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The worst insurance company in America. They constantly give you the run around. you cannot get a straight answer from anyone. There customer service is the worst I have every seen in my life. They constantly prevent you from speak with their directors or CEO. And I would never do business with them. The company is ran like a maze. They want let you speak to anyone who can resolve your payor issue.


Cannot get a straight answer regarding in network radiology facilities....your websites information even confuses your own people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AARP should do a better job of deciding who to contract with to provide Part D Medicare services. Without going into detail, this company doesn't know how to communicate to its clients in a factual manner. Form letters with a "one size fits all" message were my problem with this company and customer service doesn't recognize the that there is a problem. On top of that, tried to contact by phone the individual who signed the last letter, Sam George, Director of Part D Billing and Enrollment. Corporate headquarters didn't know who he was, Customer Service didn't know who he was and Sales did not know who he was. DOES HE EXIST? You got me.

There's nothing wrong with United HealthCare that isn't wrong with every other medicare related insurance out there. They're all just trying to save seniors money on hospital visits and prescription drugs. Clients are given or are given the opportunity to recieve ALL the information before they enroll in a plan. If you don't save money with the plan, don't use it. It's as simple as that. I'm fairly certain that most of these people have nothing better to do than complain on the internet. Have a good day everyone.

Be very careful if you apply for Medicare-RX plan D. Fnd another plan. They are theiving vipers. They wrote me a letter after the fact that they were going to take three months premiun pay from my aunt's meager little social security check. They stated it was an error that had occured, but shouldn't affect her. Ultimately leaving her $146.00 to live off of for the month. Trying to get this straighten out is horrible. Why in the world would AARP endorse someone like these snakes. They all must be in the bed together.

As a provider of service in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We bill for services, follow UHC policy, supply all the medical records, then only to be told that we did not meet criteria for the patient. The catch is that UHC paid the hospital for the use of the facility. Also, when UHC is billed, when they key in the wrong codes, and still they will not process claims as they were billed. Very frustrating for the providers and patients, because after months and months of appealing the UHC faulty processing and requesting correct processing, nothing ever gets done. Ultimatly the patient gets straddled with the bill.

Customer service very poor at best. After bilateral surgery in august and a lilies problem and know my feet. My doctor ordered a Eco and united denided payment of $2100 because of the code. This whole insurance process is extremely stressful . I'm on disabiliy and money is tight. I only did what my doctor had ordered. Does anyone at this company care about patients and what they go through.

Yesterday we received notice by e-mail that our plan is being cancelled TODAY because we didn't supply UHC with information they never asked for. This is Kafka-esque, but UHC is not alone in corporate sadism. They have been studying Verizon...

You people need to go check your stores and don't let the managers do it ! I have told my boss and he said don't worrie about it it wasint my job!!! time to blog this on another site thank and have a great day! o by the way the store is in Naples Florida store #978

Very bad. Three quarters of the doctors listed in the state directory don't participate in united's program. There is no number at United Healthcare to talk to and the operators won't let you talk to anyone. They won't let you speak with anyone....I am getting out of this plan. Terible consumer service!

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