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The worst company

Tru green is truly unreliable! After a month of promises and lies to service my insect situation I never got results, no less a telephone call. Excuse after excuse. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with and I will be taking my business elsewhere. In this economy you would think they would be grateful to have customers. Please do not use Tru Green!! This situation is worthy of the newspaper.


The "trudy" system STINKS~~they schedule a visit & they are a no show. My lawn looks worse than when I was doing it myself. With all of the rain NJ had, it should be very green. I was contacted by the corporate office & told to call a particular person at the Farmingdale, NJ office the next day which I did~~of course they were not available. I left my name & phone number & waited for a return call~NOTHING The corporate office was also to send an e-mail to alert this person of all of my problems. I guess Farmingdale doesn't care if it looses customers or not!! Perhaps they should just fire the management staff!!

Worst service and product ever...a true scam

We have been trying to correct issues with TruGreen for over 5 months including poor service, nasty customer service reps, inadequate communication, billing issues and empty promises. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use this company. They will mess up your lawn, mess up your billing and deliver an inferior product.

Terriable experience

I have had terrible experience with this company. Having my lawn reseeded by them in the fall my front lawn has been totally wiped out. After many phone calls and not being able to get in touch with my local company I finally made a trip in person to their office. They scratched up the dead lawn and reseeded it. I showed them the weeds that have cropped up since the last time they serviced and was told they didn't know why I had them. At this time my yard is in a condition that I will have to completely start over and put a new lawn in. I also was told that the seed they originally used was not the right seed.

Service (none)

Four weeks have passed and we still have not seen a rep. from your company to do our lawn. We have been customers for 4-5 years and were told, starting 4 weeks ago, that our lawn would be serviced. Calls have been made since Monday with the same story, "He will be there today." What seems to be the problem with your company?

TruGreen takes I don't care to a never seen level

Hands down the worst company I have had the displeasure of dealing with. I will never get the breaths back that I wasted on the phone and on hold with a company and people that lack character, integrity and caring. DO NOT PAY THIS COMPANY FOR SERVICES, BETTER TO THROW YOUR MONEY IN THE OCEAN. I'd like to see if the President cares, unlikely. Usually starts at the top. Poor leadership equals poor employees equals awful product and service.

not happy

I cancelled my service this year because i was promised 5 treatment last year and i only received 4. I was told I paid for 4 yet if you listen to your recording when I paid, i even asked if i would get 5 and i was told yes. so i cancelled my service. I was called and a message was left that you could give me a better price. i never returned the call. yet you came out and did your thing. Now I am billed and no one will call me to talk. now you are threatening to send me to a collection agency. I am not threatening, but i am filing a complaint with the better business bureau. You should see how bad my lawn looks.

Not Reliable

I agree with all the negative comments. Some customer service reps are ok - others rude. They never come when scheduled and I'm getting fed up with this.

Absolutely the worst customer service EVER ! Foolishly prepaid for 5 applications. Had to call 3 times to get them out the first time on 5/2/13 - 3 weeks AFTER other lawn companies in the neighborhood had applied the first application. It is now 7/9/13 and still waiting for the second application on my yard. My neighbors have had their third applications. Customer service provides lip service only. They tell you what you want to hear without having ANY intention of following up on what they promise you. Good luck trying to get a manager to call you back - won't happen ! Will NEVER use this company again and would STRONGLY urge others not too either - you'll just be creating major headaches for yourself. All in all - they suk !!

Legal Avenues

I'm experiencing the same poor service as all the others on here. Any legal eagles on here that could pursue staring a class action suit against TruGreen for not delivering on their promises ?

Terrible Customer Service

Just like the many other negative customer reviews don't get involved w/ this company pure hell.

Customer Service

Trugreen of Walton Hills, Ohio took 244 out of my account for something. I didn't realize until my account was out of balance the service is poor i terminated the account and they still came to my house for service i'm very upset with them they should not go into a person account unless they are told to.

After two full years and working into the 3rd year, we lost 80% of our centipede lawn because of True Green Lawn Care. With I could post the pictures of have. We used to have a beautiful backyard but because I was getting tired (in my sixties) I thought this would be a good idea. Wrong. They burned up the whole yard, would not take responsibility for it and do not produce their promises to fix it.

Administrative Support

TruGreen is perhaps the worst company I've ever worked with in terms of customer service and support. While the product is good, their office support and scheduling is horrible. They NEVER follow-through with what they promise...whether it be "someone will call you back in 24 hours," or "I'll make a change to our customer database to make sure your credit card is charged vs. an invoice," or "someone wil be there to service your lawn on Friday." All idle promises. TruGreen's batting percentage is about 5%. I have to write down the person's name I'm talking to every time, then follow-up with a new person two days later!

lawn care and non-caring staff

I had the 7 step lawn service for three years. To be fair, I did not expect the lawn to look good the first year nor the beginning of the second year because of heavy weed infestation. But the third spring I had heavy infestation after one application. So I called for a retreat, I was told they could not retreat because I owed $15 (I had in years past paid by credit card). So I mailed the money and waited two weeks for retreat. Never happened!! The last phone call confirmed my payment and they would have my rep call to set up my service,never happened!!! Called and put my name on their no call list, Well for the past two days I have received three calls a day. This is not a company you want to deal with. Parent company is Servicemaster. BEWARE!!!!

Guaranteed to be unreliable

After reading other reviews, we can agree with almost everything negative that's been said. They are disorganized, inefficient, uncaring. Idiots. You couldn't get a straight answer or a timely application if your life depended on it. Don't bother leaving message after message for a manager to call you - they won't. Worst customer service we've ever experienced.

Too many phone calls

I called to get an initial quote, told them if I made a decision to use them I would call them back. They called me so many times in the a 24 hour time period I lost track, think it was 8. I told them to take me off the list and never to call again. Guess what they just called back again today.

Signed up / No call / No service

I paid for a full year and was told that within 5 days someone would contact me to schedule an appointment to spray my yard. After 2 weeks I called customer service and they said they would have someone contact me within a couple days...it's now 6 days later and no call. I just cancelled my service and had them refund my money.

dont use this company

I wish I would have read this before spending 1800 bucks. They lied regarding the services they would provide. A month later, I am still awaiting a refund. They promise to call back, then nothing, promised me a refund, nothing....yet they stalk me to try to sell me on renewing my contract. Avoid this company like the plague.

Bad Penney

Last year our lawn did not do nearly as well as it should have so we discontinues their lawn service. Nevertheless, they applied a spring service. This doubled the chemicals on our lawn. I complained and told them to stop and I would not pay for it. They just did it again! I will not pay again. Too much chemcials could damage the lawn and is a risk to our pet. I can't seem to keep this bad penney from comming back!!

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