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I chose to shop Walmart because they had a cashier on duty in the early mornings, but as of late you have pushed for self check out and that does not work for me. See I take my wife out when few people are out because of her medical condition, I get her outonce a week but I can't self check out, load the small counters and bag my product while keeping an eye on my wife. If this trend continues I'll find some other place to shop that will be happy to assist me with check out.


I went to Wal Mart in Marksville La to replace a tire on my car. A month later i am having trouble with the tire. I paid $153.23 for a brand new tire. I took the tire off my car to check it and guess what!! It wasnt a new tire and it had a patch in it. I went to the Walmart in Houma La and they said they cant give me a tire to replace it. I dont see why they couldnt replace it it was supposed to be a brand new tire! I would like for my tire that i paid for to be put onto my car!!!

Outstanding Employee

Francisco Saavedra is employed at the Wal Mart on Airport Rd. in Slidell, Louisiana. He is A greeter in his late 50's early 60's perhaps. He greets everyone coming in or leaving Walmart. jAsks if they found what they needed and could he help. He also wishes them with a nice day. He has a smile and looks as if he really is enjoying his job. . I feel as if he is happy to see me and it makes me feel good to be there shopping. He should be commended for his great job and attitude.


Bought new tires one blew out less than 50 miles the second blew out within 2000 mile and tore up my RV also tor up gas lines in RV causing all my propane to leak out tore up water lines and power lines left a open hole in trailer good thing there were no sparks from the wiring it would have ignited the propane on the highway. Wouldn't even give them one star if I could and still post. Never again. Have learned my lesson go to a regular store pay a little extra for quality its cheaper in the long run.

well i just got off the phone with corporate , ibought a wedding band that was gold and silver with a guarantee that it wont change color and it did i called oceanside ca walmart where i bought it a month ago they said no exchange or anything without receipt, well none available so they wont do anything had to call corporate lets see what happens

i seen walmart put a laptop computer on sale on 11/4/12 for 249.00 and we went to the store to get it and sales ass said they only had 1 in store i called 3 other walmart stores and one said they didnt get the truck and the other said they didnt have any and the other just didnt say i think if your going to have a sale like that be stocked maybe next time ill go to the news paper

I did a security servey on plantcity fla walmart and what i found was that you have either people sleeping or not paying attenion .I was instructed to enter the store take blank cd n walk out n wait on security never came out I entered the store two more times with everthing still on me so i picked up two cd from garden ctr went back into the store to the bicycles and made myself look suppisus then walking out with my back to the camera flashed the two cd and put in front of pants finaly i went out and they made itwe went into sec office and i gave them the blank cd two ink cartiges and something for weed eater they never serched me so finly i gave them the two cds they still never serched me i was not there to take anything I was there to hel you improve your security system Because i rated it very poor my boss mr mason has not droped these charges i have court nov 5 at 8:30 i have never stolden anything from walmart ,I never been arested in my life and i am 59 never been in trouble with the law this servey was perfromed for walmart INC thank you

i worked at walmart got injured because of stupid lazy overnight workers and i had to get somethings off the top on an ice pallet filled out a report because i hurt my hand a doctor told me to not use that hand, they made me do the Poland Springs on the cart rail. i also ended up getting 2 sickness at the same time from being in the freezer for hours on end and not allowed to wear snow pants because they were tan. also, there refusing to give me my last paycheck im really mad at this place

I purchased 4 tires at walmart in march 2012, all was fine with them .. In July i brought my car into walmart to have an oil change and have the tires rotated, as they gave me lifetime rotation and balance on them upon purchase. After only 3 months i noticed my front right passenger tire was showing alot of wear and car was pulling and vibrating very badly. I had car checked out and was told that the tire was put on incorrectly and torqued to tight and it was warped. It put undue pressue on my rotors and wore it down and threw the car out of alightment. I went back to walmart..spoke with the staff and they told me i had to buy another tire , they would not replace it. The manager had his staff take tire off and look at it. when they put it back on this time, they put it on the correct way , in which it should have been done upon the rotation. there was now no thread at all showing on the tire , I told him this and he became beligerant and stated that each time you replace even one tire you must have an alighenment.. such nonsense and completely untrue.. I told him the tires were fine till his store did the rotation and goofed on it.. I was in the store for one hour and 40 minutes just waiting to speak to him, I then had his manager paged at 4:45 and at 5:30 i was still waiting to speak to her.. she never came . I told them i was unable to drive home on this tire as it is very bald and dangerous .. They ignored me and stated my only option was to purchase yet another tire.. I felt so uneasy about all that had transpired that i opted to drive a few blocks away to a tire shop and had to purchase two matching tires to ensure my car would be safe.. when he took off the tire once again. he showed me how warped my one rotor was on that side.. due to the incorrect installation of the rotation .. My car now was totally out of alighnment he stated and i had to pay for that as well. over one.. walmart refusal to replace a 41.00 and admit that there mistake created so much havoc for me resulted in me spending 192.00 .. I called the regional manager and no call back from him either.. I also realized that when they change your oil, they do not really check to see if your fluids are topped off. Mine were down below the acceptable level only 2 months after my oil change. I will never ever go back to walmart for anything pertaining to my car.. not even to purchase an air freshner for my car.. They are unskilled and have poor customer relation skills. I am so digusted and angry at myself for not listening to many others who have told me to not do any type of work in there auto department.. I still now have to replace my rotors.. and brake pads . all because of one really stupid overlooked mistake on there part when doing the tire rotation. and you can bet they will always tell you that its your car and not there workmanship.. I maintence my car like clockwork.. and up keep it in all area.. They have put many local mom and pop shops out of business , but the i will in the future bring my business to a mom and pop local place and pay the extra money.. I cannot advise you STRONGLY enough to NOT bring you car to walmart for tires.. oil changes , not even to fix a flat.. I can assure you that you many be ok once or even twice.. but you are taking a huge chance in future repairs due to the poor work they do.. they have bent many a persons rims rotating tires and simply putting new tires on rims.. very very bad and costly.. heed the warning . dont be one like me to say .. oh my god. if only i had just paid another place alittle more to get it done rite..

