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Worst company ever! Everything previously written is true. Take a look at the previous comment from "an employee of truegreen" His attitude sucks, just like the company. This is an example of the kind of people working for them. Losers. These people will not accept rejection. Cooperate doesn't seem to care about customer service b/c they are continually rude to customers. They will not accept no, they will continue to call you to the point of harassment. Please save your money, do not pay for this headache.

the worst company every. Please avoid this headache. Save your money. Corporate doesn't seem to train them to provide good customer service. They cannot stand rejection. Real losers. They are determined to make you continue their service or sign up for additional services. They do are no good, horrible service.

Tech came out in may and June did not do back yard. Made multiple complaints promised action not taken. Had service for over thirty years.always been very happy with service until moved to different location. Service has been ext. poor. Discontinued service this morning! Very dissatisfied and unhappy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree, I do not know how this company stays in business. Last year they didn't even want to drive to our home to give us a quote. I was surprised since we were previous customers just 5 miles away. I thought I would try again this year. They did provide a quote using Google satellite. I agreed to the terms and they showed up and treated our lawn with the promise that this would take care of the weeds. 3 weeks later out lawn was still weed ridden. I called and they did come back out and treated the lawn again. 3 weeks later, still weeds. When I called them again they said that someone would be out in the next day or 2 since we were due for our next treatment anyway. 2 weeks and 4 phone calls later no one has showed up. I have been told "tomorrow" multiple times. I actually seen a Tru-Green truck 2 houses down and they didn't bother to stop here. This company is a joke.

Gave them a full year (I live in FL) to treat my lawn. Several times I had to point out weeds that were growing that had not been treated. Apparently you have to ask them to treat things (even though it's supposed to be part of the service we paid for - I made it clear to the tech at the outset that I didn't want to have to ask - that if he saw it needed treatment, to do it - yet I had to repeatedly ask). They apparently do not bring every kind of weed killer/pesticide with them that they need to treat your lawn unless you specifically ask. Even got brand new sod put in at the recommendation of the TruGreen tech, at the time of year he said to do it, and watered per his instructions, and it grew crabgrass and weeds because it wasn't treated properly. Looked worse than before they came. I asked them to treat the crabgrass and they refused. I explained that I understood that killing the crabgrass would leave no grass in those areas, but they flat-out said they would not do it. So I cancelled. They then called and begged for my business back and offered to treat the crabgrass. I made it clear that I did not want them to come back and then the rep got very agitated and rude and hung up. To this day - at least a year later, I get calls from them. I have repeatedly asked to be removed from their lists and I still get called. Don't start with them, because their service is sub-par and then they won't leave you alone when you cancel.

We have used Chemlawn/trugreen for several years and now all of a sudden, they quit coming to service our lawn. I receive automated calls stating they would be here on a certain date, but no one shows up. The message states if we do not want them here to call the number, but we want them to service our lawn, so we do not call. It is almost the first of June and they have not been here all year, what is the problem?? There are other companies out there that would give better service as our lawn does not look great, so why I am I begging for your service? You better start taking care of your business or soon you will not have a business to take care of!!!!!!!! Judy Liles 1325 Walnut street Greenup Ky 41144

To the guy saying they used 10lbs on a half an acre I dont believe it. And to the guy saying Trugreen dont work past 12pm get a clue. Try between 60 to 75 hours Monday thru Friday with no luch break. Pay cut with increased workload. Yeah it sucks to not make it to everyones house but when you normally on do 20 stop and have it jump between 33 and 38 stops and no family time and get blame for crap. To cutomers that have brown lawns bag your clippings. During this time of year lawns get diseased and have to grow out of it. If you leave the clippings it spread dollar spots, blight and red thread. We also use fert and weed control. If you have violets or ground ivy its hard to get rid of. I 100% agree the new Trugreen phone system and customer service sucks. The problems start at the very top. Some of the lawn techs are shady but a lot of them work long hours and get no respect or time off.

