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I was in Victoria Secret Pentagon City and Waldorf, MD. I would like to know why aren't there any bra's being made for full figured women? The IPEX bra's are the best because there isn't any under wire, what happen to those. I'm looking for 40DD in IPEX HELP!!!

False Advertisement

I recently purchase three bras March 1st total over a hundred dollars. Wanted the free getaway bag with purchase of seventy five dollars,wouldn't you know it! they had none keep in mind its only march 1st the promotion started February 25th! That's not right!! Shame on you Corporate for false advertisement!!!!


Employees are very unhappy with the new change in how they are being discriminated for not being able to work with an open availability some have given years to this company and they pay us with if your considered a flex associate you can't even pick up hours what's going on Victoria's Secret this was a good place to work at and now it's just I have no other word but heartless...

Brazel Cut panties

No real complaints about VC; just wish they would BRING BACK the brazillian cut panties; used to buy at least 30 pair per year...

NO Large size dold in any stores

I have tries to shop in numerous stores Cross County In Westchester and Ridge Hills in Yonkers ,Pallisades Mall in Rockland and Las vegas as well the Pier shops in AC. I was told that the stores don't carry my Size in 40 D. I was told the only way to get that size is online. I found this very intresting how they sell these Items on line but discrimate aganist full figure women in their store, I fell like full figure woman are being targeted here.

December TV Show

Would Jesus watch this show? It's a disgrace to the sanctity of the Christmas season since Christ is the reason for this season. Also the commercials for the show were aired at times when children do watch T. V.

TV commercials are in very poor taste for mainstream TV. Advertising for the runway show is x rated. Store window posters are too sexy. Your advertising is sending a terrible message to young women. Shame on you.


I just would like to know, what are measurement requirements for women wanting to become VS Angels?


I was watching the commercial w the Victoria Secret Angels in all the ads and booklets there has been no black angels, or one in all of your advertisements. Yes, myself and my girls love your lines but u should think about adding more black women because we do support your stores. This is just my thoughts on everything. I do hope you think about this and just incorporate this in your business.

management replacement

today I shopped at victoria's secret in Lincolnwood mall (in Evanston Illinois) it was close to closing time and the manager had a very rude attitude.This isn't my first time coming into the store and having this same issue.Andrea needs to be replaced as soon as possible.She needs to be taut how to service her customers with a positive attitude and a smile on her face.after all in helping raise sales.

Razor Bra

I recently bough two strapless bra from Victoria Secret. The first time I wore one of the bra, nothing happened. About the third day, my back had a burning sensation (skin where bra rested). I was wondering what was happening. When I removed the bra, to my suprise, the bra had cut through my flesh. I was shocked---had never experienced anything like this before. You could literally pull the skin off--that is how much the bra tore into my flesh. Today, I am left with a scar on my back. I just cannot figure out what happned. All my bras are Vicoria Secret bra. The only difference is this one was stapless. Compared to the regular bra, the strapless had some sort of plastic lining and the material was more spandex. The regular bra was more cotton with no plastic lining.

Advertising is in bad taste

I really do wish that the bigger than life window posters could be less x-rated. Is it necessary to have inner thighs exposed to show off the underwear? In this day of rampant immorality, these giant mostly nude girls are not helping and sending the wrong message to young people as they pass by. It is also unnecessary to for families to have to have this so blatantly in their faces.

Rude Service in Ohio

I have to say that I receive several coupons from VS, which keeps bringing me back to the store, however, this time of purchase when I went in to the store in Boardman, OH the sales associate was more concerned about making rude and offensive comments about me coming in just for free panties than she was about keeping a customer happy. I have to say this visit has changed my view on VS and has made me question a return. Instead of a "Have a nice day" to end this horrible experience I got a "Would you like your bag sprayed with our new fragrance because I'm sure you'll be looking for a coupon for a free one." Totally rude and uncalled for...this store's HR needs to reevaluate their associates or I'm sure I won't be the only lost customer across the states...


Do NOT call the number listed here. It is a household number. I just called it and got a very exasperated woman who said it is her home and that people calling about Victoria's Secret all the time.

Terrible Service

I had 3 coupons for free panties, but the store in Anderson, SC was not up-to-date on their information so they would not accept the coupons. I called customer service and complained and they admitted it was the store's fault for not being aware of the new Pink program. The woman with customer service said that I would receive a $30 gift card for compensation for the 3 free panties I lost out on, the woman said it will take 2 weeks to get there. 2 and 1/2 weeks later I called making sure it was shipped; they said yes. I waited 2 more weeks before I gave up and realized that they never shipped it and LIED about it. I am fed up with this expensive ridiculous place!


I am a very LONG time customer of Victoria Secret. I wait patiently for the semi-annual sale. This year I should have not bothered. he Dover DE store never got a green light from corporate and the prices on the panties never dropped. So I bought 10 dollar panties instead of the 2.99 ones (There were no 2.99 ones) Every other store was able to drop their prices, and Dover DE got screwed. I am cancelling my credit card and am just not going to shop at VS anymore. The sales are not even sales.

Sales Associate

OMG, Not 1 good review. I am sure not to walk in another VS anytime soon

Comenity bank

In an attempt to go paperless I missed a payment. I am a good customer in good standing yet after pleading my case, this bank (who only in the last couple years started handling V.S. Angel accounts) informed me they can't/won't do anything when it came to reporting me to the credit agencies. Sadly it seems mutiple complaints have been posted about this financial institution. Going to miss you Victoria's Secret but I refuse to do business with a bank that does not appreciate good customers =[


I went shopping in a Victoria Secret store where a heavy weight picture frame fell off the wall and onto my arm. The associates there told me they are held up on magnets and tried to straighten them. Forget straightening them, one just fell on my arm. I told the manager and all she said was that she was sorry and can I get some ice for you, and that shouldn't have happened. You're right it shouldn't have happened, it could have fallen on someone's head, a baby perhaps. Nevertheless, it fell on my arm and they didn't compensate me in no way shape or form. I called corporate office and am waiting for them to get back to me.

poor service

I arrived. At northern store in AZ 645 the store don't close till 7the doors were locked so now my payment late because your employees want to lock up early. I will be calling the corporate office on this....my payments are never late...

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