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Too bad that a company this big has no direct contact information it is rediculous even the employees cant get in touch with anyone we called about ten automated numbers only to be directed back to the first number it is very frustrating

The manager of the Huntington,NY service center, Kevin English hung up on me. I had a package overnited, missed first day, and then UPS "said" I was closed for holiday, untrue. I am a business who lost a good customer. There is no was to get in touch with corporate office.

I live about 30 miles east of the nearest UPS dock in Albuquerque. I have had two diffrent vendors send shipments to me over the period of the last month. In both instances, the notation on the tracking progress report was: "A CORRECT STREET ADDRESS IS NEEDED FOR DELIVERY. ups IS ATTEMPTING TO OBTAIN THIS INFORMATION." They were doing no such thing. They were doing nothing until I called custommer service at CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS twice and threatened to get in touch with the CEO unless someone lit a blowtorch under someones butt to get some action at geting my packages delivered "TODAY". What a joke - - TODAY? - - ; there is no such thing as TODAY in the world of UPS. I live in NEW MEXICO, the land of MANANA. UPS is in full swing with tomorrow, or the next day, or the next day, or whenever it suits them. They waste one day not getting it done. They waste a second day putting (ME) the screeming customer off by not answering the phone, not providing phone numbers, not being able to look up a package by Name, Address, phone number or number of unborn children. They waste a third day making promisses they don't intend to keep. Maybe, just maybe on the forth day [which is now 7 or 8 days after the package was shipped], you might expect to get your package. UPS sucks, big time!!!!!!! AND ALWAYS, THE CUSTOMER SUFFERS!!!!!!!

No Stars! I have been on the phone all afternoon trying to get a package that the Greenwood S C office said had already been delivered. After much sloppy treatment and getting nowhere I became very angry. The girl in the Greenwood office thought this was very funny. I did not! Finally in order to find the package which was for a customer for our small business, we went door to door in our neighborhood and found the package at another address at 7 p.m. This is the poorest run company I have ever delt with, I firmly believe that in the future they will fail and I will not feel sorry for them nor their employees.

I got an email on Monday, September 20, 2010 2:51 PM about an about an undelivered parcel meant for me. From: "UPS Corporate Headquarters" <postal_inspector@post.com> UPS Corporate Headquarters 55 Glenlake Parkway, NE Atlanta, GA 30328 Am asked to pay for an insurance before the parcels would be sent to me. Please I need the email address of the officer I can verify the truth from. Can you help? From Akintola F<ecouragers9@yahoo.com>

Have always used UPS. Even developed business friendship with local driver. However, after shipping merchandise from Englewood, CO to Commerce City, CO to Oklahoma City, OK then finally destination depot at Little Rock, AR for delivery at business destination in Blytheville, AR. Custom made box and merchandise content arrived severely damaged. The extent of damage represents forces in handling that represent the large box being dropped on one end or the box driven into an object with such force to cause the merchandise content to break thru heavy-wall container and metallic part of comtent penetrated with cutting force. All said and done, the cost to ship exceeds $270. This abusive and irresponsible handling of my shipment is credited to one of the route segments mentioned above. Did UPS just begin learning how to handle shipments marked as to "Top" and "Up" to give indication of proper handling of box? Trust that UPS will be strongly challenged on this one!!!!

I don't trust UPS anymore. I have had packages lost on more then one occasion. My last package that was lost was medicine for my cat. I don't know what has happened to UPS, they use to be reliable, NO MORE!!!!!

I have been trying for 6 months to get my husband's retirement insurance taken out by direct deposit, after 23 calls and speaking to everyone at the Richmond Virginia office and to Mr. Bill Wilsted ,I am no closer to getting my problems taken care of than I was in Febuary. It is such a simple matter that I can NOT believe it has not been taken care of at all. How do the representives of " U P S " get a package across the street when no one in your Benifit Center can punch in a routing number off a check.

My complaint is about how you treat your UPS drivers as employees. Our not for profit organization, The Quad City Hitmen, has one of your drivers as a coach. This gentlemen volunteers many hours to help coach young kids on the benefits of baseball. He is a family oriented individual that always puts his children first. This is the third year in a row that his manager has turned down his vacation request at the last minute leaving us hanging without a coach. What kind of company are you? Why would UPS not care about us? I realize that "brown" is a big corporation but you didn't get big without the help of consumers like myself. I personally have an EBAY store and will be sending packages FED-EX. There are 12 kids on this team. That is 24 parents that are not going to use your company. These are professional people with contacts. Your business is only as good as its employees and when you have unsatisfied employees it will show in your bottom line.

