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Ups service sucks. The Mpls/ST. Paul office called to instruct me to contact them regarding a pellet delivery. I've tried calling over a dozen times regarding this. Keep getting a msg that the ONE person who talks to customers is out. Tried contacting each of the two managers on Friday. They were out. My time is valuable. Why do you make it so difficult for your clients?

I love to set on my butt all day and wait for UPS If they coud teach them to ring the door bell the first time it would nice.

im tired of the ups idoit leaving my packages in the rain when there is a tent with a table right in front of his or her face. i also have a covered porch to use. why would this idoit leave packages in front of the door instead of opening it and put them out of the rain??????????????????????????????????this has happened to often and when i call a supervisor, nothing gets done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First I want to say that my husband is a driver for freight. He is degraded, treated like he is not even a human and puts up with things that NO HUMAN should have to put up with from an employer. The managers at the terminals get bonuses based on the drivers deliveries so the mananger has no respect for the drivers. They do not care what is going on as long as the package is left. My husband came to this company when they bought out Overnight. EVERY person at the terminal knows everything that is said between him and the managers. They then send these drivers out on the road. Now I am not saying that there are not some TERRIBLE drivers. You will find that anywhere you go. I just want everyone to know that if the TRUE WORKERS was treated right, there would be a lot less problems. I wish my husband felt like he was young enough to go to another company but he thinks no one else would hire him because of age. To top it off we have taken in 2 children of a friend of ours that passed, you would think that they would give him some condsideration on having some what of a home life. NO, he is treated worse than before. The most stops, the latest shift and to make matters worse, we had one of them get hurt, now the assistant manager instead of having any impathy towards the situation, made fun of our girl! She was rushed to the hospital with a hot dog stuck in her throat and when he went back in to work the next day, the assistant manager started grabbing her throat and pretending like it was choking. REALLY! This is what your drivers deal with before they are sent out to deliver.

I am really upset by the poor service of your UPS delivery driver today. He totally ignored the note I had posted to his attention instructing him that I rejected the package and wanted him to return it to the sender. Although I was home, I couldn't get to the door in time, and he had already run off. Then I called UPS and was transferred to a supervisor named Spencer who ultimately hung up on me. Not one to give up, I subsequently spoke to Joan in the Call Center who was very understanding and kind. She reported this to the local Ft. Lauderdale office. and just now my heroine named Jennifer from the Ft. Lauderdale office called to tell me that she was sending the driver back over here today to pick up the package. Now that's good customer service an example of which the rest of the aforementioned UPS employees should learn and practice!

My Package arrived in elpaso 0n the 16th with a delivery date of the 18th. I tryed to get it delivered an the 17th and a very rude operator told me that wouldnt happen and I have to wait till the 18th . UPS is not going to get any more of my orders and if my supplier wount ship fed ex I will find another supplier that will . I advis all customers request fedex delivery as if it arrives at your locale delivery wharehouseearly they will deliver it on the date it arrives,

