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Wow! How can so many take this much time and effort to report on negligent (at the very least) conduct and still be in business? I had US Bank refinance 3 properties at once. The officer totally screwed up and was fired. The banking officers admitted it was the bank's error and the bank offered to redo loan... only if I paid the additional closing costs. I should have sued. And I still might if possible. They also have made more mistakes than I care to take the time to tell. My advice is anyone who is going through these problems is to contact a lawyer immediately. If enough of us start fighting back and drain them of just time (remember time is money)we may start a revolt that actually has impact- may even make the news! I am contacting the 3 largest networks and financial stations. I have researched this and you need to e-mail them/ not call. To really have impact look up how to write a press release (just google) and if enough people do this we can make this happen. I am also calling my Congressmen/women. Don't just complain- let's take action.

I wish there was 1 ZERO star. I will start by saying I've never had an issue with US Bank before now, but they sure have made up for lost time. Card was stolen. Bank contacts me, says they will cancel card, send new one, file report, and issue stolen money back immediately. Great. That was Sunday. Wednesday comes around, still no refund. Call bank, Fraud Center says she can see where they called me, and card was blocked, but not cancelled, and no report filed, and no request for refund. She doesn't know why. Now I have to wait 10 days to get my money back. I ask for a manager, told no one is avaialable. I call the branch and ask for a manager, told again no one is avaialable! WOW! This is what they call customer service? I am the victim AGAIN!!!!

