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Blight on the Neighborhood

Verizon on Second Avenue and 9th Street insists on their outsized flag, which is posted on the fence of a landmarked building. The store already has a big sign above the door as well as a big sign on the side of the door. Now this HUGE banner is a blight on the neighborhood, and the manager refuses to remove it. It's the ONLY such thing on the ENTIRE stretch of Second Avenue from E. 13th St. to Houston St. (I walked it.) WHY are they so insistent on destroying the integrity of the neighborhood? We residents are not going to take it. Verizon, you are on notice. Get rid of that blasted banner.

always telling me I orderd with the remote

Always charging me for movies and channels we do not purchase and they always blame it on us pressing buttons on the remote. They suck!

verizon does't care about their customers when it comes to a customer complait issue

I'm so mad right now I could spit nails at Verizon customer service reps. they do not care if they correct a problem or not.....I'm seriously thinking of cancelling my service with them

long time customer

Could you change your name back to BELL ATLANTIC.

Verizon are crooks and illegal

Your Verizon after 30 years i have the same phone number the verizon have stole my phone number without my permission for three month now , they have made me to lose all my contacts which for me is very serious issues for me and my family, the verizon pretend that they have put higher speed internet without my permission . For only to steal our money and many more illegal acts and decisions which i will fill lawsuit against verizon


Verison still sucks! And the rating is minus 100.

Verizon has got to be the Worst phone company to do business Verizon did me wrong a number of times and Verizon has lied to me an your customer service I don't know where you got them but they have to be the most stupid people around there one problem after another and I am tired of this.


I've been trying to get DSL service for 2 years now. Verizon refuses to give me new service because they say it's not available in my area. After weeks if research I find out that the owners prior had DSL not to mention ALL my neighbors have it too!! I contacted corporate and I still get the run-around on this. I cannot get any other Internet carrier because Verizon owns the box and will not allow other carriers to provide service. I've even spoke to a Verizon tech and he told me it's a monopoly that Verizon is doing! Wow! I contacted an attorney and he told me they're discriminating against potential new customers because they want us to wait in Fiberoptics in order to pay more than regular DSL. I hate Verizon!!!

Doesn't care about Disabled

Verizon is transferring everyone to FIOS WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION. They don't care that their batteries are only good for 8 hrs. (so if your power is out like mine was for more than 8 hrs. and you need the police, fire, or medical help you are SOL). They do not want to go to the expense of maintaining the copper service.

Verizon is a poor poor business, they have not customer service, you have to be on hold for a hold, every thing about Verizon is poor.

Lack of Service

I'm being pushed into the arms of Time Warner. I've spoken to 3 people from Verizon, over the past few weeks; all of whom promised to call me back with an answer within 24 hours... I'm still waiting..... Been trying to upgrade my service and can't. There's an order pending and no-one can make it go away. SHAME ON YOU!

12 Years Later

I was with Verizon since 2001 but recently needed to budget myself so the phone service was one thing. I was never late on payment, had a $80 credit and was now on month to month. I transferred the number which I had since 1999 and decided to sell the phone for cash. After going to checkesnfree.com, I realized that Verizon destroyed the phone. Criminals are stealing phones off the street and selling without any problem. I was a good customer and paid for my phone but Verizon destoyed the ESN in the phone so it could not be used on Verizon anymore WHY. I thought the world of Verizon and hated leaving but this is how you treat someone that was a good customer what do you do to others.

I have a Mobile HOT SPOT that has not worked since the day it was prchcased form you and I have been paying for the service on a two year contract which Verizon told me I have to pay until the contract is up. I am very dissappointed & upset with you because I spend over $3,000.00 a year for service with you. I need help with returning the item and receiving a refund.


Clearly their is no accountability in customer service or there wouldnt be numerous complaints documented and otherwise. I have tried to address a simple billing issue that could easily be resolved and to my dismay everyone seems to be passing the buck. I really like the service and would love to remain a customer but unfortunately im not sure if that will be the case.


I have gotten nothing but false promises!, I'm extremely disappointed with technical support, customer service & "supervisors", I'm being billed for your services and mind you, DO NOT WORK! I'm so done with your company! I will never recommend a friend or relative for your "services". It's been a long 2 weeks, please hire people who actually go to work to do there job, not just transfer calls! Worst service ever!! I'm happier being at the DMV then calling Verizon!

Phone record

Thinking about changing carriers because I don't want you giving my records to the government. Switched to Verizon 4 to 5 months ago and am on a 2 year plan so may have to get legal assistance to get out of contract but don't want to do business with co. That would do what you'll did! Might make national news "customer sues Verizon to get out of plan because of government abuse". I'll start with Facebook and you tube and see if we can get a movement against your lack of concern for your customers privacy.

Tired of the Drama

I'm so sick and tired of Verizon, empty promises, greedy mentality and horrible customer service. I contacted them to correct an issue, was quoted something and now, I have services added to my bill I didn't even ask for. I call back and they're telling me they can't see things on the account. I'm disconnected all accounts with them.

Ex employee

I worked for prepaid and i see this comment by John about his brother passing, which i am sorry to hear about, but how do you refund a prepay account?..you pay for it first..and if you started to use it..there is no way to get you money back. Some of these people i feel sorry for, others i wish i could give some of my common scence too.

not respect us and bad service

hello sir i inform u that verizon people in el paso tx is bad sevice and not respect us we are deaf they treat us bad and we suffer the people treat us bad why cuz they give us lowest price also turn us down we are not happy with everything is not good enough to make deal to me nothing they just want $$$ that all not help us not enough .i let u know how i feel about these people .

JOHN, Manager in Retention

Today was one of the worst days dealing with Verizon. I spoke with a Manager in Retention Department who refused to honor my gift card offer from 13 months ago. I have called relentlessly for the past 13 months and have been given false promises. I'm still waiting on the $350 gift card.

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