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phone service

Verizon is crap....I am having problem with my land line phone and no one has fix the problems. I would never ever tell anyone to over to verizon. They dont care about anything but making money. They allow an elderly person to stay in the house without phone service

Verizon landline service not functional

For the last three months the landline had numerous problems, several technicians came and confirmed that the problem is "somewhere" outside the house, but nobody really fixed anything. the phone still doesn't work. Verizon as the company seem to survive only because they almost have a monopoly on service. Nobody cares about their customers. What a shame to the company and the system, which allows it...

reconditioned phones

I bought a new phone in Nov. 2012 and it broke, would not shut off. They sent me a replacement phone which is a reconditioned phone. I had the phone for 45 min. and it got so hot I needed a pot holder to hold it. I was told that they would send me a brand new phone. I even asked if it was going to be brand new and was told yes. Well it came today it is a reconditioned phone. I have been with Verizon wireless for 18 years. I called and was told that the only way I could get a new phone was a supervisor had to approve it. I was told that the supervisor approved the new phone. I call Samsung and they told me it was the battery and that they had batteries, but verizon didn't have any. I am almost afraid to use this reconditioned phone. You think after 18 years they could send me a new phone, it is only a basic phone. If this is the way they treat their customers then as soon as my contract is up I am going to another company. I bought a service contract on this phone. I can't believe they would want to lose a customer over a 80.00 phone. I have my home phone, and internet through them too. Guess they don't want my money anymore.

Worst service from a company ever!!!!

Had service or lack there of for 6 months now.... still do not have service that is reliable. Verizon still continues to bill me...issues still not resolved. I still cannot get return call from the corporate office.

Customer Service

In this era, customer service is the number 1 issue for businesses. Yet the majority of businesses continue to get it wrong on a daily basis. The show, Undercove Boss, is the best idea i've seen that enables business owners to find out exactly how their company operates, how it is perceived by employees and customers. Smart owners make the appropriate changes when they find out what needs to be done. I think Verizon needs to go under cover and find out how their customers are treated. I challenge you to call in and ask a simple question or make a request from a Supervisor or Manager. Tell them that you've been a customer for more than a decade. A lifelong customer should count for something. There are some businesses that still value lifelong customers and offer incentives to keep them. I ask Verizon to please consider whether $30.00 is worth losing a lifelong customer. From the sound of the numerous dissatisfied customer comments, I'm not the only one. It may be just a slow bleed now with one or two customers leaving, but it will be more difficult to stop a full blown hemmorhage of valuable customers going to other carriers over $30.00 or rude customer service representat6ives. Please review and reconsider. Don't be like ALL the rest. Pride yourself on being different and let others know that you are different..

Customer service

Verizon need lawsuit, so they can get their act together.Never buying their service again.

Unsatisfactory Service

I rate Verizon A -10,I have been tring to get a charge of 249.00 plus off my bill for 7 Months.....I have contacted there customer sevice once,twice a month since October of 2012....And still they are tring to charge me for a motem that was free to begin with...No one follows up like they keep telling me they will....It's been 7 months of hell dealing with this company.....Some one from there Corporate office needs to get involved in this Nightmare.....

Class action suit

Everyone on here needs to get together for a class action suit,Verizon is the worst cell company out here and getting away with charging for things they shouldn't be.....

Free upgrade?

Just went to get my free upgrade on my Verizon phone and was told there is a $30 upgrade fee! What a scam that is. How can they get away with saying its free? I had to pay local tax and state luxury tax along with the $30 fee that totaled $51. I told the salesman he was trying to rip me off and left without upgrade. I will be changing providers.


VERIZON is the worst company in the world to deal with. Beware take your business and hard earned money to another company. AT& T, T-Mobile anywhere but VERIZON. Customer Service reps are rude, arragant, and condescending and can be without reprizal because you can not get anyone in their corporate office to speak to must less file a complaint. Verizon also does not stand behind there customers even when the customer is right. What happended to wanting to keep customers happy. Why should they when we will continue to do business with them eventhough we are wronged. Let's take back our rights and take our business somewhere else. Maybe that will get their attention.


Second phone line shut off without permission Feb. 19, 2013. No one knows why it was shut off. No one knows how to turn it back on, they keep passing the buck. It is now March 6, 2013 and I still do not have the line working. No one calls back when they say they will. Now it is the fault of the IT dept.

Fios phone, the worst

7 Hours on the phone with Fios trying to get call forwarding to work which I need for my sale calls. It still doesn't work. Told them to switch me back to copper, said they did, they lied I am still on fiber, still doesn't work. tech support people don't have clue, waste massive amounts of my time and it is worse when they are done. Avoid Verizon and Fios, they lie, no service, just want your money. I have 30 day free trial. they are gone as of today


At one time tech support was great, but for the last two years it's really bad, automated machine wanting to sell products. Last time called waited 35 minutes no human answering. My router needs resetting twice daily. Have had same one since 2000.

Worst business practices

I was a long time Verizon customer. I went to see about upgrading but was not able at that time. However, nice Verizon rep told me he could save me money on my monthly bill. Well he did *but* * failed * to * mention * the * overages * etc... It is interesting to me how effective the customer service is trained to put the blame on their customers. My thought is the guys/gals who are now rich from this obvious lack of caring what happens to anyone but themselves are laughing hysterically somewhere drinking umbrella drinks in some undisclosed exotic setting. Good for them. Have a few on me. I off to some other deceitful company now...

have not received bill from Verizon, called to make payment arrangements, was told that it was my responsibility to contact provider, and they want payment in 2 payments, for a bill over $1000.00. I had been ill and have been a good paying customer for years, but will terminate service. Have bundled services thru FIOS, cannot "unbundle"....Company needs to provide better customer service, as I, too, will join the ranks leaving this ship to sink.

Horrible customer svc

I have internet svc for 7 years. have always paid my bill online. Verizon continuously changes website to make it better. The only thing that happens is that i am locked out of payingg my internet and my bill is intertwined with another family member. each time that ive called which is too many, i am transferred to 6,7,8,10 people who cannot help and then im disconnected. Im switching soon

not what i ordered

all i wanted was a second line added,was told that i was eligible for a phone up grade cool right so got phone got second line now the bill comes and i have 3 lines 1 of which does not even non- existent . they are refusing to take the third line off my bill...question.how could such a simple request turn in to such a nightmare ?? stuck with 420.00 bill

Refund on prepaid account

Verizon is refusingb to refund the prepaid account of Jerry Kotalik Park Rapids MN who perished on December 25th. If a refund is not administerted I will work the problem through FCC, BBB, and MN AG.


Verizon has lied to me from the very beginning. Now Verizon is trying to rip me off for $310.

I paid my bill in December and got a confirmation message saying they received my payment and thanking me for my payment ad showing I had a zero balance then in jan when I checked to see what me new bill was it showed that the payment I just made was a past due when calling Verizon all they could tell me was on the notes that the treasury department left that said they returned my payment on the January 12,13 for what reason I don’t know and I have been on the phone numerous times trying to get this resolved and it has been going on over a month my bank has NEVER gotten a return payment and have been on the phone with Verizon customer care and financial care department I have talked to supervisor and have told them there was no return payment and it would of only took 3 business days not 20+ days. Verizon needs to take blame and fix the problems they cause with customer and stop pushing it off on the customer I’m done and feel I shouldn’t be the one jumping through hoop to resolve problem Verizon causing. I just want out of my contact and I feel my next step to get my matter resolve will be legal action.

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