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trugreen Services are very poor. They treated my yard 7 or 8 times with no results. I called in December told them to cancel my service and I would not be renewing my contract. I was told that a trugreen rep. Would call or come by to discuss why I was not satisfied; never seen anyone. Well March rolls abound and I came in from work and much to my surprise I notices a lawn decal and a treatment statement on my door. I called the number on the treatment statement and told them what had happen. The person I talked to repeated her notes she had on her computer and she told me they should have not treated my lawn and I would not be billed. Well guess what happened about a week later, you got it, a bill for $65 came in the mail. Once again I called trugreen and talked to theAcworth GA office and I was told I had to pay the bill because they now have no record of me telling them to stop treatment. I can't seem to stop this company from extorting money from me, nor can I seem to get it through to them to STOP TREATMENT SERVICES NOW. Stay away from trugreen

I had Trugreen service my lawn last summer. The service was fair at best. The weeds and crag grass took a long time to die off. The sales office appearly doesn't know how to follow instructions. While being a customer, in good standing, they called weekly about starting service plan with them. I cancelled the service with Trugreen mainly to stop the sales calls. BOY! was I wrong. By canceling the serivce it give them a reason to call more. As of Feb 28, 2011 they have called at least twice a day except on Sundays. I'm looking for a legal way to get them to stop calling me! I'm going to try the letter route first to see if that works. Keeping my figures cross this stops today!

TruGreen is a company that absolutely deserves to go out of business for the way it treats its customers. There lawn control last year was sub-par - as I've experienced better results by doing the work myself. The main problem is that it is almost impossible to cancle your service. I've made four phone call over the last two days to cancel my service, and have been given the constant run-around. It is an ovious scam. Today I am told that the truck is making its rounds and will stop at my home - for which I will be charged, even though I've made numerous attempts to cancel the service. This is flat-out FRAUD. Avoid this company at all costs.

I have been with Truegreen for a long time. Last year,I called them and told them thatI do not want the service any more. The lady was really rud and what she did is slam the phone down. Thet called me many times and I always told them that I cancelled and they still call. The last time they called the person told me that he is getting his routs ready and that I am going to be on the list for his route.I did tell hin that I cancelled but they keep calling. I am fed up with this stupid ideas that they have. I do hope that some body from Headquartes do some thing about this. I do not want the service,and like I said I cancelled late last year.Tell them not to pester the people. They are a joke.

I can not begin to express my dissatisfaction with Trugreen - we agreed to service - once it finally got started we noticed we were not getting the weed control we promised - we called and did not get a respoonse - we were told we owed money and once that was paid someone would be out - what a joke. We cancelled the service - and they came out after now they are trying to bill us and send us to collections I have talked to Justin, Brian ,John and countless other incompetent people - I have called phone numbers where it will continually ring and then doisconnect - DO NOT sign up with them.

As a customer (Fort Washington, MD)since April 2010, I am seriously concerned about the lack of professional respect and courtesy shown toward me regarding scheduling of my lawn care. I telephonically agreed to the irrigation and seeding of my lawn and was told that someone would perform services by the end of the month--to no avail-no phone call, nothing. Last week, I telephonically talked to a female identified as "Tina", assumed to be a Supervisor whom I requested to speak to regarding my problem. Today November 1, 2010, I initiated another call to (Trugreen at 301)390-1800) expressed my concerns and was told that someone would come to my home tomorrow November 2, 2010. Pls. let the record show that if the services have not begun by November 2, 2010, as stated and agreed to, I will not pay any money and would like to cancel any future dealings with Trugreen. This is not the way to do business especially in this economy. Trugreen's failure to provide services as stated and inability to notify customer if they cannot met the scheduled service date is totally unacceptable to me and will not be tolerated. Have a Nice Day

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