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employee unrelationship with daily shopper

you're empolyee crystal yoho locted in store 630 in bradenton has been in a relationship with me i don't want to be in a relationship with her but she countless has haressed me sexaul at her work place. i do not like it i shop ther for food not to come and be her play toy. i would rather her get fired . or i will have to call the cops on her. please and thank you.

False Advertisment

Every time I try to shop at your stores for the sale items they never have the sale items! To me it's false advertisement! Then they give you a hard time when you want a rain check ! I am still trying to give you a chance but one more time and I am truly through with your stores!

Belleview fl store has terrible cs

The store in belleview fl is the worst. The only store I have ever known that don't honor their mistakes. For people on a fixed income becareful. If you see a bogo sale add in the price of two becuz if that tag is misplaced or expired they refuse to honor it! I have heard lots of people in lines talk about this.

Rude Manger

I work @ the Winn Dixie in Orlando , Fl off Silver Star , I work in the Bakery I was hired only 2 months ago & my Manger it's rude talks down in me , but. I keep my cool , something must be DONE either she should be transferred , talked to or I should be , transferred , I haven't called HR yet but I will be making. the call in the morning

I have been in your store for a week straight bringing back ice cream cones they where stale then I bought some hot sausages they wasn't any good then the month of July I bought more ice cream cones with the m&m's they were stale and frost bit and last but least I could have called a lawyer I bought the 6pack Vienna sausages in the blue pack my kids eat 2 cans but every time we picked up the pack it smelled awful I pulled the rest of the blue package off of them and there it was a opened can with maggots coming out of a can of Vienna sausages

rotten cutup fruit

first of all you are over priced. I got some cut up fruit, and it was rotten, I had to trash it. Didn't even want to take it back..For what, to hear them say sorry. I will no longer shop at any Winn Dixie. I'm going back to Public's.

Poor service

All I every see is the self check out workng.......The staff sits there and doesn't even know the coantct phone # to headquarters......shop other stores.... and get what you pay for.....really gone down over the past years.... Sad because many things are positive but too much sitting around...


Winnie the pharmacist at # 0743 is best pharmacist I`'ve had. She's always going out of her way to help her customers it's nice to have someone like her you can trust shell do what ever it takes to help you.I've been her customer for 10years and I will follow her to any store. I did when she was in radio road to golden gate. If I would have to choose on a number


Please stop carrying Smithfield products. I have been a HUGE supporter of Winn Dixie & the store that drops them will be the one to get my families continued business ! Thanks, Nancy Guillotte

Same crappy ad items

Every week I come into the store and on every new ad it's the same cheep items for sale. They never put any quality lunch meat items on sale and it is always Eckrich or Armor products. Nasty! And then when they do have a quality item on sale it's close dated. I asked an associate why this is and he told me that they receive them from the warehouse like this. What happened to fresh? It kind of makes me feel like they are giving me stuff that they couldn't get rid of because the warehouse is to busy trying to give me the stuff they got a good deal on from the sellers (The nasty Armor and Eckrich junk). Yes I know how it all works because I used to work for another company like Winn-Dixie.

About WinnDixie Stock

What is the stock worth now?Istill have Winn Dixie stock. Ihave not heard any thing about Winn Dixie in a long time.I did get mail sometimes but have not got any in a long time.my brother inlaw and I still think about the tines we work a Winn Dixie in Wadesboro NC.Could you send us some mail sometime.My address is 1258 City Pond Road Wadesboro.NC 28170.Brother inlaw Box 172 Liesville NC 28091.Sure do miss Winn Dixie.

poor service

Winn Dixie in Baton Rouge advertised white corn for sale, also,bi colored corn, and yellow, I am a fan of white corn so I drove all the way to wd, only to find there was none, Today I got a flyer adv. the same thing, and I just called before I go tomorrow to get some, and again they are out. I was put on hold for about 10min. and no one came back to the tele .to acknowledge I was waiting on the line. I lkie wd, but will not go back unless they have in stock what they say they will have, guess I will have to call before I make the treck there. thank you. joangilkes

- 4 stars

they play price games , you know if you have been in the store on50 and bumby in orlando,the worst part is the food is so old in the store because no one shops in that store anymore .i love the location and hope they put a new store there soon, and what ever you do do not buy meat at that store,they sell old meat there.


