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Short changed on pain meds

I have been on pain meds since a car accident a few years ago. I am very conscientious about knowing how long my prescription will last me. I have notice the last few months I have ran out a few days before I should have. When I picked up my refill this month I went right home and counted twice the number of pills. Sure enough I was shorted 5 pills. I went immediately back to the pharmacy and told the pharmacist about it. The clerk recounted and came up with the same number I did. I was told to take them home and wait a full week for the pharmacy manager to come in the store and see what could be done. NOW this is a controlled substance!! Wouldn't you think they would want to know if one of their employees is stealing pills? or better yet miscounting the number of pills? Now it is my word against theirs. Never heard of such a ridiculous reply as to take the meds home and come back in a week. I am re-evaluating where I take my prescriptions now.

refused to fill prescription

My son just had 6 pins and a plate put into his leg, on discharge from the hospital he was given 2 Rx's for pain. Because he was discharged late in the evening he had to find a 24hr pharmacy. When he went to the 24 hr Walgreens pharmacy in a cast, on crutches and still in his hospital gown ( because he couldn't get his pants on over the cast) to have his RX's filled the pharmacist at Walgreens refused to fill them. The pharmacist was given all the paper work from the hospital and still refused to fill the RX's , stating he needed a diagnosis. The pharmacist does not need a diagnosis to fill a script, all he needs is the script. My son spent a horrible night in pain immediately post op because of that SOB. I want that jerk fired. Wish I knew who to contact to get it done. Outrageous! OBTW I had to give 1 star or the review wouldn't post, in my book they failed big time.


Since Walgreens will now be PROMOTING O-care I and my entire family will be taking our business elsewhere.

corporate needs to wake up

People need to understand a couple things. its hard to run a pharmacy properly when the company does not care about nothing but the bottom line. I worked for walgreens and CVS before that and they are all the same. I was fired from walgreens because a pharmacist put the wrong patients prescription in another patients bag. this patient had about 10 prescriptions in one bag. I some it and did not check every single one that was in the bag so I git the boot nothing happened to the pharmacist because us techs are replaceable. all of this could be avoided if they would give the stores the proper hour to run it safely. my advice go to a locale owned pharmacy.

You caved!!!

NOT HAPPY...You're caving on the Obamacare trainwreck that was FORCED on Americans!!!http://www.breitbart.com/InstaBlog/2013/07/10/Walgreens-Hops-on-the-ObamaCare-Bandwagon


I have been a loyal Walgreens customer for many years. I have gotten my prescription filled without any problems, however today I was informed that certain medication could only be filled in my zip code. I thought that was the stupidest thing that I had ever heard, so I contacted the online Walgreen's Pharmacist for clarity. Guess what , she could not give me a straight answer. She said some laws in states and city's don't allow certain medication to be sold out of their zip code. I further told her that I was told by Walgreen's staff that I could purchase my prescription near my doctors' office. I received no response to that. I will be moving my prescription to CVS, maybe they are not STUPID.

bad service and they don't care

Pharmacy told me on phone my sons medicines all 4 could be filled and picked up the same day. I deliberately called because so many times a partial refill is give and that makes a return trip in a day or so to get the remainder of the meds. Once again, meds not ready.... told truck not coming in until lunch time. I am tired of making so many trips for meds that should be filled once a month. and they dont even have good costumer serivice to call and inform to save you the trip. Instead the tech says "do you want the med or not" .... they have other Walgreens in area why cant they help fill from other walgreens so customer service is good instead of stressing out a persons day. Service like this will keep me out of the store and not spend the money on other items.

Poor Service

I needed pain meds filled. My Walgreens did not have them they could not tell me when they would. They would not call other pharmacies to help me get my meds. I tried 5 Walgreens on the phone and noone could help me. I am a regular customer being treated badly.

Concerned Future Pharmacist

Pharmacists are Doctors. They earn Doctorates upon graduation due to specialized education of drug therapy, interactions and much more. Walgreens Pharmacists call your providers to verify prescriptions in order to not harm our patients. Not everyone is perfect but we try our best. Please have some respect for our profession and extensive education. Thank you Walgreens for trying to assist in our patient care.