Today I needed to ship a special tool out to my husband on his job site in Chicago. I live in Lima, Ohio. He went ahead, got online, filled out the label and proceeded to forward me the copy of the label via e-mail. The Elida Road UPS center is open til 7pm. I go to print off the label, printer won't work. No time to go get new cartridge,bring back, install,ect... So I take the tool and hand copy all info I can find off label , head to UPS store. I arrive at 6:40. I have no expectations that this package will leave today but as my work schedule for the following day would not allow for me to send package out that day, tomorrow was perfectly fine. I enter store carrying 25lb tool info and wallet. I stand a moment waiting for the employee to finish whatever she was working on in back. She rushes to the desk and immediately says, "That won't go out til tomorrow. Driver was late and we are loading now. I have to get these boxes out." I told her it was fine if it went out tomorrow. I needed it boxed and needed to ask about the un-printed label. She declared "I don't know anything about printed labels, if you don't have a label we can't ship it" Leaves me standing there as she rushed to the back. Now, I am no frequent flyer at the UPS store, but have used Fed Ex and the good ole postal service and in my lifetime have visited how many thousands of business establishments?! She had no desire to listen, help, or do her job! No time? 20 min's til closing time? She cut me off everytime I tried to ask a question kept saying she didn't know. Couldn't give me a number to the UPS across town (which she recommended I leave and go to)to see how late they were open. "We don't have that number". I kinda doubt that since it's the main warehouse in our area. I called my husband and told him she said she had no way to print labels. He asked to speak to her, when she came back around and saw me still standing there she made the comment again, "She was busy" and shook her head no at the phone, and headed to the back of the store once again. I left. My husband was PISSED!!! His company,Newtron Heat Trace ships hundreds of thousand dollars worth of equipment each year with UPS. He called the store and left a not so nice message right after I left. She returned his phone also with a not so nice message. I felt I was truly patient and polite and was treated as though i were ignorant. I assure you that I am not. I can also assure you that I will only give negative reviews of this establishment at all given opportunities. Sad that one employee who doesn't take pride or feel any sense of loyalty to the company that pays her can leave such a bad impression. I will NOT be visiting that store again. I can't give 0 stars because it was not an option, but that's what she deserves and any company that pays employees like her. She did not have on a name tag or I would of referred to "her" by name.

You have a dis-functional staff in Sacramento. On August 3rd I was suppose to receive a package that I PAID next day delivery charges to find out that the driver left the package at the front office of the complex.The driver didn't leave a notice at my door so I had to wait until Monday to pick up my package. Today I was suppose to receive another package and the same DIP SHIT did it again. What is ridiculous is someone calls me and starts making excuses for the driver. She tells me that the driver works 11 hr days and that he might think that the front office is where the package is suppose to be dropped off. I don't care what he thinks or how many hours he works I paid to have the packages delivered on the day and to my address not the front office. It is a good thing UPS quit with the "What can brown do for you" slogan. Hey Brown, try delivering packages to the door and hiring a new staff.

UPS delivered a 30lb package for me COD-sent it 7/31/12-the person received it on 8/2/12, paid with a cashiers check (8/2/12). UPS is now telling me it will be 20 days before I can get my money...Really??? You can deliver a 30lb package in 2 days and I can't seem to get a peice of paper for 20 days! I will never, never use UPS again! Have called thier so called customer service, they couldn't tell me where my check was-even called corporate-corporate says I'll call you back in 30 minutes I promise-HA...no such thing!

i agree with alot of you. i sell avon, and have never had any problems getting my stuff. i now work a full time job and still work my avon when i am off. so on my off day , i can deliver the product to my customers. but all of a sudden, when i have a 600.00 order they decide theirself not to leave my stuff. after attemps of telling them to leave it next door if not at home. that has not happened. they leave it beside my gate. after raising hell, i still didn't get my merchandise. i will not used them any more and i will ask everybody that sells avon not to use them either. now to tell my customers , i don't have their stuff. i am sick of these ppl. they don't even deserve to be in business. somebody needs to bring them down and quit making their own stupid rules.


actually i would rate ups as 0, they don't even rate poor. they do not stand behind their own rules. anyway they can get out of paying for damaged mdse., they will find a way. their independant owned shipping stores are a joke. don't use them. they do not inform you of any packing rules, or insurance fees and rules. but then....just try to collect for shattered mdse!! i have emailed the goodyear, AZ independant store owner...nothing. i have written corporate...nothing. i have sent an email to ups customer service...nothing. just what do you have to do to get a response from ups!! they sure take your money. but no one knows their rules until you need help. you'll get no help from ups. i have family all over the U.S., and i will never, ever again use ups to send holiday packages, or any other packages. they have no guarantees your packages will get there, or get there in one piece. hey rex....if we snap our fingers...will you disappear??!!