Don't know how Trugreen stay in business! In April 2012, I called my Trugreen office in Ellenwood, GA to have them stop service until they could get someone out (preferably a Supvr.) to look at my lawn. I have been complaining about this crabgrass in my yard for over a year, the tech. would always assure me that the crabgrass would be gone in 3-4 weeks. Going on 2 yrs. and the same crabgrass is still in ground. I confirmed with the customer service person there that they would stop svs until someone looked at my yard, they confirmed. We...customer service person and myself setup an appt. for May 25, 2012 (after 2pm because I work 1/2 day on Fridays) for a Trugreen official to come out. I called Ellenwood, GA office on May 24th to confirm appt., they had no record of appt., but assured me someone would be out after 2pm, Friday, May 25th. I rush home & wait for Trugreen...and wait. I called Ellenwood,GA office, they said would try & reach a technician to see when he could get out to my home, they assured me he would be out before 5pm as I had previously informed them I had an appt. in Stockbridge, GA at 6pm. I called again at 5pm, that's when customer svs. informed me the tech. had been out to my home at 8am on May 25th & "sprayed" my yard, left a note at my front door, but did not leave a "flag" in yard Note read: Sorry, for any inconvenience, but the crabgrass weed you have we do not have chemical for it. Sorry for inconvenience...and charging me $55 for spray. The gate to my backyard was locked so they didn't spray the back...$55 for what? I have no intentions on paying the $55!

I have hired Trugreen in Colorado on 5/1/12 and they have only been here once to spray for bugs and use the chemicle that makes the lawn look green. I was told "please call with any concerns, we want to be busy". I have done that but receive robo calls about two day advance notice of service schedules. They didn't show, I called again and only was able to leave messages. When someone calls from some southern state she apologizes and assures me someone will get back to me. I reached someone today finally and said that if they are too busy hire some more people and you have to fullfill your contract, I PAID UP FRONT!! My grass does look greener but I want it AERATED, "I WANT IT AERATED". I was told yes it should be done soon. Summer is ticking by and the grass needs to grow. I wonder if they put down seeds that only grow one season...SERVICE IS POORER THAN POOR. I found the secret office location and will pay a visit , I don't even think they work after 12 on Fridays, WOW what a great deal!!

We used Truegreen last year also and had a good lawn.They got rid of the mole crickets we had and everything. So we decided to give them a go this year..They came and sprayed while we werent at home (as they always seem to do) and in a week, our lawn was dead! we called and left messages and nobody would call us back or come out.. My husband rented a thatcher at this point and we thatched the lawn.While doing that the manager came out and said you are doing the right thing.Ill come out with a guy in a week and we will fertilize, etc..never saw anyone..i called...left messages..called to see if an appt was scheduled..nothing..so i said cancel and refund my money..this was in March 2012..was told refund would take 3-4 weeks to process back into our account..called today and was told another 2-3 weeks..demanded a mgr..guess what? not in office! not a surprise there..she offered to take a message..i said go ahead..but you guys never return phone calls..i demanded money be in account by Monday..if not ill call corporate..after reading these remarks..dont think thats gonna help..so guess ill bug them every day..

Signed up for entire year of lawn care and paid for the entire year to receive a discount. After two missed appointments and no response from Albany,NY Trugreen manager I decided to cancel the service. I can't believe after three calls requesting the manager to call me and explain why these two appointments were missed that no call was ever received. Nice way to loose customers!!! I requested a full refund and expect the refund to be made without any additional calls needed. I can't beleive that businesses can afford to lose business this way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your recent commercial is completely offensive regarding the phrase uased, "What the f...frontlawn!" Shame on you.

I have tried all day to call them to drop our lawncare service and no one answers the phone and you are on hold forever. I don't know how anyone can stay in business with such poor customer service. If I can't get ahold of them, I guess I will refuse to pay the bills. I will also put up a large sign in my front yard stating "DO NOT PROVIDE LAWNCARE SERVICE HERE ANYMORE". We have two dogs who we are afraid to let out in the yard after they do lawncare EVEN THOUGH we have been told its OK for the dogs to be on the lawn. I think they don't answer their phones for fear people will cancel their service.

