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Since you have nothing below a 1 (POOR) this is the worst score I can give you regarding your lack thereof of customer service. If I had known about the poor reputation of this financial institution I would have gone else where for my loan, and would even have paid a higher percentage rate. Thanks for not helping me at all "Charles"

I have had a checking account go to negative balance twice in my life. Both at US Bank. The first time I deposited 80% cashed 20% of a US Bank account payroll check, that is correct a payroll check issued from another account at US Bank, and after the teller having access of both accounts and in essence verify the other check was good. They bounced it out of my account. This caused about $150.00 in fees that manager first offered to waive 50% of. Then, as if she was doing me some great favor that was made clear it would never be repeated, she waived them all. I offered at that time to move my account elsewhere so then I could cash checks written on US Bank and not worry about it, and OMG I wish I would have. I quit using this much at all. I owned a bar and usually had enough cash on hand to cover all my expenses. I mainly used to debit card at other bars to open tabs. This was 100% my fault. I made 3 transactions totaling $113.92. I was well aware that a $33 automatic overdraft fee would be implemented bringing my negative balance to $213.00. However I did not realize that I over drafted the account until the 3 little cards came in the mail. I immediately went to bank with my $220.00 in hand ready to make this right within moments of checking the mailbox. When I arrived I told the teller what I had done and presented the money to "get my balance in the positive". The teller told me I needed to deposit almost $590.00 to bring my account to the positive. ?!?!?!?!? How is that I asked? She said it would appear there has been 3 insufficient funds charges for every day this week. I have not used this account since last weekend I told her. She said that was correct but the INSF charges are for INSF charges that have been posting to an account that could not cover them. ?!?!?!?!?!? You are bouncing bounce fees? She said it would appear so, I think you need to talk to our manager. Assured this would be quickly fixed I took a sear and soon enough met with a very nice lady. She reviewed the account and said "OH DEAR, this is not right". No problem I said, just take the wrong fees off my account and I pay what I owe and all is well. "Well, there is one problem. You see only the manager at the branch you physically opened your account can adjust any fees on your account." OK, can you call her and arrange that for me. She said she would and I said as soon as it was done I would return and square up. Next week came and still no resolution. So I called, as I now lived 3 hours from the branch I opened my account at and talked to same lady I dealt with over the first issue. In a very very brief conversation she explained to me that she had been very clear that would not wave any more fees for me two years prior when dealing with the mistake that was US Banks fault, admittedly. This is all documented. After 75 days I was finally able to get US Bank to remove the illegal INSF charges from the account!!!! VICTORY, one would think. But when dealing with US Bank, you never win. You see 65 of those 75 days they were charging me a $8/day negative balance fee. They have pursued me through collections for $743.00 which was initially reported to my credit. I proved exactly what happened to the collection agency and they dropped the collection from credit report and returned the account to US Bank. Keep in mind that this entire time I have the $213.00 that is owed to US Bank. Rather than looking at all of this and saying, OK we do not get to screw you over, give us our $213.00 and we will call it good, they have submitted my case to another collection agency. Two years later.... Collection phone calls. After I have proven to first agency and all 3 credit agencies that it is not legitimate debt. I have been watching my credit report closely and if they manage to get this back on there... I will probably be spending their $213 on bail. LOL :) The morale here is do not do business with US Bank. I heard the horror stories and even experienced some of their "screw the customer any way you can policies" first hand and I was still stupid enough to do business with them. It is a real possibility that US Bank will screw you in the end. Once they get their claws in you they are not going to let go. I know that it would be best for me to just pay the money and learn a lesson, but they know that too. That is why they have done it. That is why they will continue to do it.

