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I originally signed up for a totally free over 50 checking acount with them, when I moved I did not close it imediately as I had it connected to some online payments. Well, they got my address change and I recieved on statement and started recieving regular advertisements from them (at least 2 a month) but for months they failed sending out statements. This did not worry me as I keep a good track of my deposits and withdrwawls, and had totally free checking. I discovered that they had stopped sending out statements to the correct address(they had no trouble with advertisements), as a rouse to cover the fact that they were charging me $9 a month maintenance fee now. Additionally, the charged me $5 for each statement they sent to the wrong address -- their advetisements still coming fine. They claiming they notified me while charging me for the returning mailings of statements. The US Bank is totally disreputable in my opinion. Avoid -- this will no doubt be one of the first banks to try to steal your money when another crisis occurs.

i recieved a cashiers check from this bankhow can this even . i had a bank varify this check with the number on it. they varified my name and the amount of the cashiers check twice over the phone. i had problems cashing it due to an identity theft situation i have been dealing with. a friend cashed it for me. then a week later i was told it was fraudulent and that the bank pulled the money outta his account. now im having to repay him. how is it possible for a bank to varify it twice over the phone and outta no where its a fraudulent check? isnt a cashiers check paid for like a money order? how can this be possible?

I've been dealing with US Bank for a couple of years now. Last month my mortgage payment (a check from US Bank to BofA) was stolen from my mail box. I went to US Bank and put a stop payment on that check which they charged me $30.00! I then called BofA and asked that they take the money out of my US Bank checking account to cover the mortgage payment. When they went to do that, US Bank declined to pay them. My branch of US Bank then told me to go directly to a BofA bank and pay it there and get a receipt. I did that and again my check was returned! My mortgage payment is now late and has accrued late fees and if my credit is dinged for this I am going to be hopping mad!!!!! US Bank told me they saw the amount was the same and stopped payment on my checks - THEY COMPLETELY IGNORED THE CHECK NUMBER I PUT ON THE STOP PAYMENT! Right now I'm in the process of taking ALL of my money out of this bank because they are unreliable and sloppy!!! Oh, they would not return my 30.00 saying that they did stop the two checks (but not the one I put the stop payment on)...sweet? They're losing a customer over this bullshit!

I just received a $33.00 overdraft charge from USBANK. I called the minute I saw that my account was overdrawn online(several days ago) and asked them to transfer money from another account I had there to the overdrawn account, which they did and it put my account in a positive balance. Now, several days later they are charging an overdraft, when it's already been corrected? I called their customer service reps there and spoke to two of them and also a supervisor, and no one would remove the $33.00 overdraft fee. I was overdrawn only $12.00, but they charged me a $33.00 overdraft fee. I have read several recent banking articles online which state that USBANK (as of 2010) is charging only a $10.00 overdraft fee if you're overdrawn $20.00 or less, but apparently this is not true. With the economy as it is today and people being out of work you'd think that they would care about their customers. I have been a customer for over 10 years and I also have a business account with them......but that is about to change!!

The light above the night deposit box has been out for months. Talk about dangerous, wonder what would happen if we got robbed? Probably nothing... We have called and went in the bank to complain and they will not fix it. Then yesterday they threw our change order at my manager and refused to count the money. They called an hour later and told us that we shorted them $5 and they were taking it out of our account. but we didn't short them so they STOLE money out of our account! Lex is so rude when my husband called in the change order he hung up on my husband! I wish we could change banks but we are part of a franchise and don't have a choice.

With the increasing number of banks jumping on the band wagon I would suggest that US Bank NOT conform to the "lemmings". Customers of other banks will be moving to another bank for services. US Bank could be on the forefront. I see that there are complaints in your customer service. I haven't had any, but I noticed at other banks the service of friendly and courtious service varies, even so much as including racial impliments and shouldn't be allowed, but it does exist. I am preparing to turn over my personal accounts to US Bank. Thare have been too many anti-public activities by some of the other major banks in the line of mortgages, services, and customer appreciation. PLEASE don't conform to the other banks' ways, and I believe the public will thank you with their patronage.

It took over 4 hours and 5 trips to finally open an LLC checking account which should only have taken 30 minutes maximum .. The employee had to call her manager several times during the next to the last encounter for instruction in which her manager said Her Food Was Burning .. What a way to run a business .. Still my wife went back to US Bank the next day to finish up only to be told, "The employee will not be in until 10:30 (AM) and she is the only one that can work on this. Holy Cow .. I assume they finally opened the account for her. We have been with this @#$% bank for 10 years. USB Sucks!!!!