Just wanted to let you know that today, you lost a customer. While shopping the store on Hardy Street in Hattiesburg, I was told that all specials are only good with a Winn Dixie card. I don't believe in the cards and do not have any anywhere. I told them they lost me and I would go to Wal Mart where they will honor the prices and you don't need a card. It's no wonder that Wal Mart is gaining market share.

Sale circulars

Horrible sale circulars! Way too much "stuff" and too many articles to even pay attention to anymore!!! It really looks junky and cheap if this is this is what you are aiming for you're doing a good job. Sure doesn't entice me to shop at Winn-Dixie's!

The beef people or the scam artist?

I was with a friend and he stop at a winn dixie store. I was hungry so i decided to buy some meats. I'm a buy one get one free shopper. So i found some strip steaks for stir fry & some center cut pork chops. We went through the line and the chops didnt ring up as buy one get one free. But they were both clearly mark with the sticker's. So i told the cashier it was not right and we look and sure enough the pork chops didnt ring up right. I point out that both were clearly marked. Her answer was i dont know why this happened. You need to go to coustimer service. So from one line to another line to wait. I did say i was with a friend. So he also had to wait. I get to the service desk and i told her what happened. I was thinking she would fix the problem right there. BUT NO. she wants to tell me i have 2 diffrent kind of pork chop's. So i calmly ask the 3 people around me to look and tell her they are the same kind. All 3 ladys told her they are the same kind. I guess i was just suppose to fall for the winn dixie scam. So the lil rude wenchask do you want them or not. I was like i didnt bring them to the register to go through this game your playing. Of course i want them. But at the marked price. I'm not paying full price for what is clearly marked as buy one get one free. So she refunded my $14 bucks. I wonder how many people go through these lines and just pay and have no idea they are being scammed by the former beef people. This is why they are a few small steps away from closing all the doors on every store. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THIS SCAM THEY ARE RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have shopped at Winn-Dixie since I moved here in 2007 and now I am getting rather irritated. Why are you removing the managers from the floral departments and to hear that the floral dept will be closed soon. I also wrote headquarters about what I found in one of your Winn-Dixie ice-creams, but have not had a reply. That just tells me that Winn-Dixie does not care. What next the Pharmacy will be gone. Looks like I will be going back to Publix.


3/29/13 I reported to work to close my department wend i made it to work the m.o.d told.me i going to have to work for two people close my department and someone else department and he said if i don't he was going to send me home and write me up nand he did and wend i was reporting back to work the next day i was told im fired know way i could have closed two supermarkets stations by myself in four hours because the way both departments abandon by the morning shift can someone please help im at a stand still and the hr people are gone for the weekend but i have been calling them all day. Please help call 561-654-0508

rotton meat

went to winn dixie in kingsland ga on the 16th of march brought a pack of smoked turkey wings to get them home and find mole all over them it is so sad that the sell by date says the 19th and the meat is already bad by the 16th wonder who they will blame sure front office will only offer back the 2.90 i paid so i have place a photo on facebook twitter and pintrest i have sent a photo to our local health departmant and will find out who else i need to inform so that somebody make this wrong done to me right it make seem small to you all but to me i look to buy fresh meat from the stores not rotten.

your store personell

I spent an hour shopping and went to the front to write a check (wallet was stolen) and pulled out a Fed US passport to learn you do not take them??? A federal ID??? Pathetic and your little schoolgirl in charge was NO HELP AT ALL!!!! You lost me as a customer. I ride by publix to come to you...never again

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