I have been using US Bank on Blaine in Moscow Idaho. I had a female named Gabby set up my automatic bill pay to pay my Avista each month. She started by setting it up on a 'closed account'. When I checked on-line it said Avista was 'PAID', but I wasn't able to get into any other bill pay information other than that, for any of my accounts on bill pay. Then miss Gabby logged in to my on-line account using my password and username and other login information, she is who set up my on-line bill pay and she reset my on-line account, when she was helping do these things she asked me to write down my info I wanted to use for logging in and handed me a piece of paper, and I did it. I did not think she would use the info to actually login to my account with out my knowledge or permission and continue making changes to my bill pay and my accounts. because of all the ways that Gabby 'helped' me I had my electricity shut off I have been charged numerous fee's and charges, lost my comfort level through Avista I have made well over 15-20 phone calls to 800-us-banks and was tols that the female handling my investigation is "sweeping it under a rug" and that they would make sure they have a proper or real investigation.finally, I deposited a refund check from Avista that was sent because of another mistake by 'Gabby', I made the deposit on-line on 5/28/2011, when it didn't show up on my account I called 800-us-banks again to find out why, I was told because of the holiday and the weekend that it wouldn't be available until Tues. I called over the weekend to the 800# and asked to have the deposit 'CANCELED', well it showed up anyway on my account, big surprise, and then today, I get a certified letter from the branch on Blaine, signed by the manager, NANCY KRASSELT who I have to say is just as nasty,and as big a liar and idiot as her employee Gabby, this letter is informing me my accounts will be closed 6/22/2011, well this happens to be my birthday, so I guess Happy Birthday to me!!!!!, I can't think of a better gift than to be rid of the slime and scum that work at the Blaine branch and the disaster that calls themselves US Bank.

do your research on us bank in poplar bluff,mo before you go there. HOME LOANS

I think class action may be the way to go. They should not be able to change the terms of your IRA in the middle of the investment period. Whether it's 3 months or 59 months the fees that were in place on day one should be the fees on the maturity date. Some might call it a breach of contract.

Now I know what it is like to be robbed by a bank....It makes me sick to even think that they can get away with increasing the minimum balance of an IRA from $5,000 to $25,000...Did the cost of their country club fees and high priced hookers just go up for their executives?


I called US Bank today, and I was told by their customer service that my account was being handle by a different department. The representative indicated he couldn't transfer my call however, he could provide me with the phone#'s. Upon calling the #'s, I was very much disturbed, the phone#'s I was provided, were Adult Pornographic #'s. When I called US Bank again, I was given the run around.

Thought this was a good bank in Poplar Bluff.MO, but when we went to get a home loan we found out diffrent. Closing date had to be changed 5 times because RUSS CLICK kept forgetting to have things done, such as house inspection etc. If I had it to do over I would go to another bank. PLEASE do your research on this bank

Do notice that U.S. bank has just tripled its "fee" for having your IRA, depending on the amount in it, from $10 to $30. Neither Wells Fargo nor Golden One charges any "fee" for having your I.R.A. I am moving mine. Write your Senator and say you support Elizabeth Warren being given power to supervise banks. She is on our side.

I am leaving US Bank after some years as a customer. I got married this past weekend. My wife went and obtained her new Illinois driver's license (with her correct name and new address, which is the residence I have lived at for the past 3 years, in a home that US Bank holds the mortgage on). She also went to the Social Security office to get a new Social Security card. They gave her a form to carry with her new name, address and social security number to carry until her new card arrives. We took these documents to the local branch of US Bank along with a certified copy of our marriage certificate. According to the person who spoke with us, these documents were not sufficient to add my wife to my bank accounts. The hang-up, according to this very snotty banker, was that the driver's license had been issued recently enough that they could not use that as proof of address. We were asked if we had a utility bill with her name and address, and we told them "of course not, we just got married on Saturday." I explained to them that the state of Illinois and the US Government documents should be proof enough to get my wife on my accounts. I did not see how a utility bill would be more convincing than what we provided. The woman "helping" us got up and walked to an office, where she talked to someone who I assumed was her supervisor. The woman returned and confirmed that we would need something like an electric bill or water bill to prove my wife's new address, or we would have to wait until at least 50 days after the driver's license had been issued. I told the woman that if the documentation I had was not sufficient to add my wife to my accounts then I would find another bank to do business with. At this point she got up and went to the office again, and returned with her supervisor. The supervisor told me in a very nasty tone of voice that they had to have the documentation that they were asking for so that they would pass government audits in how they handled bank accounts. I told her that I would take my business elsewhere and we left. I called US Bank corporate and the person I talked to could not tell me if that was the proper way to handle the situation or not as she was not sure what the rules were. The agent on the phone put me on hold while she called another US Bank branch office, who essentially confirmed that the other branch was follwing established procedure. A couple of hours later I called my local hometown bank and was told that the documentation we had would be more than sufficient to open an account with them. Tomorrow morning we will go open an account with our local bank and then I will proceed to close my US Bank accounts and tell them where to shove their procedures.

Very bad service / bank. Closed my account 3 years ago and still getting calls claiming I owe $$. Violating Fair Debt Collection Act and had to file formal complaints against them.

