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angry guest

I have been in to the chillicothe location maybe 8 times in the past 4 months because my girlfriend enjoys yoyr food. Every time i eat there food comes out cold or wrong. I end up waiting 20minuts for a beer. The server has to hunt down the bartender because the bartenders are serving tables. Its every time i go in there. Also i do not see its professional to have the bartenders wearing shirts other than uniform shirts. Your company is suppose to be better than fast food restaurants. But it seems to look worse and ran worse than one. Needless to say i will not be taking back there.


I made a visit to your chillicothe location...I waited 15 minutes just for a bar drink. I noticed the bar tender serving a table while I was waiting..this should not be allowed..the bartenders r their to make and serve drinks..its ridiculous I had to wait that long for a drink because she was taking a table...and wasn't even in the proper uniform like the other workers there..I will not be visiting again until the situation is resolved..quit letting your workers make your restuarant look like a horrible fast food joint.


My fiancé works at the Tumbleweed in Wooster Ohio and she has complained about a manager there. His name is John Leach and I have heard several things about him from my fiancé. She has tried filing sexual harassment charges and has gotten no where even after talking to the general manager of the store. He quit his job there after being threatened with said charges. soon afterwords he was hired back. I am not pleased with how your company could hire someone back like that. Upon his return I have relieved more complaints about him and have even tried confronting him. He told me I was forbidden to step onto the premises from then forward. I have suggested to everyone possible in the town of Wooster that no one should eat in a restaurant where that behavior is allowed. It is unprofessional and just wrong. I will never eat at a tumbleweed as long as someone like John Leach is employed in your business.


I have noticed in chillicothe that the bar tenders are serving as well and I also work in a restaurant so I know thats against the law..also ive noticed that the normal servers are in normal work uniform while the bar tenders who are also serving are not required to do so.

i work at the chillicothe store and your GM is a bigot your kitchen manager is a pill head the only reason we have the best kitchen is they have the cooks cheat by using wrong size ladels watering down the product ect. as a server this makes it hard for me to make any money

We (3 in our party) had late lunch at you restaurant in ETOWN KY today 7/24/11. Manager came to table to inquire how our meal was. I stated house salads not good, tasted like the ranch dressing had been watered down. Usually they are good. He stated he would credit our bill and failed to do so. I thought that was the least they could do. Thank you in advance.

this msg is for mohammad, there has been wrongul accusations as well as discrimination towards me within the company, i have always pulled and picked up shifts worked hard in training finished my training books by sunday evening when orientation was saturday june 4, i had miscommunications all throughout my training week i was supposed to have roxanne as a trainer but i had roxANNE ,JAMIE, AND MIKE AS WELL. i had different stories by each and everyone i still kept my head high did my job was very polit to bob mcoy , i had a $100 tip added to my receipt bob said that cant be right made me pay that back was not making a whole lot when i was being sat last and had three tables and worked alot of doubles i was told i was not aloud on floor till i pd back left lots of msgs for bob no call back he only called me once misty this past friday at 309pm sd i was scheduled on the floor that she talk to mandy i come the very next morning at 1045 am spoke with bob gave him $89 when he said i owed $100 i told him i could make tips and pay he said not good enough its been a week then i was told there was a $95 shortage monday my comp that the new mgr maurice signed was not there nor my cc receipts i asked bob he just said you didnt have any comps that afternnoon that was it no valid proof of what exactly happened he told me to be dressed and to come back at thrre to speek to mandy she said bob called me multiple times thats not true and mandy said she was right next to misty when she called multiple times i saved my vm she only called once i callled misty back and verified that she did in fact only call that one time i am being discriminated by my leg when only mgrs mention it not me also bob would take every penny i had led me to believe i still had a job to come back and make more and that was a dirt face lie mandy said i was let go for too many shortages bull thats not true i had to pay a cc tip that a customer had wrote themselves bob did not call them then monday night i had a $95 shortage and no call i was shocked i even said show me the proof and i would make good but no mandy said i flew out of there when you have three tables and customers leave around 1030 i clean my section and clay the server told me my side work i did that as well and did my cashout and another server took me home i always work as a team with my coworkers how dare they say i just skipped out you guys have cameras i work my but off and help other servers because they are extremely busy because te hostess seat them how fair is that they just wanted to set me up for failure did not get a fair chance im a great person hardworking and always called bob yes sir and no sir what respect did i get but a big lie and i dont appreciate bob degrading employees like he is better calling people drugies under his breath etc.. not only mike came down and warned me that mandy was going to fire me it is not ethical or professional to tell my buissness to other servers i was stolen he saw the receipt that had no mor money in the bank but i told him i would work hard to pay and there fore he stole from me and my family and had no intentions of keeping me why did i come back in full uniform to look like a fool mr mohammad was in the party room when i was waiting for mandy to come in he sd i had a beautiful smile that is half the battle doing this buissness and told me good luck with my meeting with mandy. Bob thanks alot for stealing from e and leading me to believe i was coming back to work and making more money. i also never called in always picked up shifts i was only on the floor two weeks mgrs acted like i had been there a month or two i have been serving for 13 years and if you ever owed the reastaraunt you would pay back with tips they wanted you to work that off gaurantee money would be paid back but i was thrown under the bus by them stealing from me lying to me and discriminating me i also received my ph records to prove what mandy said to me about all these calls from mistys cell and tumbleweed ph and how many times i had called throughout this past week and showed how long i was on the ph waiting for bob to pick up. i want to talk to the owners and mohammad before i would have to percieve otherwise my husband as well is not happy that was his acctt and bob took every penny we had and didnt have the decency to tell me hisself i was no ,onger welcometo comeback had mandy say things that she does not even know she is incorrect as well what happened with protocall verbal written and termination you must not need servers badly and that maybe why you have a high turnover in that store sincebill the kitchen mgr had to walk out because bob does not know how to treat employees he keeps saying ive been in the restaraunt buissness for 42 yrs that it! and what happend with fairness and respect??????????? mr. eftekhar please call me 5027421562 thank you for your timeon this issue.

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