Don’t you care that most of your customers are complaining about your employees? Don’t you want to do something? It may be a waste of time but I will still add my complaint to the pile, if anyone cares. However, this is the last minutes I will devote to this. She (Tanya Le) is your problem not mine. I have been banking for over 20yrs & have never experienced such behavior before. Tanya Le, a teller (at U.S. Bank South Pasadena, CA 91030) is arrogant, snobby, and ignorant of her bank duties especially wire transfer. Sadly, it doesn’t end in just arrogance. She gets very hostile while trying to cover-up her lack of knowledge. Other tellers see her but they don’t say anything. But she still tries to pull them into her drama to create confusion & a window for her escape. Her wicked hostility toward customers should never be allowed. Also, its embracing that the one person in the branch, Tanya, who is supposed to know about wire transfer, does not. On 8/26/11, I got to the branch around 12noon. Tanya told me that other customers do not fill out wire form if they come before 1pm, yet she insisted that I have to fill it out, which I did. Although, I filled out the form completely, she was interrogating me, rolling her eyes, & asking lots of inappropriate questions (in her own words, to ensure it wasn’t stolen). She treated me like a criminal. Criminals probably get better treatment than I did. I was there for almost 3 hrs. Then, she told me that I missed the cut off time, that it will be sent on Monday. On 8/29/11, I called about the transaction. She claimed she sent it. I wanted the confirmation # or reference # but she did not give it to be. She didn’t allow me to ask any more questions. She called me names & hang up the phone on me. I was mortified/ humiliated again, so I did not call back. She puts working women to shame. I waited but the wire never got there, so I had to sell my shares & take > $18000 lost on margin call. A week later she called me & told me the wire did not go through & couldn’t tell me why. I told her what she cost me & insisted to know why. She said because I wrote business investment on the form. Why will telling the truth & writing business investment (for my brokerage acct) prevent a wire transfer? So, I knew she was lying. I told her there is no need sending it anymore since I lost the money I was trying to protect in my portfolio. She said she already re-sent it, so I called my broker & they wired it back to my US bank acct. On 9/16/11, I went in again for wire transfer & the same nightmare happened with Tanya’s behavior. On Monday, 9/19/11, I called to check on the transaction but was told she did not send it because she needs the swift code. I gave her both the swift code & IBAN # on 9/16/11 twice (on the US bank wire form & another paper with all the wire information stapled to the back of the wire form). On 9/20/11, I called her & she still hasn’t sent the wire. She insisted that I come in & fill out another form & she hung up the phone on me again. I usually work away when things happen; I do not complain but this is over the top. I realize my silence is escalating this behavior, so I called the bank manager but he wasn’t available. I went to a different branch & had a smooth transaction. It only took 10mins, very easy, & no drama. There are other banks out there, no need to put up with a nightmare teller. Even if you teach her wire transfer & send her to customer service training, she will still be a train rack waiting to happen, she needs to be fired. Tanya is a grown woman pretending to be a child. She does not conduct business transaction in a professional manner. In spite of all these, I was nice to her & never called her names or did anything to aggravate her short fuss. I was very professional; it was in my best interest to complete the wire. However, no matter how much information I give her she still gets aggravated. She claims her branch gets low daily visits but they still make her do all the work. Therefore, she called me nonsense & overbearing. She stated that she is very busy & don’t have time for nonsense woman.

i have been having major issues with US bank home mortgage and their home equity department. It has taken me almost 2 months to finally supposedly get my account straightened out. When i asked yesterday what some fees were that were on my transaction statement and how much my september payment should be as 3 people have told us 3 different amounts the following was the response i got today. read below and see why this bank is so screwed up. i have filed complaints with the BBB and the illinois attorney generals office and im also going to send all of my paperwork in to my congressmen so this hopfully dosent happen to someone else as they have made my life hell for 2 months and even threatened to forclose on a loan that for the past 5 years has been paid a month in advance. i wonder if there is some shady business going on. Nothing was getting done for me until i complained to the ethics department, the president of the bank, the head of teh board of dire4ctors and a few of their board members. how sad that it had to come to that and it was a bank error the whole time below is what the gentleman tells me when i ask how much i should pay and about fees. you would think with all of my problems he would have made the extra effort with an unsatisfied customer to help them. and it was still in collections until yesterday ************************************************************************************* Information is on a need to know basis at US Bank. I mainstreamed this account on 8/31/11 once it was determined that the account was current; thus I do not have access to this information since I do not need to know it :) You should be able to access online banking and/or go to branch to access your account information. Thanks, Justin Grinstead Real Estate Officer Default Management - Minneapolis (fka Foreclosure Management Group (FAMG)) Phone: (612) 973-0738 Fax: (612) 973-3661 Email address: justin.grinstead@usbank.com

This bank sucks and has the worst customer service ever

Not going to go into my entire ordeal...(cuz it would sure piss off even the most calm person) But to sum up my experience in one word (hmmm-what would the best word be--Horrible, Excruciating, the worst experience ever) Yep I think that pretty much sounds superb! Thanks for nothing US Bank.....including a way to get ahold of corporate......Booooooooooo to US Bank

Mortgage Division Have refused to remove a negative credit for one month that was caused by their staff.Dillion Rose is a liar .Told me months ago he would resolve the issue and is avoiding calls and e-mails from me . A coward as well.