I had my mailbox tampered with and and there was fraud on my account I contacted the fraud department and infomred them of the situation the branch that i was dealing with at the timemade a bank error and transferred funds which should have been left in the account which caused an overdraft to the fraud account which they took money out of my new account to cover the banks error and that is not fair they screwed up my account and now I am left to deal with it

If you need the corporate number it is (651) 466-3000. I have had the same experiences, they had better get my money back..

IM MY OPINION US BANK are a BUNCH of MONEY GRUBBING Theives. Someone needs to file a class action lawsuit, becuase they take money from you even if it clears in the positive. They say that the hold amount goes into the negative and they charge you. They don't take into consideration that merchants might accidentally double hold an account, might reverse a charge, or might eventually drop the hold due to improper informaiton. So even if they do this, you are still charged becasue their is not way to see what hold were actually on there at the time of the statement. US Bank does not care that the account actually cleared in the positive. ALL US BANK PEOPLE NEED TO GET TOGETHER AND SUE THEM FOR TAKING OUR MONEY.

The worst customer service I've ever had to deal with. I had a lease converted to a loan and due to a bank error had to make extra payments towards the lease. Once the loan was finalized, my extra payments were not included in the payoff. It took 3 months of phone calls and explanations before they realized they were wrong. Now, ready to payoff the loan, they are saying the do not have my car title. This is a bunch of crap.. They just faxed a copy of it to me two weeks ago.. They are also saying in will take 2-5 weeks to get the title to me once the loan is paid. Crazy.. I strongly urge looking elsewhere for any banking needs.

Well I thought this bank was a good deal. As long as I head pennies they catered to me. Now that I planned on depositing big buck, its a hassle. First they put my check on hold for 7 days after telling me they would verify it within 3 and post it. This didnt happen and I was given the runaround. I can agree more with the snobby and ignorant people that work for this bank. With this im going to take my 256k dollar and put it with wells fargo. Like them or not. Good riddins USBANK.

I have been a customer of US Bank for several years. Several months ago I put my 18 year old on my checking account because he didnt want his own checking account but, wanted to be able to cash his checks. He no longer needs this service so I go in to have my sons name removed on my account. They said they couldnt remove his name, that they would have to close the account. THAT IS CRAP!! It is my account and that should be my decision. I just bought new checks plus the fact that I have a direct deposit going into my account which is going to take a act of congress to change. Yes I am going to get a new account but, this time I will go to Wells Fargo. The customer service at this bank stinks...some smug, arrogant young guy practising what little power they give him. I hope people will research US Bank before doing business with them.

I am handicapped - they screw us too ya know. Us Bank told me a tranaction would cost me $33 in over draft fees. thye then juggled the transactions as thye saw fit and the $33 overdaft be 4 to a tune of $96.00. At the same time employees lieed to me in phone conversations. I recorded them. told them I needed the monye as a result of my handicap inabilty to return to the bank next day and thye reassured me on ly one overdraft tranaction would appear on the account. All previous tranactions that day by pin had allredy cleared. the next day they processed the tranaction and spead the tranaction over 2 days and 4 seperate overdraft fees incurring. All were instant tranactions by thier represenatives words that state are 99.99 % infalable. Andbank records immediartely calcualte. But I guess when your embezzleing money for the handicapped and old I suppose its ok. Maybe should post the recordsing all over the net.. Libery and justice for who? Sure isnt the cripple or anybody else it seems. US Bank? yeah right!

I am handicapped - they put it to us as well ya know. Us Bank told me a transaction would cost me $33 in over draft fees. Thye then juggled the transactions already cleared using pin numbers at time of tranaction, as they saw fit and the $33 overdaft became 4 tranactions to a tune of $96.00. On the phone at the same time employees lied to me in phone conversations. I recorded them. I expressed to them I needed the money as a result of my handicap inabilty to return to the bank next day and they reassured me only one overdraft transaction would appear on the account. All previous tranactions that day by pin had allredy cleared. As the recorded tranaction list showedwith balance on account not in the red. The next day they processed the tranactions again in a order to create 4 seperate overdrafts on the account and spread the transaction over 2 days. All were instant tranactions by thier represenatives words that state are 99.99 % infalable. And bank records immediartely calcualte as at the time thye had cleared but over nit ethey became uncleared to embezzle for this handicapped guy. But I guess when your embezzleing money for the handicapped and old I suppose its ok, and government doesnt care. Maybe should post the recordsing all over the net.. Libery and justice for who? Sure isnt the cripple or anybody else it seems. US Bank? US? Shez I dont think so!

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