This document is not in its final form and will eventually be distributed to multiple reporting and filing agencies both public and private. If much of this sounds emotional¡Kit is; if some sounds judgmental¡Kit is; if some sounds accusatory¡Kit is; if it sounds like the ranting of someone that will lose their determination and grow silent..it is not. To whom it may concern, We do not take this type of reporting lightly and we do respect the time and consideration of this department. We have sufficient evidence and reason to believe we have been subjected to deceptive tactics and deliberate omissions resulting in grievous injury as well as our postured for planned and design forced foreclosure. A byproduct of the banks gross negligence, failure to disclose, and a deliberate delay is that they now may report us as ¡§late¡¨ and thereby impose an unreasonable and excessive penalty pushing us into a inescapable position resulting in their taking ownership of our property though no payment has ever been delinquent. The most egregious behavior is their gross action through inaction. Though all payments and obligations have been met by the consumer according to contract terms and are current to date the lending institution by means of inaction has impeded our ability to seek other remedies and have grossly failed to disclose their position or intent, offer alternative measures, provide modification options, or communicated any considerations of our position regarding this loan. The loan was to mature on July 15th and we initiated communication and negotiations with U.S. Bank on April 24, 2012. We have acted on direct recommendations from U.S. Bank and relied on their repeated statement of, ¡§I¡¦m certain we will work something out¡¨. Due to the failure of the loan originating bank, Bank East, and subsequent takeover by U.S. Bank we are now being positioned for forced delinquency though the loan has been current from its inception. We initiated the process of renegotiating the loan over two months prior to its maturity date. The bank representative delayed any action and in fact requested we not seek other remedies. This continued until such time as the pursuit of such remedies would be near futile in that the stall tactics were continued until two weeks prior to the loan to maturity thereby placing us delinquent unless we could pay the full amount on demand on the maturity date. They did accept a payment on the maturity date but it seems they applied 100% to interest and somehow actually increased the amount of the principle. Only recently were we advised that U.S. Bank does not make loans on land over ten acres, then another rep says it is actually five acres. Point being, if they don¡¦t make loans on land over five or ten acres then this should have been disclosed in the first conversation, unless of course there is a deliberate attempt to deceive. I am confident it will be easy to establish that fact and with all the stall and deceit maneuvers it will be interesting to see how they slither away from their accountability once again. I don¡¦t expect much because you seldom win with liars as they continue to change their story. They simply morph into another creature to avoid detection. To date we still have no documents stating the position or intent of U.S. Bank and only through repeated calls and persistence on August 8, 2012, did we finally get an indication of their gross and injurious design. We have been passed from one person to another and when we requested the address and name of a higher official we were flatly denied. Again this is well after the loan maturity and the opportunity for us to seek other remedies had expired. The position of U.S. Bank is they will damage our credit first and apologize later. This is due to their awareness that the damage done by that action will fully extinguish any hopes of securing alternative financing and we will have no choice but to succumb to the unbearable pressure applied from the untouchable posture of U.S. Bank. It is so very sad that the gross abuses from the past four years seem to have taught this institution nothing regarding ethics or decent standards. They are fanning the flames of the ongoing foreclosure crisis and making no apologies as they stealthily prowl and position themselves to strike at the last minute and claim the next victim. When faced with the simple option of allowing a client in good standing to have a reasonable amount of time to seek remedies or other means of financing they have elected to implore trickery and deceit to gain a stranglehold on unsuspecting citizens in good standing in their community. Again, we have been current from day one in our obligation and when requesting 60 to 90 days to secure other financing we are denied. This denial goes to the point where they have plainly stated they will refuse any payment attempted to be made on the next regular payment date, thereby forcing us into delinquent status. This is not due to an inability or unwillingness to pay but by their simple refusal to accept payment and then claim it as delinquent. I doubt these actions are the intended steps designed by current regulations and standards. We are pleading for mercy and temporary relief from this cannibalistic tactic of devouring people and their credit ratings for gross and gluttonous financial gains. If this sounds dramatic I assure it is; not only dramatic but traumatic as well. U.S. Bank is so confident in their power that they plainly disregard decency, as well as know regulations and banking standards. They know that by dragging their feet in this process they can show us as delinquent; not because we missed a payment but because they delayed our ability to seek other financing until they could claim the full amount of loan due. They also know that once the loan balance of the loan is due they can refuse payment, knowing require us to pay a sum that is unrealistic, report it delinquent which will result in our complete inability to attract any other financing solutions. All designed, deliberate, founded in deceitful stall tactics, complete disregard for ethics in banking, and simply achieve their greedy goals through lies. I am unfortunately coming to the realization that my words are simply a means of releasing the almost unbearable anguish and pain not only in me but having to witness the fear and anger on my wife¡¦s face as part our future is devoured by this greed monster that is void of any emotion or semblance of honesty. Greed; such a gross and all consuming wrong. It is disturbing to have atavistic behavior in such powerful positions. These people have no concept of cause and effect and are strictly self-serving and have untrained their conscience to the point where they actually do sleep well as they have found comfort in their bed of destroyed lives. U.S. Bank, the problem, not the solution. U.S. Bank, pouring fuel of the fire of the foreclosure crisis that is consuming the futures of hard working and contributing citizens. U.S. Bank, satisfying it gluttonous appetite for profits by depleting good clients of their futures and a community of solid contributing members. 419 Cross Creek Mall Fayetteville, NC 28303 (910) 826-9243 NOTES „« Made to open an account and initiate a credit card to ¡§make us a more attractive candidate for a loan¡¨ „« Were told on several occasions that they ¡§are working on something and feel confident something will be done

