! brenda

Heinz T. Klein 5897 N. Dixie Hwy # 39 Home 954-541-7260 Cell 501-400-2254 * * E-mail Hruhm@aol.com Oakland Park, FL 33334 May 18, 2012 President/CEO Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc Corporate Office | Headquarters 5050 Edgewood Ct. Jacksonville, FL 32254 Phone (904)783-5000 Re: Re: Age discrimination - the coolers of my skin - Place of Origin President/CEO Management Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc Corporate Lady's and Gentleman I was calling your-Dixie # 204 at MANOR SHOPPING CENTER 1035 NW 9TH AVE FT LAUDERDALE, FL 33311 Phone: 954-763-2184 Store Director Mr. Michel Siedlarz at 10:30 AM to day. Winn-Dixie # 204 at MANOR SHOPPING CENTER 1035 NW 9TH AVE FT LAUDERDALE, FL 33311 Phone: 954-763-2184 Store Director Mr. Mick el Siedlarz so I ask fore your store MOD and I was told no MOD available every buddy on vacation? I ask how is in charge I was told we are; I was told what du you wont ? :) well good someone was there? right so I ask fore the Deli Department and I was connected to day 05 18, 2012 10:36 ( Friday ) I was connected after 23 minutes of waiting and a person answered the phone I ask if I can speak to the Deli Manager the person told me I am Manager what do you wont( WELL I was under the impression this person was a MANAGER / DEPARTMENT HEAD? ) so I ask here if she had a Chef position open when she ask me how old are you? and are you from if Haiti ore Jamaica I told here no I am from Germany she told no,no old German you are to old and we wont only Haitian ore Jamaica my company won't only Jung man no old ones and she hang up in my face. Lady's and Gentleman I am a Chef - Butcher - Pastry Chef and Sausage Maker I do not wont a 50 Hour position maybe 30 or 35 hours as well I truly understand your Lady's and Gentleman of your Department's ( Managers ) cannot stand behind every Employee I do know I have manage OVER 150 employees my self but this is UNBELIEVEBLE; I am a Executive Chef with 20 + years and I was thinking I have hear it all but maybe not 'the audacity to talk to someone like this unbelievable well as I always was telling my HR - F&B and GM ( LABOR ) you pay fore what you get and please don't be offend as well I have taken the liberty of adding my resume and please I would appreciate you considering my letter as a professional courtesy on my be halve you have my word of Honor. H. T. KL Executive Chef Heinz Tomas. Klein 5897 N. Dixie Hwy Oakland Park, FL 33334 E-mail Bonn48@comcast.net Phone 954-514-7260 ============================================================================== Executive Management Menu Planing and costing - Inventory Food and Labor costing - Production Management ============================================================================= Accomplished 15 years of visionary Executive with domestic and International experience in operations management multi-channeling production in strategic Positions and developing acquisitions and strategic planning with both startup and growth organizations and Result­ oriented decisive Leader with proven success in new marketing identification, strategic thinking and problem solving. Proven record of increasing sales and profitability. Tendency to thrive in dynamic and fluid environments while remaining pragmatic and focused. Core Competencies • Operational Management • Marketing Identification • Menu Planing • From scratch cooking • Knowledge of Products • Mentoring and Coaching • Visionary Leadership and development • Reaching company Goals • Hands on Training • New Marketing Products • Reaching Achievement awards Multilingual in English, French, Italian, Arabic, Swahili, ( German Native tongue ) ======================================================================================================== Professional Experience Chef De Cuisine Sage French Restaurant Cafes & Coffeehouses; 2378 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale FL 33305, Owner Chef Laurent Tasic. Full responsible fore operation ordering baying and production full service restaurant in the absent and present of Chef and Owner Laurent Tasic. Chef Briny's Riverfront Visionary leadership motivated staff developed new menus for all 4 Restaurants in creating intentional and European Dishes that escalated popularity controlling food and labor costs and enhancing service levels. Executive Chef Holiday Inn and Convention Center - LR. AR Airport, Utilized daily staff meetings to visionary and operational management to drive guest service levels and increased the standard qualifying the hotel to rankings in the top 25 worldwide. Challenged and motivated staff and brought GSTS scores from failing to a current 96.0% Designed new and cost effective menus and kept hotel food and labor cost at budgeted levels throughout my tenure. 31,000 sq. Meeting and Banquet Space. & 391 Rooms. New Regional brought in new GM who brought his own Chef 305 Bank Head Drive 72206 Executive Chef Jonesboro Country Club - Jonesboro AR 72401 Improving service level true a hand on and visional enhancement training program as well redesigned a complete operational system overhaul of kitchen operations food and labor costs fell after program was established as well the catering, private functions and reputation of facility improved during my tenure at the Jonesboro Country Club. Staff of 75 employees. Key Achievements: * Created a more responsive and Food and Culinary and Market-driven organization true this increased the sale bay 28 to 38 % * Substantially improved production, productively while reducing staffing and operational cost 22 * Retuning company to high profitability through new and old strategic restrictions. * Returned as well to old marketing ways and combined this with the new Ideas fore our culinary sales to 11 % * Developed and combined my Experience as Chef of the year Sheraton Town House LA, CA with my other experience domestic and international successfully for the Culinary Trent and Market.

i was full-time 12.50, then dropped to 10.45 part-time,because left early to much,because i finished early.diud not know salary would be affected,getting no help. need fixed badly.

I have to say that Winn Dixie as a whole seems to be going down do the fact that the higher ups could careless about any others working in the company oir the customers for that matter esp, cashiers, stock, and most deparments. I have been with Winn Dixie for about 3 years working in South, FL, at least once a month my check is short I have to got the managers gm whoever and get them to add hours that they have missed. Not only is it a hassle but more than half of that time i dont even get my money.how do excpect anyone to work at all if dont pay them what theyve worked for

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