I am so angry at Trugreen!!! I decided to discontinue their service after many years because I am concerned about the chemicals they use. The smell lingers for days after they have been there. They have been continuously calling me for 3 months and I haven't picked up the phone because I don't want to be hassled and as far as I am concerned I don't owe them an explanation. I FINALLY decided to answer one of their non stop calls and told the guy I no longer wanted their service. He wanted to know why and I told him. He instantly snapped back and said "we have organic products" but his tone sounded more like "we have organic products, you idiot!" I said "no, I am not interested and please stop calling me constantly." His response was "the government requires us to call - do you really think I enjoy calling 1800 customers?" I told him I didn't believe that lie and please stop calling. His response - "well if you would have picked up the phone the first time...." My final words to him were F.U.

Hired to do tree service. Paid in full at time of initial contract. 3 of my palms died. They never came out as promised even after the manager promised they would be there time after time. One excuse after the other. Cancelled service, fought to get balance of money owed back. Finally got my refund. Now they are calling me harassing me telling me I owe them the same amount of money as my REFUND! I have gotten no where and today I received a letter from a collection agency. Are you kidding, anyone who does business with them is looking for punishment. Oh and let's not forget the repeated mail and calls to come back to their service that to date I am still receiving.

Working in this industry for over 15 years, i have seen my fair share of issues. I am not stickin up for trugreen at all, since i am employeed by one of the their competators. But what i see in this industry is that the homeowners always think they know more than we do. I can't tell you how many arguments or disagreements i have gotten into because of sheer ignorance. Anyone in the industry that is legit is licensed and trained many times over. I hold licenses in 6 different catagories and i know that I dont speak for everyone. Working for a larger company with many customers, your going to realize you can't please everyone. Some people you are never going to make happy no matter what. But i am just blown away with how many people think they know everything there is to know about turf or their landscape. Simply things like mowing with dull blades, having nothing to do with a service but we get blamed. That has nothing to do with the service people. IF you just listen to the people you hired to take care of your property, things probably would be better. Dont get me wrong, not everyone is going to tell you the correct things, but if your dealing with someone knowledgeable with maybe some homework on your end you can have a great relationship with your company. Trugreen does suck though!!!

i really wish there was a 0 star rating. i used them once and now they call around 8:30 pm at least once a week to try to sell me their services. I have told them time and again to remove me from their calling list, to no avail. they are too pushy and i never hire anyone that is pushy. they don't get the message. also i have received many mailings from them. STEER CLEAR OF TRUGREEN.

I am a former customer of TruGreen. I fired then about 6 months ago. The service was horrible and they did their best to kill my yard. A man from this office, I think he says his name is Todd, keeps calling me even after I have requested 3 times he stop calling me. He is deceptive and lies. First he said that he was by my yard and it is full of weeds. False. My yard has never looked better since I fired TruGreen! I called back and requested they add me to the do not call list, even though I have already requested this with Todd 3 times. I want these people to STOP! I am going to do all I can to make people aware of TruGreen's horrific business practices. I wish I had never contacted them.

I wish I had read the reviews about these guys before I bought there 1 year prepay service.If service is what you call it.This post asks for your rating I think they are a RIP OFF but they dont have that for a rating.Sure they come out and spray your lawn but with what ? you complain and they sent out a guy and tells me my lawn looks good. I fired them.After 14 months of there work on my lawn.I bought a couple bags of fertilizer from home depot.After just 5 days my lawn is now turning green again and weeds are starting to die.Your lawn is very exspensive to replace.I am just glad I got away from trugeen now.Plese save your lawn and money from these guys They are BAD NEWS for your lawn and check book

Why would a company this bad be satisfied with such negative comments. I have been trying to get a refund on an overpayment since July but can't get my money back. This company should not be permitted to be in business!!!

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