I see questionable transactions on my account in October 2010, and do as US Bank advises, closing the account after 30 days with no activity and a zeroed balance. Late in November 2010, the account is re-opened by a branch in Grand junction, CO (1,900 miles from where I live), after they are presented with an unauthorized check transaction (probably from whomever created the mess we spotted going on here in Wisconsin). They don't clear the transaction (as far as I know), but I am presented later with repeated (automated) returned item cards, with hefty fees. Contact my branch in Wisconsin, and am told it's just a computer glitch, don't worry about it. In late December 2010, I am informed by my new bank that my account is being closed, due to having been placed in ChexSystems by US Bank. Despite multiple attempts to get something, anything, in writing regarding what exactly went down, I never heard from US Bank again. With my caller-id apparently triggering my calls to be forwarded to collection agencies that have no idea what I am calling about, and then in Spring 2011 becoming injured at work and now permanently disabled, I gave US Bank all the attention they gave me due to far more pressing priorities. Then, this morning, about 8:30 am CDT, I get a call from Altitude Funding, regarding monies owed to US Bank. They made sure they had my full attention right off the bat with name calling and bogus accusations against me, and then followed up with threats of destroying my credit for the next 10 years (like 18 months of unable to work and no income and huge medical bills piling up didn't already accomplish that), placing me in ChexSystems (already done, so empty threat), etc. They even threatened to file criminal charges and have me thrown in prison (free health care, woohoo!), and just kept getting nastier until I terminated the call. Contacted the branch in Colorado allegedly responsible for what went down, three times, before Tom the branch manager returned my calls. He tried his best to figure out what happened, but was just as unable to as others were back in 2010, though he agreed to send me copies of what he was able to find via email, since I may become yet another homeless military veteran with a disability in the next few weeks, and the US Mail would likely take too long. He then gave me a number to call to let the higher-ups in Minnesota know what transpired this morning with Altitude Funding, because even he agreed that was way beyond what is allowed by law. Unfortunately, it would seem my home phone caller-ID gets routed to a collection agency who has no idea who I am and can't help me in any way. I live with someone who was a management level employee with US Bank, and even she doesn't understand the whole mess, or why US Bank is punishing me for their mistake, which even they don't fully understand. But, with far more pressing priorities (health issues, zero income, becoming homeless soon, etc), I've largely given up. This is why I call all the big banks "The Banksters," because most are as corrupt as the politicians that keep covering for their criminal and immoral activities.

I leased a volov they assigned the lease to this company, they are incompetent. They could not get the acct set up for onbline paymnet, I paid over phone they messed that up, they charged me a late fee and when I called the number on my lease statement they told me the lease dept is only opne limited hours, even though my statement says to call the 800 number 24 hours for lease payment or issues. They did not do one thing right, not one! Worst they make the US Govt look good, maybe that is why the used the name.

Us bank decided to lock my father in laws accounts even thou he came in and showed who he was they also locked and froze his bill pay while he is getting better in a nursing home for 3 months... now has several late payments fees and fines saying he doesn't have funds when he has over 4 grand a month and bills only totaling 2000. Us banks about too get sued

Went to US BANK again to close my account it is going on a week now and no luck, both deposits made was showing as a withdraw one receipt was falsified and the manager wrote a receipt and pretended it was a debt. Does not have my signature on it. Straight out stole my money and still my account is not closed. Finally found my brochure and agreement and it says nothing about waiting 24 hrs to close a account. Went to the police department to file a complaint and was told to take them to court. Look like this is what I will have'th to do to get my money back no one steal from me and get away with it. Not even US BANK.

BEWARE this Bank is a Criminal- US BANK commits CRIMES against consumers routinely and gets away with it. I bought a PREPAID VISA card from US BANK- US BANK held zero liability- it was a zero risk transaction that US BANK immediately profited by $6.00 for issuing the PREPAID CARD. Every time I used the card US BANK received a fee as did VISA- that is normal- I am mentioning this fact because of the nasty criminal theft US BANK then committed with the aid of VISA: I had a purchase refunded properly (Receipt) back onto the card- no problems, the refund was immediately processed by VISA. The Refund was immediately accepted by U S BANK. Said Refund was posted to be "available funds" under my personal info as the owner of the money-----UsBank has refused me access and use of the PREPAID VISA CARD....IT MADE A FALSE RECORD ON THE CARD THAT IT WAS "SUSPICIOUS TRANSACTION" so when I (unforewarned) went to make a purchase, the clerk tried to keep my PREPAID VISA CARD WITH A BALANCE ON IT!! The Manager came over and explained what the code meant in the world of VISA! I had to show a different store PROOF of my bonafide return/receipt before he'dlet me have possession of my OWN CARD!! Yes- by the LIES of UsBank My reputation as an honest person is damaged!! UsBank's VISA code was set to intentionally STEAL my money without Due Process! A quirk of the US Constitution nowadays. I contacted UsBank and they said TOO BAD- they had determined I couldn't recieve my refund and go tell the retail store to back the credit off the PREAID VISA"! armed with my receipt, I returned to the retail store and spoke with their manager- I had the receipt and the PREPAID VISA. He explained his store had NOT rated my refund as "Suspicious Transaction" and because it was a completed transaction an "APPROVED" transaction his store could NOT back it out. All funds had changed hands. "Let's see what happens if you try to buy something>" So we tried the card and he showed me a "WARNING" that UsBank had CODED onto the card! He couldn't believe it " It was our return, our refund but they are making YOU out to be a criminal- my G-- its just a prepaid VISA!" I call corporate UsBank and I can attest these are Organized Crime persons in charge of UsBank - they had more lies than I had ever heard told outside of Washington DC. For more than 30 days UsBank has refunded to release the funds by either use of the PREPAID VISA/ or REFUND from UsBank DESPITE UsBank continuing to profit by HOLDING ONTO MY MONEY AS IF THEIR OWN ASSET! UsBank told me I could just sue them for the under $200.00 !!! NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH UsBANK IF YOU ARE NOT AN ORGANIZED CRIME MEMBER OR IN HOUSE GANGSTER-Why UsBank has ROBBED MORE than JEsse James and Billy the Kid.