I shipped a guitar amplifier from Los Angeles to Canada through UPS. It was severely damaged in the process. I then found out they no longer make such an amplifier, so even if I wanted to buy a new one, I could not. After nearly 3 months of wasting hours of phone calls and emails to UPS I am finally receiving a cheque. However, I had sent them an estimate from the repair shop which states repairs will cost approximately $700 (not factoring in the $65 customs fee, or the $158 shipping fee, or the $30 amp rental fees (x4) and time wasted to do so, or the fact that this amp is no longer being made which has therefore increased in value a considerable amount) the amount I was given by UPS is $543. You do the math. I’m not only paying for service I was NOT provided, I’m now incurring extra costs because I choose UPS service (or lack there of). What really gets me, is through all the run around and phone tag I had to do on my end, I never once received a proper apology from UPS. This standard of service is absolute garbage. Sincerely, a musician in search of fair service.

I have asked My step sister, Linda Gale Maready to please not get my mail out of the mail box. She telss me f--- off and tells me to go to hell. I never receive a phone bill from windstream and I have reported this to our local post office and they say there is nothing they can do. I called the sherriff's dept. and they said to get an attorney. Linda Gale Maready gets mine and my sister-n-law, Sharon Farrar's mail, & we have ask and told her 100 times or more not to. Angela Sullivan 706-335-3097

Its very disapointing that as large as UPS is, the company goes out of its way to dicourage its customer from complaining against employee(s) (drivers) who have bad attitudes & work habbits that violate there own custormer service policies. There is no searchable phone number available to complain to, even in calling the corporate number only kicks you back to 1-800-742-5877, that give no options for complaints. This speaks volume towards what UPS really cares about customer service. At least FedEx gives you access to a live person to talk to. My advice to all: video tape these actions when possible and post them on YouTube C. Jackson

look out with juave talking asses how well u treat your good employes it iks ajoke when u get gethurt they trag their feet dont care adam about u union sucksall the time they are taking care of u do all the work yourself get u agood lawyer employeras can be sued do yuor home dot be at mercey of corprat greed take this to the bank shuch a wonderful place

So, there's a note of "attempted delivery" on the UPS tracking site. No one attempted to deliver the package to my business. I call customer service and they give me the run around ("are you sure you're not closed or on holiday?" No *******, I wouldn't be calling you asking where the package was if I wasn't expecting a delivery today), so of course I ask for a supervisor. The rep hung up on me. I call back and immediately ask for a supervisor. They tell me, "we'll call you back in an hour and let you know whether we can reattempt delivery today (it's 6pm and we all know they won't). I ask the rep for his name and ID#, so he transfers me to someone else, who would also not give me his name or tell me who transferred the call to him. I don't know how this company is in business with such poor delivery service and phone support.

i have been waiting for these ineffective swindlers to deliver my package and they have blatantly refused. u suck big time and if you're not careful you will be picking the crumbs of your company very soon.

If I could give this company a "0 out of 5 star rating" I would. I was almost t-boned by one of their drivers today. Apparently stop signs, speed limits and employees with an IQ mean nothing to this company. The woman I spoke to wanted all of MY personal information to put in his file. When I refused to give her my home address, I was told that she was not going make a complaint without all of my personal info. Exactly why is my address necessary? A name, home phone and email should suffice. I finally ended up dropping the complaint. She really seemed more interested in my personal info than wreckless driving. With all the fraud Issues this company is having, I'm glad i didn't give it to them. I'm sticking to FedEx. What a joke...I expected better from UPS.

At this time I have no complaint with UPS Corp. I am addressing an serious issue with them and am currently on hold. I will say that the lady I am speaking with has been very helpful and I wanted to thank her. Her name is Ashley and she did not even work for the department that I was trying to get hold. Thanks Ashley. Here is the reason I called. UPS has a driver working for them out of Elkhart,Indiana and his name is Troy Horvath. He was/is married to my daughter-law who has had to get a restraining order on him. He has been threatening to kill her, and her children and he has been very descriptive on what he wants to do to them. The Mishawaka IN. Police Dept. have come out and taken dozens and I mean dozens of complaints and reports on him and about 1 1/2 hours ago he attempted to run my grandson over with the UPS truck. This is why I called UPS HQ. They truely seem to be concerned about this employee and promised to investigate him and his supervisor who is aware of what has been going on. I trust this will be dealt with quickly before someone gets hurt.

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