I was raised in Monroe county Tennessee and have frequented the local Walmart in Madisonville Tennessee for as long as I can remember (long before the supercenter was built). As with most Walmarts it is filled with for the most part friendly hardworking everyday people as employees. Today however, I am a bit actually a lot upset with my local Walmart and the evidently small number of employees working today. MY grandmothers is elderly and disabled and I find myself often calling and asking someone about a certain item and if its in stock or the price before I drive down there because I have to pay someone to sit with her or drag her out when I shop. Today I wanted to price a bmx 14 inch dirt bike with spiderman I called and was put on hold a long time told to call back after 11. I called back 3 times to be put on hold no one answer. Transferred to hold again no one ever responded. I cannot help she is disabled and I can't run in and check my own prices. I am very upset with my local shopping center!

supporting local supplyres

we have two walmart stores in our area.we have three local bakerys. walmart carried felix roma bread from the first they opened the store.now all of a sudden they no longer carry the bread.how come?

Customer's Information

Your company has put my customer information as 18 others at risk. It started when I went on line and ordered a Gift Card for my granddaughter and boy what a mess that turn out to be. Some it was going to my daughter in law and then it was going to the right address and the wrong name and then you did not pay any attention to my 2 emails to fix this and then to top matters off my personal information went to someone else and thank God they contacted me and I also received information on 15 other customer also don't forget my daughter in law and granddaughters information and to make matters worse I called Corp. this morning to get help and I'm informed the Walmart.Com is not part of Walmart. What the hell is going on. I am not asking I am demanding better of Walmart You have my information now contact me.

I bought a maxx battery in jan 2010 went to Walmart in Hardeeville sc to have it tested it was bad it was suppose to be 3 year free replacement battery instead they charged me the price difference,core charge,south carolina battery fee,and taxes I tried to explain to them it is 3 year free replacement not pro rated it was in warrenty and not buying a new battery that you need a core for I also spend a lot of money at Walmarts maybe not any more ?

Stoughton, Wi is a small town. Our friends, neighbors, and relatives have worked at the WalMart there since the store opened. When they are mistreated by the new management, we hear about it. When they are fired by the new management for unjust reasons we hear about that too. For these reasons we will no longer shop at any WalMart, but will shop at your competitors in Madison, or Janesville, and will encourage our friends, neighbors, and relatives to do the same.

I was fired from walmart 2 weeks ago,i was fired over missed days. my wife got on pills really bad after having our 2nd son and over dosed 3 times in a month, and i missed days called out and everything, i have 2 kids to take care of i had to, they fired me on this when they claim to be a faimly orentated company.i was the guy they called in every time someone called out, id come in on a 4am day shift and push carts+ had my stuff done by 7 every morning when no one else could do it.i was trained in all the groceory side areas and on all the pwerlifting stuff, they fired me and told me they couldent help me, i come to find out they have people who have missed over 20+ days there and are still working, who slack off n walk around all day.they rehired a zone managers daughter back when she was fired for adendance in 3 days of it. she had no reasons except her alarm dident go off. but thats the walmart way isent it, 1261 fayetteville nc.

walmart sucks they are abuch of thieves , that have been ripping my daughter off for the last month charging my daughters bank account 6 times with the same check the store has been paid already 6 times and my daughter keeps getting fined from her bank and this is putting my daughter in dept this makes me sick to my stomach, this needs to stop

I went to the nearest Wal-Mart Store in Sanford, Fl. less than two years Ago to buy a T.V.. Now less than two years the TV stopped working. Since I kept my receipt, I went to try to get it replaced. Well...? you guess it, they came out with the extended guarantee matter? I do not recalled anyone offering me that.They rejected to replace it. It took me several calls to some numbers up until someone from their headquarter office guide me trough a process that I got it replace. Now you know, buy extended guarantee from now on, or loose your items in few months.

I was injured in your store on 10/24/12. Water on the floor and I slipped. Long story short, it took 44 minutes for any manager to come to me. Although I filled out an incident report and was told someone would contact me, I have not heard a word from anyone at the Terre Haute US 41 branch or corporate headquarters. Shame on you!

I have always loved walmart and their products but their night supervisors in Mission tx are so rude and as i have walked by they treat their employees like they are nothing someone needs to do something about it. These employees are such hard woekers as i have seen but no one appreciates their hard work. Walmart should hire managers and supervisors who appreciate their workers who will do the impossible to keep their minimum wage jobs.

My husband & I are in our late 70s and we had a blowout on front tire of car on busy highway 44 in Mo. We tried calling road service....had no phone service. A Walmart driver named Ken Nelson from Owensville, mo. Stopped his truck behind us and helped us change tire. He was a much needed angel in disguise...Just want you to know what kind of employee you have in Ken. He wanted no thanks & was glad to help us. We are very grateful. Many kudos to Ken...& you for such high quality employees.

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