I went to US Bank to open another account and was treated so bad that I will close my other account there. If they need to do a better job of training the customer service staff. Had a horrible experience with a assistant mgr at one of the branches in the culver city area Oh! by the way her name is MAMTA PATEL people BEWARE this woman is a shark!!!. She was so rude and arrogant that I left that office and said to myself if this is how the customers are treated I am glad I did not give up my account I have had with my credit union for 20 years. Thank GOD I did not get a business account with them. My grandparents always told me never give your money to any store, bank, etc. that does not treat you right. They will be going out of business because every time I go in to the bank I do not see many customers. That is always a sign.

I went to U.S. BANK FOR A LOAN OF (16,000)WAS TOLD I would have to open a silver, gold,or platinum package... so I did only to find after trying to set up a on line acct. your system said do not have your acct# several days later I received my debit card with the wrong name on it.!!had my last name and first name was the same !!!I called the branch said they order new card and get a new pin etc. I also asked about the loan was told had to have my acct. for 3 months ? did not say this in your promotional material (think you need to do this) so your customers will know !!! I HAVE HAD A LOAN WITH U.S. BANK IN THE PAST!!!! I have a credit rating of over 700 I SURE I can go elsewhere for a loan...thanks for nothing.

Hello, Have you ever been SUED for overdraft fees? I am a resposible person I pay my bills on time. I had a checking account with U.S. bank and had an overdraft of a little less than $200.00. I did not have any money at the time to pay the fees, That's when life went to hell. They charged me $7.00 a day for every day the acct. was overdrawn + the fees of 35.00 My next check $750.00 They took it all for fees! Then the next month my check goes in, They take that too. So far that's $1,500.00 in overdraft fees. Today I get a phonecall that U.S.Bank is suing me for $2,171.17 in unpaid fees. I think I've paid enough!

us bank is the worst bank for customer service and has very poor management, they have lost another account which they don't care about. never will i use us bank!

I have been trying to buy a short sale which US Bank is holding up for over 17 months. Yes since Dec.2010. This bank is incompetent. Do NOT do any business with them .....ever!

I took out a loan from US Bank , I signed the Docs at a US bank Branch, there was no escrow, no title no notary present at the time I signed the Docs , supposetly a Deed of Trust. 3 years later I got tired from US Bank for not modifiyng my loan , I found a new Investor to be my bank, I went to the recorder office to get a copy of the recorded deed and found out that my Signatures, and initials where forged on 19 pages of the 2 pages document as well as all the content and the interest rate for the loan. I am in litigation with them after I requested many times that they produce the original doc I signed so I can go on with my refinance...in court.