The US Bank is proudly the worse bank that has ever existed on American soil. Not only did Richard K. Davis, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of U.S. Bancorp pocket the entire payment of 6.6 million received from the Government intended for a bailout! In his paycheck of 6.7 million, Mr. Davis supports customer unfriendly policies that are intended to refuse customers access to their money. Example: I have two girls that are in a foreign country, after losing all means of payment they were in a circumstance that would require them to return to the US. In order for this to happen I would have to buy them plane tickets online and get them home! Well I did so and the airline called and said that the payment had been denied due to a limit that was set on my account by Mr. Davis policies; according to the Branch Manager this was to protect me! I asked the Branch Manager to raise the limit so that I could pay for the tickets and get my girls home! The branch manager said he could do this but it would take at least 24 hours, (another policy from Mr. Davis) well 30 hours later the limit was still not raised, my girls are still in a foreign country with no funds, I called US Bank again, explained to them that my daughters are stranded in a foreign country with no funds and cannot return to the US without, US Bank raising my daily spending limit. I was then told I would have to wait until Monday, two more days, and if I was lucky then it would be raised and then I could finally get the so needed tickets to get my girls home! Well Mr. Davis I sure hope that if you have children that you never have to go thru something like this, the helpless feeling of your most beloved in a foreign country with no money and means to feed or shelter themselves, not to mention no means of coming home, and are at the mercy of a bank to release your money so that you can do what every father wants to do, protect and love for your children! Mr. Davis your bank is the most customer unfriendly and your employees are an embarrassment to the working world. There is no compassion for their customers or their needs, and they are so fixed on your company policies that they put my children in danger and left them homeless in a foreign country.

0 stars. Same complaint as many others: your San Mateo branch in Santa Fe, NM gave poor customer service. I'll write your CEO directly.

On July 27th a check cleared my account in the amount of $160 leaving me a balance of $83.54. On July 28th I checked my account and noticed that I was getting an overdraft charge of $33 for the check that cleared. So I called customer service to find out why and the rude customer service person told me its because there were two checkcard "authorizations" that was on my account. So I told the lady that the check card authorizations were done after my check cleared and that I should NOT be charged. She more or less told me that there is nothing she can do about this situation. US Bank not only charged my account for this check that cleared, I was told that I will be charged for the authorizations even though I have the money in my account because when the authorizations went thru I didnt have the money. I am shocked at how US Bank can stay in business.

I have been attempting to be added to my Aunt's USBANK acct. She is 92. In June she went in to sign the new sig card. I live in another state and the person "helping" her could not find a US Band office in my town. There is a call center headquarters just down the street from me!! I went into my local office and spoke to a wonderful woman who said that there was no problem. She called Burnsville 4 times leaving voice and e-mails for the rep helping my Aunt and the manager. She never heard anything from them. So she had me sign the needed sig card and processed everything for me. Then I got a call from her saying she was sorry but the Burnville office "lost" the card. Do NOT go to the Burnsville US BANK office. My experience with Nadine at the Coeur d Alene, Id office has been spectacular but I do not have any other accounts with them. Spread the word about Burnsville Mn.

I had a savings account with US Bank. This account had a $500 balance and no transaction took place in this account in over a year. When I open up my quarterly statement I noticed a $10 maintenance fee per month for two months. I call the bank and explained that I was not aware that I would be charged a maintenance fee and asked that it be waived. I was told by the customer service supervisor, Tara, in the Portland customer service center, that notices went out about the change in the account fees structure and that the fee could not be waived. I then explained to her that I failed to read the notice as my wife is fighting breast cancer I have been preoccupied with her health issues. Tara informed me that there was nothing that could be done and no one she would not allow me to speak to anyone else about getting this fee waived. I reminded her that since this was the first statement which showed this fee and given my personal situation, couldn't the fee be waived. She said that there were no exceptions. I closed out the account. It’s funny, when the banks were in financial trouble due to their poor and irresponsible business practices and they need help, the taxpayers can to their aid and saved their business and their jobs. We the same taxpayers fall on difficult times they have no compassion. The culture of this bank is anything but what they profess it to be. I will never do business with this bank again, nor should you. This is the best way of sending a message and letting them know that the way they conduct business will not be accepted.

LOVE this bank ... no matter which branch I've walked in to, I always get the most friendly welcoming service ... somehow they've maintained that small bank feel inside a big bank.

I've been with USA bank for serveral years, I lost my ATM card, went in to order a new card, now mind you the manager of the bank was suppose to be doing this service for me, he replied to me that it would be no longer than a couple of weeks. The first week I went it and check the status of the ATM card he told me that it was on the way the second week I went in, he told again that it was on the way, I still had not received the ATM card, the third week I called and talked with another manager stating that he was working for the manager that ordered my ATM a card, but come to find out my ATM card had never been ordered and that he would order me one and wave the $25.00 dollars for fast mail. This do not make any since I'm switching to wells fargo bank.

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