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As a 30 year good standing customer, I am suspending all business with US Bank. Last November, the overdraft protection fee went from $2.00 to $10.00 and the monies transferred for the protection was reduced from $200.00 to $50.00 At the same time this happened my son (in early 20's) was told he may have a brain tumor. Needless to say, our world fell apart. I was gone several weeks to assist him , knowing I had a credit card backing up my checking, which usually carries a $30000.00 to $40000.00 balance. I was charged $10.00 six times in a four day period by US Bank for the overdraft to kick in. When I called to reverse these hefty charges, they were indifferent to my long and good history with them. Worst of all, a supervisor was rude and insensitive to the crisis I responded to. He said I should have been on top of the change (the letter which informed me of it was in my mail box when I returned. He belittled me for not "staying on top of personal business". Recently, our paper told of the many hidden fees three bigger banks were attaching to customers. There was a list of smaller creditable endorsed banks which were actually fair and respectful to it's customers. I closed up credit cards, mortgage and several accounts. IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST MOVES I EVER DID. I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO SUPPORT BANKS THAT KNOW HOW TO BE HUMAN How did a law pass anyway, which gives corporations the same rights as humans!!! Boy were we asleep.

I started to re fi a first and a heloc in Oct. They lost my file, fired my mortgage broker Spent 4 months with people that said they would call back, never happened.Major brain damage.Told 7 times that I am in there private banking sector and will be treated with kid gloves. Please take me out.

I had my purse stolen. I closed my acct with US Bank. After closing my account a check that I had deposited in my old acct was returned (NSF). This sparked the interest of the fraud dept of the bank, they reopened the acct which I closed. The next day I went in with a cashiers check in the amount of the NSF check, which they held. I then closed my acct again. The bank reopened my acct; the reason why they opened my acct is due to bank error. They allowed my internet banking activity on my newly opened acct to trickle through my old acct and I have incurred fees from the bank, cancelled auto policy, late mortgage fees, late fees on credit cards and the list goes on. The old acct is still open and they say they cannot close it. I have 3 other accts with this bank, why cant they close this one? The bank manager tells me he will call me back, he doesn't... I am frustrated, angry and at a total loss of how to deal with this.

Lets just put it this way , it is 100x times safer to go buy a safe and put money in it then to let USBANK handal it ...

This bank just bought my home loan from my original lender and now says I must have a smaller deductable than 2%.....This bank is Terrible.......

My experience with US Bank has to go along with the three strikes and your out rule. The first problem I had with this bank was the fact that I had run out of checks, reordered, but because I had run out of checks, went into the branch to get a couple of counter checks until my new order arrived. They gave me three counter checks and then told me that if I used any of them there would be a two dollar charge per check. How nice! My second problem happened a few months later when I had a document that needed to be notorized. I went into my branch and asked the teller if I could get a document notorized and she told me no. Then she proceedes to tell me that only banking documents can be notorized by the bank. Can you feel the love and warmth I am getting from this bank. Now, comes the real deal breaker. I have a saving account in a different bank, because of a better interest rate, but I have set up a direct deposit transfer with the other bank and US Bank. I am taking care of some financial business, so I request a transfer from my other account to my account at US Bank. I check a couple of days later and the transfer has not been made. I call the other bank to find out what is going on and they tell me that when they called my US Bank brance just to have them say that I had a open account at this US Bank branch, the person at my branch would not confirm that I even had an active account at this branch, thus the transfer was not made. I had to make some fast phone calls to put my financial tranactions on hold. Is the US Bank really a part of the 21st century. Well, this was the straw that broke this camels back and I can assure you that right after the first of the new year, my money will be moved and my US Bank account closed and you can be assured I will not have anything good to say about US Bank.

The bank is full of crooks starting with Richard K. Davis (richard.k.davis@usbank.com.). They purchased a fraudulent loan and refuse to help. They are very arrogant told me do not email or call anymore because they will disregard. Told me if the home is foreclosed, short sale, or any other loss I would still be responsible for the difference. I am basically stuck. But I believe in karma. I am broke and have no credit now. I have had no heat for over a month the temperature is 14 below wind chills and my pipes are freezing and was told by Ty Lohr in the executive office that was my problem I just need to pay the loan nothing else matters. I have not had a car now for 8 months because I cannot afford tires, gas, or insurance. But Mr. Davis with his $850,000 plus annual salary does not have a clue from his view as he looks down on the rest of us. Would never voluntarily work with this bank again.

