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Service Sucks!!!

I stopped in at whataburger on November 9,2013 and order a number 1 with mustard and pickles only. I got a burger with cheese and onions. I took right back in there. They remade it over. Got hone took a bite and had a mouth full of onions and fries were cold. I take it they didn't make fresh fries. I stopped at the one on Brentwood stair rd. I called the customer complaints libe and said i wanted to be contacted and reimbursed for my meal. I never got a call. So sad!

sad treatment

I stopped in at the Whatabugar in lockhart texas and i guess it was a lunch rush the girl that took my order never stopped taking about her problems to the person in front of me so i waited a person came from the back carrying a tray of food looked at me and said be right with you.she took the food to a table came back to me and took my order she was so nice she made sure i got just what i wanted i think her name is jo i never saw a person do so much and she even made others laugh and have a good time eating there when i come back i going to make sure i stop here again keep up the good work the person in the white shirt (jo)

Outstanding care

I want to publicly thank Misty Jackson of the Brownwood, TX What-a-Burger (#534) for her wonderful service to me and my family on Sunday, February 24, 2013. We were unable to get in touch with a close family member who had changed addresses, unbeknown to us, and she very patiently offered her own cell phone and time to help us find him - which we finally did! She went "above and beyond" and deserves all the praise she can get for being so very kind to total strangers!

Outstanding job!

I was at Mansfield, Tx Whataburger store locator #113. I was very impressed about the service there when I was eating. I don't know the manager name but staying on top with his employees. That is team work. I think they are doing an outstanding Job getting the customers through and getting the food out to them. I just wanted to send a compliment to you about this restaurant. Let them know about it. Thanks whoever get this.

Las Vegas!

We need a Whataburger in Las Vegas please!! I once brought a bag full of ketchup back from an AZ location.


I'm form El Paso, Tx and grew up eating whataburgers, they are the best; but 19 years ago I moved to Las Vegas, NV and I have been hoping someone would open a whataburger franchise here in Las Vegas Nv, I so much miss my whataburger could you consider opening a couple of whataburgers here in Las Vegas I know they would be a great success

I work at a whataburger in victoria tx. I really enjoy it. Most of the time. The team members all work together to make everything smooth. But i dont enjoy the gms favortism and no positive support or recognition for things you do right or good. If you are new its like you are made to do the most chores and looking around most of her favorites never clean. They dont really train you and throw you out there.. then yell at you cause your slow or still trying to figure it out. I try my best to work hard and i have a family to support so i sit back quietly and take the dirty looks or comments. " you have to work faster" , " i have to fix another order on your register" i also feel that i shouldnt hace to keep calling to get my schedule i would like it at the beggining of the week in full so i can make arrangments for sitting. My job is important to me but cant we get a under cover boss to review this? She is fake when her boss comes in so he never knows how it really is.

I first would like to say I really do love you guys........but the last 7 out of 10 times I order a bacon egg and cheese biscuit, y'all give me sausage instead. That too is good but I really prefer bacon and what I order. It's happened at multiple stores and i'm not sure where the glitch is. Just wanted you to know. Thanks Leslie spencer 5306 firewood dr arlington, tx 76016

I went through drive thru and the girl takibg my order had poor customer service. she couldn't remember one simple order which was a #1 with cheese only mayo and lettuce. she askes me to repeat my order about 6 times.by then I had already been in line ten minutes. so I drive up and I understand its the lunch hour and it could take a little longer but 30 MINUTES!!! U GOTTA BE KIDDING ME. I drive uo ti the window still asks me what my order was and w/o charging sends me to the second window. my order WASNT EVEN READY!!! this shit has to stop. its happened other times and ita ridiculous. I am manager at another fast food rest. and I suggest u put that girl in counter until she betters her cuatomer skills. and if she's

I do not like the change in the menu - you used to have the perfect meal for me (I am an adult). It was the 2 piece chicken strip meal with a small fry, toast, gravy, and a medium drink served in a handy box. You now have a 2 piece kids meal to take its place served in piece meal containers (i.e., not in a box) with a small drink and a dessert - which I do not want - and I do not want to ask for a substitiution of toast for the dessert everytime I order - and I do not like the size drink - I am not a kid but an adult and like the medium size drink - I would like you to bring back the 2 piece chicken strip adult meal.

