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my twitter account has been suspended for 2 weeks now and I have no idea and no one answers my emails.


No one is getting my @replies (not there when I go out and hit the expand menu)


It's a girl on twitter that's putting false information on there about people . I need you to delete there account or something


Why there is so much negetive publicity about twitter There must be something wrong Next twitter zipper Coming soon


I have suspended 22 times in 8weeks for no reason and my latest account @DisgustedNigga got suspended again. I haven't done anything wrong. Think should fix how they suspend people and what annoys is that you guys don't respond to my emails.

I need help

My password it keep saying reset it and I did like multiple Times

suspend account abuse

I am a spiritualist on twitter, and my account has been purposely suspended because of all the Muslims and Russians that come to pray and worship...there have been many threats against your company for unfair treatment of others because Twitter is stereo typing members...my account has been suspended for discrimination by Twitter...

Unfair acct suspensions!

Twitter rules were not clearly written to my understanding. My account was suspended because of this. After many requests to find out why my account was suspended, got a rude email from Gobeee saying that my account is permanently suspended. I asked if my account could be reinstated if I became a paid advertiser on Twitter, and as expected, no further response. If this Gobeee person continues to slap the hands that feed him, he will make it easier for competitors of Twitter to step in.

censorship on Twitter

I have been suspended from twitter several times. All occured after I asked planned parenthood a question or disagreeded with thier position on a subject. My account was re-instated several times and I was told my suspension was an error. Now, it's happened again (after I asked planned parenthood about late term abortion). People on twitter use foul language, call each other names, stalk & threaten. BUT you can't answer these people back, or you may get your account suspended. I want my account back.

Violation of First Amendment Rights

I'm deleting my account and encouraging all my friends, families and co-workers to do the same. Since your willing to turn over all personal information including geo location of someone who expresses an opinion that the government feels is committing a hate crime by exercising their 1st amendment right to freedom of speech, I'm going to do my best to get as many people to ban your products. Maybe after losing enough users you might rethink your ideas of lack of privacy for your users!

no twitter ha ha

I have twice tweeted about my account not being fully active,constant retweets and only sites on my account also readings of Morse and constant rubbish being thrown on my twit feed and apparently it's funny twitter sort it out

Twitter account not working properly apparently checking my id having nothing but retweets and sites head office needs to check it out no help whatsoever from support I think it is a London based problem

account suspended new disabled user

Trying get sus off bttt tech support promps emal and ticketing not working trying here luv twitter im bed ridden plz help me apologise if my fault wont again i promise g.bannister

Twitter Sucks

What goes round comes round,they will get theres someday :( Twitter, Inc Corporate Office & Headquarters 795 Folsom St Suite 600 San Francisco CA 94103


Twitter should be ashamed at the complete lack of customer service. Shutting me out of my account and not having a way to resolve this, and not having any modes of communication? Inexusable.

Twitter is corrupt!

There is someone who works at twitter who hacked my account. If I don't get a response here, I'm starting with the police since this person has all my passwords to my emails, and financial data. There's no way to contact these twitter creeps, and they know they're breaking the law. I will stop at nothing until this person is either fired and/or arrested.

Twitter Sucks

I have no idea how this company stays in business. They violate constitutional rights of conservatives. If you are Republican you need not apply because they discriminate. Let's boycott this company or start another competing company that blows them out of the water. They will lose because everyone knows they discriminate but there is no other competing choice.

Verified account

I'm simply trying to recieve a verification check mark.

Square account -I have been calling you guys about this problem for three weeks. I dont understand what kind of company you are running.yup take my money and refund my nothing .give me my money or Refund my clients so I can get paid .you guys have no number to contact . how do you expect a company to do business this way

I am trying to contact the main people at twitters headquarters about ehats happening to my account I am receiving send Direct Messages that I never had a clue untill I check my (DM) and see I have a large amount of people that we follow have received a mesaage that I have never sent and its agrivating to followers.....and I would like to speak with the person who runs the company twitter and if I or my fellow followers and I have to do all the best we can well I dont know what will happen.... Even my followers are getting hacked into their accounts and sending messages that they never sent or made and some of the phrases are very personal and irrating . This needs fixed Now these security issues should never happen

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