just a little question, why do I have to pay for one query which is to ask exactly how much in penalties and fees an account was charged. I got 8 months from the bank (which I was supposed to have been taken off this account years ago, but it was to the banks advantage I wasn't) (Go figure) But in the 8 months, this account was charged 3000.00 in FEES! Now come on if that isn't rape, what is? So I wanted to know how much in 3 years? No can do, I have to pay for each month. Well since I am broke because of the way this account was handled, I'm screwed. I will bet you that the charges would amount to 10,000.00 in 3 years. So I think you made enough money. Why didn't this account just be shut down. Wells Fargo had an overdraft of 6 dollars and they closed it. I went and thanked them. (on my sons part) You have totally ruined my life. Oh and I got a credit card for my son to learn banking and the limit was for 500.00 dollars. And you quickly let him have 5000.00 dollars. Gee guess who had to pay that? You guys are stupid. You thrive on ripping off people. You will laugh at this complaint. I pray to God that all your children go in to deep debt and ruin theirs and yours lives over finances. I have lost 4 years of my life to depression, and it will go on. Oh, once again, no Christmas tree or lights or gifts again this year. By the way this whole ordeal costed my husband and I 25,000.00 thousand dollars in the end....Enjoy! Linda Hoffman

Ever since our bank was bought out by U.S. Bank we are constantly receiving phone calls and mail with a sundry of solicitations for various types of insurance, surveys, and other products and credit card and loan solicitation and even have received an unsolicited credit card in the mail! It seems this bank has no limit to employing their advantage off of their own customers! Perhaps the attorney general of Minnesota can rein in their unsolicited blood sucking selling and marketing!

RIP OFF AND DO NOT CARE ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE. I was making a transaction at U.S. Bank at a Dominics store. I gave the cashier dimes and nickes totaling $1.00 total and asked her to give me four quarters. I placed the dimes and nickels on the top of the counter which she took. I also placed two dollars of pennies. But when she smerked at me. I told her I would donate the pennies to Cancer Fund At the Dominics Customer Service Desk. Then, I went to the store and proceeded to pay at the cashier. I always carry my debt card so the bill was 28.01 and the cashier from Dominics said do you have a penny? I said no but I have a quarter. I started to dig in my pockets and realized the girl at the bank never gave me my 4 quarters. I walked over to the bank and the bank had just closed so I caught both employees going out the door. I told her she shorted me. She said she didn't I emptied my pockets and my purse on the table and showed her that she did not give me the quarters. She told me that there is a T.V. screen and they would check. I called the store manager the next day and complained that I did not like being cheated and I did not appreciate the way the girl lied to me. That evening I came into the bank and saw the manager and asked him what he found he told me nothing. I told him there is a TV screen right where I was standing and that I wanted to see the transaction. Because she cheated me. I have seen the manager several times and he never said anything. I have called the 1-800 u.s. banks number several times and spoke to bankers and managers and told them my complaints but nobody does anything about it. today on 11-5-10 i again called the bank and asked him why nobody contacted me by phone, email or u.s postal mail. Again I got no answer. In the meantime the employee quit her job right after I confronted her. $1.00 may not be a large amount of money but it is the fact that I got cheated and the employees of U.S Bank are not forwarding this information to the higher ups. How many other people have they cheated. I could have had overdrafts but I was lucky that this didnt happen. I am waiting for a reply from you. Thank you

CALL 1-800-925-4324 IN MINNESAPOLIS, MINNESOTA. 612-331-7388 IN MINNEAPOLIS,MINNESOTA OR 612-659-2000 WHICH IS CORPORATE OFFICE LOCATED AT 800 NICOLLET MALL, MINNEAPOLIS, MN. 5402 Presidents name is Richard K. Davis. Exec. Vice President, Human Resources is Jennie P. Carlson Vice Chairman andChief Financial officer is Andrew Cecere

The Office of the Corporate Secretary U.S. Bancorp BC-MN-H21O 800 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis, MN 55402-4302 WRITE TO THEM YOUR COMPLAINT.

This is the worst bank in the world!!!! I tried to close my account with this bank after I move to a new area. They refused to close the account saying I had to closed it where I opened it. I could not get back to the original place I opened the account so I let the account sit. The account went under the limit due to the bank charge for the account. Then they charged a $5.00 a day charge to the account for being under the limit. However, when I owed them $350.00, due to the charges, they closed the account, which is what I had originally asked them to do $350.00 ago. I am also on an account with this bank along with my disabled son. They withdraw the $350.00 from my sons account to pay for a charge I had no intention on paying. I wouldn't give them a poor score, that is to nice for this company that rips off disabled people. I would rate them more like a "Crook". I closed all my accounts with this bank. Would never recommend them to anyone.

this Bank has THE worst customer service I have ever encountered. I has taken alomst three weeks to recieve a replacement card. I called 6 times with no help at all. they say that they'll call back in 24-48 hours, which they do not. So i call them back and they say that they'll have to call me back in 24-48 hours...Again. Every question I ask, they just keep repeating the same response over and over, not answering the question. Piss Poor Customer service. I have lost almost $400 becauase of their admitted errors. But there is no relief, no compensation, no help. Just "I Apologize". But apologies doesn't pay the bills!!!

Can't find usbanks corporate phone #.. Bank in hacienda heights valid has large ficous tree next to ready teller ouside. Perfect spot to hide and rob someone. Told manager over five times and nothing done. Think I will see what the news media can do. Manager of bank no speaky good English .

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