I've always eaten at this whataburger, even during their late night/early rush morning rush after all the bars and clubs shut down for the night. It was 4am and I decided to dine in. First thing I noticed was that the floors were super disgusting, second was beneath three fryers were a bunch of dropped fries and o rings, third thing I noticed was that it was infested with flies.... So many flies that I actually thought I was at a compost site pitching up fresh manure. Although it didn't smell, my boots were sticking to the floor all the way to my table, then again the fliented to eat me alive. Piles of trash swept up yet fries and napkins beneath almost every table. I stopped a worker on her way out and asks if the manager was available for a brief word. I pointed out everything jose Luis and asked him what time drunk rush was over at., He agreed at 3am. I told him you had an hour to attend to. Clean up and failed. I let him know how I felt whataburger, and all he replied was thank you for your comment.... Unacceptable! A few moments later I see him ringing up another customer while he himself swats away flies. Shaking my head.... Sad. I could only imagine what the kitchen looked like. On the positive side, the food was good... Always is! Just unacceptable cleanliness . Thus was whataburger in el Paso Texas, on montwood and zaragoza

I was just at Whataburger at 1708 S.Loop 288 Denton Tx order a burger when I got to work to eat it it was still raw in the middle. These Dumbo said bring it back and we will get you a new one but I only get 30 minute lunch. why I was there there are flies every were i killed 4 flies why I waited on my burger. This location has become the Nastiest fastfood place in Denton Texas. i use to visit 3-4 times a week now it to unsafe and nasty to even eat there any more. This place needs a Undercover Boss from Corp to visit. Manager now is horrible when it comes to running this palce and his people at one time thai was a nice place to eat now is sucks.

The Whatabuger on palafox and hwy 29 has a amazing overnight drive through cashier. I know i will spell her name wrong but i believe it is raquell. she is black and has very pretty hair that is the best way to describe her. Im one for eating at 12am and ususally you get someone who sounds tired and does not want to be bothered with you. My food was soooooo hottt and she was great. she was so polite and pleasing. she made my night i will always go out of my way to that whatabuger beacsue of her. and the manager that was on duty that night was amazing to they all had smiles on there face, said sorry for my wait even though i did not wait at all. I dont know her name but she had a acceint. Thank you for the great service. amber smith 8504184045

This has been the most ridiculous and disappointing trip to a fast food restaurant I have ever experienced. Genuinely the Longest wait I have ever had. While on my way to California via I-40 I stopped at the Whataburger in Amarillo, TX. After waiting over thirty minutes for my food, I received subpar quality burgers and fries. The wait was so long that the vehicle ahead of me simply turned off his vehicle while waiting. There is no excuse for this type of laziness and disorganization in a franchise. Not sure when I'll waste my time on one of these franchises again.

Went to one in odessa tx on 42 st. Worst experience ever. Flie everywhere and food was mediocre at best. Will never eat there again. Store was nasty and no pest contril at all. Clerks were laying bags of fries on floor prior to holding dirty bag over fryers to drop in. No telling how much crap and dirt fell into grease. Will be reprting to tdlr.