My wife worked at the Coeur d'Alene call center, which services US Banks credit cards and she was terminated from her job because she was sick! They, being her manager, forced her to go to work even though she was actively throwing up, had bad diarrhea, had a fever, was constantly coughing, and couldn't talk! She was threatened with a write-up because she would receive numerous occurrences. In a call center, how do you do your job if you can't TALK to customers?? She tried to get early leave but their stupid Command Center told her that they couldn't afford to lose her skills! But they were sending people home early from her call center, and from two others, that possessed her skill set!! So their Command Center people are allowed to lie to employees! And, the manager from the Business Department in Coeur d'Alene actually LAUGHED at her because she couldn't talk and was sick!! This went on for two days, then she got a scheduled day off. On her next work day, I personally took her to the doctor thinking she may have Strep throat, since two other employees with CONFIRMED cases of Strep reported to work!!! Obviously due to threats and punishments from the company! The doctor tested her for Strep and told her to stay in bed for two days, which means no work! She still couldn't talk at all and had the chills and fevers. When she went back to work, her manager and the Department Manager took her into a small room to FORCE her to sign a write up. She refused due to her attorneys advice to sign nothing from them without his approval. (She has an attorney because she filed a workers compensation lawsuit against them due to their cleaning crew using extremely harsh chemicals incorrectly and the employees have no access to the MSDS book. She was sent to the hospital from work on one occasion.) Kelvin, the Department Manager, stood up and demanded she signed it. She said no again. He got in her face and again demanded he sign the paper, she said no and got up to walk out of the room. He stopped her by standing in her way demanding she sign the paper. She backed away and said no again and demanded he get out of her face. He then stepped closer to her and crossed his arms which brushed up against her breasts. (In Idaho, that is at minimum an Assault 4 according to Officer Matheney from the Coeur d'Alene Police Department, could be a sexual assault due to him touching her breasts.) She again said no and if he didn't back away, she would throw her iced coffee on him. He then terminated her employment. And of course Traci, her actual boss was sitting in the room the entire time. My wife didn't think it was fair because her boss Traci, issued her occurrences when she stated to her, and other members of her team, that she would not. So managers at US Bank are allowed to lie. And Department Managers are allowed to assault their subordinates! And because Idaho has very loose labor laws, this type of behavior IS ALLOWED! If it isn't allowed, the employee has to hire an attorney and take them to court!! DO NOT EVER WORK OR BANK WITH THIS COMPANY!!! They are a terrible place to work for or bank with!!!

At there suggestion I refinanced my US bank Loan; it took 5 months! There offices were spread all over the countty Every package of documents wee lost and had to be resubmitted several times Now I am siubjected to a dozen or so offers evry month by mail and daily phone calls advertising "New Offers"

Worst bank ever!!!!! Tried to pay off an auto loan early and they are making it impossible. First they said my bank is saying I have insufficient funds which is a lie. Than my bank sends them a statement showing I have had the money in the account for longer than the date on the check. Which now us bank cannot find any info or my check so I have to put a stop payment on that check because its now lost. Another 30 dollars out of my pocket!!! Issue another check to us bank and now they are saying they havent recieved this check. Wow been paying on this loan for almost five years and never had a late payment or missed a payment but cant seem to pay it off. Still dealing with this 3/27/12 and now its 5/7/12 and still not paid off going on my third check I guess. Also have a home loan with them and well lets just say theres not enough space here to tell how horrible thats been!!!!

Yeah yesterday I got gas at a big red station a block from my house and only put 20.00 dollars in the tank I check my account today and see that I was charged 74.00 called big red and they said they got calls like this all the time about us bank they said no matter how much you spend or how at the pump they charge you 54.00 dollars just to swipe the card she told me that they usually give it back in 5 days so I decided to call us banks corporate office and when the audimated service asked me for my card number and pin I gave it and it saidt that my account doesn't exist cant get anyone on the phone and wheen I do they transfer me and so on and so on but yeah I guess they have decided to screw their customers over and keep our money for days weeks months at a time to draw interest of all of our hard work with service and bullshit charges like this its just a matter of time before millions of people walk out their doors and into a better bank so way to go us bank when people have had enough you'll go bankrupt! well except a ceo that will scyphon off a billion first for his retirement. GFYS!

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