Short Changed

I purchased three prescriptions from the Walgreens and gave the clerk $100 bill. I should have received 53.26 in change. When I got home and opened the envelope, I had received 15.26. When I returned to the store, manager Jack Paxton, all but called me a liar and said this could not have happened. He would look into it and give me a call of which he NEVER did. I have done business with that store for 26 years and do not appreciate being short changed $38 and the service I was given my the manager at the Austin store at Parmer and Amherst.

Why The Change?

I have been a loyal customer of Walgreen's for many years, filling aprox. 10 scripts a month. I never had a problem and Joe and the staff is awesome. The last 2 months has changed everything.The new supplier is not able to get my medication in. None of the Walgreen's around have it. I have to travel 20 miles to get it now. The narcotics that I am on, is not in every pharmacy. Please change back. You are losing hundreds of dollars a month, just on me, how many others?

my 81 year old mother picked up a prescription that was filled for another person and took 7 days of the pills. When she noticed that the name on the bottle was not hers, she brought the bottle to her PCP and the Walgreens Pharmacy was contacted. My mother is in a clinical trial for an Alzheimer medication and all medications she takes have to be listed in her file. I am nervously waiting to see what impact this incorrect medication will have on her physically, psycologicaly and on her particiption in the clinical study. "we apologise" was the response!

store closing

I would like to know why you close the Walgreen location in Indianapolis, IN on 38th & College. This location has been there for years and I usually walk there (round 10 minutes). The store was always busy, Please reconsider your decisions. Our neighborhood needs you. Especially the elder around the store. Thanks and have a bless day.

filling px's

the last two times my walgreen store has not had the apporiate drug in order to fill my prescription. They are not even able to tell me when the next shipment.I am without the oxycodone/acetaminophen 10-315 that I need to control my pain. I would hope you would give this you most urgent attention.

Done with Wallgreens

Everyone has an opinion about how they should be treated as a customer and etc,. Bottom line is that I will not return to Walgreens Pharmacy because of the way I was treated by their pharmacist and to make matters worse, despite a formal valid complaint, nothing was done by the local and/or district manager to prevent the same thing from happening again.


HORRIBLE!!!! The worst pharmacy ever. I never knew a pharm tech could pick and choose who they wanted to help. Unacceptable. All they are doing is showing discrimination. I will fight to end this and make sure everyone is treated equally

800 # doesnt answer or no existent

its seems your customer service at your Garden City park is none existent nor do they care about its customer base I brought in a perscpription on the 20th of may still not it as of 5/29 I asked the pharmacist to check with the people who send it and it was stated by her she couldnt and If I wanted I can pick up my perscription and have it filled elsewhere my union refers their members to wallgreens I will make it my business to have that changed...


Your siore on Ash St. Decatur Ill. Dropped off a script for Tylenol codiene4. Your pharmicist without contacting me called my Dr. and had it changed to #3. when I picked it up, noticed it was 3 instead of 4.The pharmicist Karin Chan-Lueng told me it was my mistake. When I informed her it was hers she started screaming at me. I screamed back. Even though I had no meds she refused to fill my script. Went to wal-mart and it was filled in 10 min. Chan-Lueng said she would never fill a script for me again. From now on I will go to Wal-Mart or CVS. Thank you.


im a regular customer at your prescription dept. the service at your store has gotten better, exception communication among employees needs improvment,and they rely too much on the computer instead of checking for faxes and any updates the computer has not received.

Will not refill an rx

The Walgreen's pharmacy manager decided not to refill a scrip and did not inform me at the time of the last refill or when it was called in to be refilled. No one at the pharmacy called me to inform me that the pharmacist had closed the prescription. So instead of being able to contact my doctor ahead of time and figure out a solution I was left with no alternative over a weekend. Many Walgreen's pharmacists are judgmental, and making decisions that are way past their job description. If they want to be doctors they should have gone to medical school... or is that their problem, they didn't have the ability, intelligence and compassion.

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