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Sueprbly illuminating data here, thanks!

I love your book reviews!Your idea of ibinsvile children is resonating with me right now. I was in a small Gifted class in Junior High, and part of the reason I returned to regular advanced classes was because the majority of my classmates had such poor social skills that I felt like I had no real friends in the class, even though I got along with everybody.Very few of us from that class went on to college and realized our potential. Half actually turned to drugs and alcohol at frighteningly young ages and 2 out of our original 10 even dropped out of high school. As a result of this my mother came up with the theory that children with high IQ's are just naturally less mature then their peers and have less common sense. I used to believe her. Now I wonder how many of those poor, bright children from my junior high were on the Spectrum/Asperger's and trying to swim in what felt like muddy water. It also makes me question if this is part of the reason some of my former classmates who had skipped a grade because of intelligence struggled socially and couldn't cope. Kind of sad![] Reply:January 9th, 2011 at 2:06 pmThanks for sharing! From observation ONLY, I have noticed that when a person's IQ is to an extreme high, social skills seem to be affected. Again, how many of these people are actually on the autism spectrum or have some spectrum attributes but not enough to be diagnosed? Research shows that social skills are very important to a person's future success (more so than academics) one reason I have social skills as the next Best to the Best topic. I hope we can learn from many blogging contributors.[]

I had some laminate floor installed back in April and the entire floor squeaked and cracked when you walked on it. They sent out their installer and a manager and comfirmed that the floor was definitely noisey. Their fix was to pull up the entire floor and this time glue it down, which they did and it was fine for about 2-3 weeks. As you might have guessed there are boards that are beginning to make noise again. I called and spoke to the manager over the flooring dept again and they sent out the installer again who confirmed that the floor was indeed creaking. Now she (the manager) tells me that the next step is to go through the manufacturer who I have been waiting to call me now for two weeks to come out and inspect my floor. NO FOLLOW THROUGH FROM RC WILLEY... which is my main complaint. I am very disappointed in the service and the products they carry. They DO NOT stand behind their products and the customer service is extremely lacking even at the manager level. The way my husband and I feel right now we would not do business with this company again.

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