My husband went by the whataburger located in Port La Vaca Texas he order thru drivr thru wbat we usually order a #1 and a #10 which is a BOB (bacon) he gets home and for our suprise they made the bob of sausage wchich am alergic to I called it in to complain of it and guess what they told us, that we had to go back whithin 10 min of the order which is 12:45 am that there policy is if u dont go back and take it within 10min they cannot do nothing about it.... do u all think is fair for me to get out of bed waist my gas and time for a mistake they did I will waist more of gas than the cost of the bob because this girl manager suposibly(Angela)she would only give ttthe BoB by itself.. how wrong with this policies the only thing u all r going to get is upset custumers like me, and lose on other custumers cuz Iwll tell my friend and post it on facebook so everyone can know the service they give @Whataburger hOw SAD and disapointment on u all's todays date s June 8'12 @12:45 am

I am writing about the Whataburger in Waco, Tx. 928 S 7th Street. When my friend and I walked in, we were immediatly asked if we were ready to order. I mean we hadnt even looked up at the menu when she asked that. Then when I was ready someone was clocking out, and I went up to her, Margarita I believe her name was, and she said "uh huh Im off" so i asked her, who do i order with? She waved her hand in a very general direction. So we just stood there a little confused. Then we ordered our custom made burgers. I was excited to take my friend there, he is from the West Coast, and I had talked up Whataburger pretty good. Anyways- The order was taking awhile so an employee asked me "YOU GET YOU FOOD YET" its in caps because she was SO loud and abbrasive. Then asked me "#5?" I said no, i did the custom whataburger. She said "mm hmm" and walked away. Finally the order came out--we were happy to be out of there and on our way. Went to the car to eat and both burgers are wrong. VERY wrong. I had to wait another 20 minutes to get the right burger. Now that being said, every person in the drive thru or the inside order line was bringing back their wrongly made burgers. As I brought back the wrong burger the same loud employee walked over as I am speaking to her manager. She leans on the counter and goes "What, your burger aint right either?" And I just told her to excuse me, I was speaking to her boss" It was as if she was running around causeing more drama than actually being helpful. I finally got both our burgers back, Mine was right, my friends was STILL wrong. In fact they gave him the same burger back that was origionally wrong. He demanded his money back and the manager replied " are you sure?" REALLY? Yes. He was sure. We were traveling back from Austin to Dallas as he needed to catch a flight. We were at whataburger for an hour and a half. WAITING and being talked to like we were idiots. I was pretty upset because the burgers are always so good and I really wanted him to try a place he had never been. Very disappointing.

Most times, people will only take the time to complain and compliments are only voiced 1 out of 10 times and that's likely a generous estimate. After a recent visit to the Whataburger in Bossier City, LA, family owned since the 50's, my husband and I agreed that we really needed to send our thanks and compliments to Whataburger management, hoping that it will be shared with the store level management and staff at this location. We were traveling from Tyler, TX back home to Daphne, AL (near Mobile) and stopped at prime dinnertime to one of our favorite fast food places when we are traveling - Whataburger!! We ordered inside and only waited a few minutes. The staff were so friendly and courteous, from the time we walked in the door, the patient lady at the order counter, to the fellow that delivered a variety of ketchups when our order was delivered to us at a table. We have always been happy with Whataburger, but this time, really felt compelled to praise the entire crew at this location. You can't find the level of professional, friendly and prompt (and accurate!) service at the typical fast food restaraunt. They really did go above and beyond... and we will always seek out this Whataburger when we travel between Mobile to Tyler. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! The Freemans, from Daphne, AL

i am taking the time to praise your whataburger store in broken arrow ok (71st and county line) i was reasonly there and placed an order for a burger and did not get what i ordered, i called the store and a gentleman identifing himself as the general manager (William) answered, i explained to him what happen he apologized and offered me second visit on the house, i don't go to whataburger very often i usually frequent carl jr's, however i have never had them go out of there way like that, so i give this manager two thumbs up and i believe i just found a good replacement for carl jr's

well i wanted to make a complain... a whataburger located on west lake houston,humble texas... but a manager named rondell he is so unrespectfull he thinks he is the owner he dont wears a hat nor a hairnet on his hair if a bun lands on the floor he tells the employees to turn around and he picks it up and puts it on a burger then he tell the employees you all didnt see nothing he also talks bad words to the employees hes never nice to them he is always rushing the employees...i would really like to keep going to eat there but with that manager my appetite goes away.. we used to go 3x a week.. now we have to see what manager is working to see if we are going to eat there or not...

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