My husband worked for UPS for 26 years. I am not on Medicare yet and the medical.dental, and prescription service I have received over the last 2 years has been horendour. UPS pays for my benefits, but I still have about 8,700.00 in my medical account that UPS is just sitting on and not helping me with my medical or prescriptions. I have filed 2 appeals to United Health Care and UPS and my Dr. has done the same thing. I have had many medical problems and the only thing that I am asking for is a reduction in the price of the medicine. I am sorry but it is impossible for me to pay over 200.00 for 90 days. now I am on a medication that cost me around 167.00 for a 90 day supply. I can not afford these medications either but both medications are medically necessary for me to live a normal life. I will be going on Medicare in November of this year and the last place I will get my medications or medical insurance is from UPS. I am even thinking about filing a lawsuit against UPS. The money they are holding is suppose to be for my use not their use. The new saying going around is (HOW CAN BROWN SCREW YOU) instead of how can brown help you.

The service and efforts of your drivers and pilots are outstanding. This I have observed for 35 years. I was at the airport the other day. Once again, I saw them load the UPS jet for world class service. It occurred that the whole fleet of trucks (yes, the whole fleet) needs to go to beautiful design colors of the jets that fly. Use the silver on the trucks for reflection and trim in brown. Put the dirvers in lighter colored shirts for their comfort. The dark brown shirts in 98 degree is punishing. Again, go to trimming with the brown and using a lighter color for the shirts. The browns for shorts and slacks are fine. This would be so encouraging. Think about it. Phase it in over the next year or two. The airfleet is so distictive in the silver and brown. The ground fleet would be too. These are just a few *important* suggestions for UPS to show humane kindness and upgrade a tremendous image. Think about it. Thank you for excellent service for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dr. P. Booth booth330@aol.com

Avoid at all costs. Absolutely no accountability of chain of command for delivery issues.

I have never been so enraged!!! I have a daughter who is diabetic and relies on an insulin pump to live. Supplies were sent two day air on 12JUN2010, it is now 18JUN2010 and I have taken THREE days of work off to be at home to sign for her diabetic supplies. Every day I check the website and call your 1-800 number and am told it will be here tomorrow, well tomorrow has come and gone three times and my daughter has run out of supplies and has gone back to injections, greatly affecting the management of her diabetes. That is outrageous, what would you do if your child needed medical supplies and the incompetence of a company to deliver as promised caused them harm. I also have had to use three days of vacation time, now possibly more to wait for UPS to deliver. then when I call customer service, everytime it is in a different country, where they barely speak english and have no clue on the critical nature of my situation. What kind of a company are you running? Please try to imagine yourself in my shoes, my daughters health in compromised, I have lost vacation time from work, all for what? I will NEVER use UPS by choice again and do my best to advertise this attrocity to the local media. Your company has false advertised "two day air", it has turned into 10+ day unreliable air, and furthermore, UPS outsources their customer service to third world countries to "save a buck", but has greatly compromised the quality and reputation I once had for UPS. Your Central American customer service rep offered to refund the medical supply company for the error, what about my lost time from work? The foreign employees simply attempted to read an english script and had no idea how to help me. Please let me know the POC info for your legal department, not only for my lost wages, but more importantly for the adverse effects this delay has had on my diabetic daughter and the awful week she had trying to adjust to using injections again and her blood sugars very out of control. PLEASE tell me when my package will be delivered and please have someone who speaks english contact me. The tracking number is 1Z6E918F3542157671. I will be taking a fourth day off of work on Monday, if I do not receive the package or a call from UPS in the U.S. I WILL be contacting the media and legal advise. Mary Jackson 360-240-0770 P.S. Try to imagine this was your child to understand my incredible frustration.

