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I just bought a box of 6 white castle cheese burgers. And I know the burgers are small but damn . Two of the burgers are half the size of the other ones, Where is my beef?


White castle number 23 in columbus in at 805 pm the manager was a female and would not give me my crave case that was going to be replace and she got rude and being obnoxious

We Need you here Lacrosse WI

Lacrosse Wi has 3 colleges. We could really use a White castle!!!!

Feathers in Chicken Rings

Feathers in chicken rings/Cincinnati I called corporate and they just documented it I threw up when I saw it. Went back inside showed the Mgr and he wanted them back, I said No that this will be kept for proof. Very sick

Please try to open a white castle in danville kentucky i come from ny and miss white castle so much


We need White Castle's here all over Delaware, especially Newark. There's lots of New Yorkers that miss the burgers and new customers that don't know what they missing! Please open them up!

we need you here

Hi I live in Vicksburg Ms. we need you here I grew up loving the taste in Chicago. Yes sure you have frozen, but its not the same. So please come!!!

Miss the old fashion white castle

My husband & I grew up loving your burgers but nowhere can we find them hot anymore or smushy like they used to be in the 60's or 70's. Please bring the old fashion ones back

unfair working environment

I work at a white castle that has major issues. I work hard come in early stay late when asked,but due to health and family issues I have been told I'm on a thin line they want to fire me I had surgery came to work the next day and then there are manager's that call off due to a cold and have nothing done but I'm the bad one unfair

Bad Burgers

I purchase 5 burgers from the White Castle on Elizabeth Ave, Newark, NJ and sent to the hospital with food poisoning, it would be of great concern of you corporation to have that location inspected.

Bad burgers

Someone needs to check out the store a Williams dr in Cherry Grove Ohio. This happens every time we stop in around 4 am . The burgers are dried out the buns are hard around the edges, o I complained several times. Sorry I love White Castles but I wouldn't feed these to my dog. Someone needs to check them out.

milk shakes

I wish I had been given notice that the shakes had been changed. I stopped by the W.C. at Fern creek in Ky. and ordered a choc. shake. and was offered several diff. flavors and when I took a drink I almost choked and spit it out, it was just some choc syrup stirred in and it was nasty. You all had the best choc shakes why did you mess that up?

The white castle in heath ohio is horrible. It took them literally 10 minutes to take my order and there was nobody infront of me. And it took them 7 minutes just to take my money cause the line got bigger while waiting on them to take our order. Something needs to b done. These people dont know how to do there jobs.

The ceremony pics are ggroeous! I love how the photos captured the beautiful detail of Kara's dress. I also loved the shots of the rings, jewelry, the sand-pouring shots, and of course the KISS! Kara and Joe look so happy and are a beautiful couple!

I love:1) the fact that you're in a castle, and how beutuifal the castle is2) the moat3) the box of kd prominently displayed on ur shelf4) how the map is called Marco Polo5) the hot water bottle in a tarten cover6) how the tree reminds me of the whomping willow. minus the fact that it doesn't seem to be a willow, and that it also doesn't whomp.7) you (should be number 1 but doesn't make sense that way eh?)

please bring a white castle to charlotte NC it would do very well please let me know if their is anything that I can do to make this happen you can email me at markcollins422@hoail.com

I agree with Mr. Sharpe, the Cape Coral/ Ft Myers area would be a great market to open up. I hope to see this happen soon.

I just watched Undercover Boss on the Oprah channel. Needless to say, I was impressed. My father frequently took me to eat the (then 10-cent)hamburgers at the White Castle in College Park, MD. (This was back in the '50s and '60s.) I recently rediscovered that packaged White Castle hamburgers are available at WalMart ib Hot Springs, AR, and tried them. They were just as good as they used to be. Now that I have seen the undercover episode on Oprah, I will eat them more enthusiastically and you have probably gained a very loyal customer.

i first remember white castle when i was about 5 years old traveling with my family to see my grandparents there and back we stopped at white castle always loved it now im 51 all these years been waiting for white castle to open a restuarant in peoria,illinois where i have lived most of my life the closest one is over 100 miles away so can someone tell me why there cant be a white castle somewhere in the central illinois not having one in central illinois is a big joke so lets get one open up soon ok plz and thz

I work at White Castle on Old Hickory Blvd. in Hermitage, Tennessee. The generalanager here does not follow most company policies, and highly disrespects the team members and shift managers. She leaves us notes that say things like:(yes, she wrote it EXACTLY like this.) DANIEL You ARe NOt(triple underlined) Off EVery SuNdAy thAt's oNly wheN you worK 7p-3A oN Fri, SAt If I schedulE ON A SuNdAy I EXPect you to be here ANy QuestioN cAll mE BRidgette She then decided to ask about my fathers work schedule, and leave, but never clocking out and yelling at someone to do it for her. As she left, she turned around to me with a smart-elec "goodbye". She does not keep the store anywhere near the official OSHA standards. I would call OSHA for an inspection, but I know the store would be shut down and the people I work with need their jobs. I have the original note, and the entire thing is on camera. Today, November 21st, 2011 a little after 4:00 pm. We all agree on this, but everyone else here has been too afraid to lose their jobs to say anything

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