I can not believed the unprofessionalism that was just displayed by your Franklin Park office in Illinois. How about I waited in my yard, because knowing UPS is delievering my parcel it's always a problem, so i waited, the truck drove right past me sitting in my yard and seconds later said he attempted to deliver my package, wow! I have complained, complained, and complained. No one seems to care and It is sad when you pay for overnight shipping you do not et your package until 4 days later. Karen, Jullio, and Joe in the Franklin Park office sucks!!! They need to give this job to someone who wants it. This is not customer service. The drivers are so lazy they often say they attempted a delivery when they didn't even stop. i am so outdone and ups really need to call themselves don't care if you ge your parcel or not. THIS IS AN ONGOING PROBLEM EVERY TIME UPS SHIPS I WISH SOMEONE WHO CARES WOULD SO SOMETHING, 1Z6122550340234741

We have been having problems with delivery for 5 years now. We have lived at the same address for that amount of time. If the driver cannot find us, he just takes the package back and does not try to deliver it. The directions and phone number come with every package. My husband is disabled and needs medicine every month and our dog is on medicine that is very important also. We have repeatedly called the main office in Chipley, Florida to complain, and the problem has not been corrected. Unfortunately, the orders come from people who only us UPS, otherwise we would find somewhere else to get our medicine. This last delivery was to be made on 6/10/10 and now will be delayed until 6/14/10. This is unacceptable! I pay $11.98 for shipping every time and am not getting the service I have paid for. This is the third time in a row that it has happened. I would strongly suggest you get in touch with Chipley and find out how to rectify the situation. I would also like a refund for these shipments. This is not an acceptable way to conduct business. I drove a semi-truck for 7 years and no matter what happened, I delivered on time and to the right address. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Sandra E. Shaw Tracking Number 1Z417T7T0359053773 Reference No 92249

I want to alert your company to a chronic problem that I have getting deliveries to my home. I live in a largely rural county in Texas, Nacogdoches County. Your delivery center is in the nearby town of Lufkin, TX, about 30 miles away. My physical address is 184 County Road 512. I get my mail at a PO Box. There is only one CR 512 in Nacogdoches County, and there are only two houses on the road. My house has my name, Miller, and my house number, 184, on a large sign by the driveway. EVERY time I order something that ships via UPS, the following problem occurs. When I try to track my package, the delivery history contains notations such as "No street address," "No house number," or "Need apt. #." Then after several days they mail a postcard to my delivery address, which goes nowhere because this is not a mail delivery address. Why would they bother to mail a card, if they think they don't have a complete address? Don't you people have Mapquest? Oddly enough, there is NEVER a problem with delivery if the shipper uses FedEx! What is your problem?? I tried to report this via your tracking email "service," but kept getting a message saying my information was incorrect or incomplete. It wasn't incomplete, and the message wouldn't tell me what it considered to be incorrect, so my email couldn't be sent. I am astonished and frustrated at the incompetence that I consistently encounter when dealing with UPS, and I thought someone in your corporate offices might like to have this feedback.

We have a business opportunity for UPS and they have NO CORPORATE phone number for us to reach the company. This customer service line is pathetic and has NO idea what we are talking about. Hey UPS - take our business opportunity for you and SHOVE IT!

My wife of forty-seven years is presently bed ridden after two back surgeries. I was out of the house for a short while and UPS attempted to deliver a package requiring an adult signature. A notice of delivery was left on the door since my wife could not get there or converse with your person in any way. After arriving home I attempted to find a way to contact UPS so I could meet the driver somewhere on his/her route. No easy way to do this.... I left my wife alone again and went on a search for a "brown" truck, this search took about ten minutes. The driver contacted two other drivers in the area and gave me directions on how and where to meet the proper truck. I met with your UPS driver and signed for the package containing my wife's medicines. The two drivers were both very helpful and I am very, very grateful. After arriving home the first driver called to see if all went well. His cell number is 803-507-1896. I do not know his name; however, please give him a huge thanks.

Took 11 days for a misdelivered package to be picked up. This occurred after a series of calls to UPS customer service. The day after it waS finally picked up,my wife and I where leaving and noticed a UPS truck. We stopped a delivering driver, returning to his truck ,with the same package we had picked up the day before. We stopped the driver and explained that the package was for an address in the next town(it took 3 minutes on google to find the correct location). Over the next three days the delivery of the package was attempted again(3Xs) and delivery attempt notices where left.And by the way the condo that the delivery was being made has been vacant for three years. Joseph Boyle 1Bedford A West Palm Beach,Fl33417

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